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Basic Information

  • Name: Double Cross: Something Goes Here
  • Starting Date: November 25th, 2014?
  • IRC Rooms: None Yet


  • Cherem
  • DBN
  • Josh
  • Maid Service
  • MR Rage
  • Pinko


Today is a repeat of yesterday.
Tomorrow will be a repeat of today.
This mundane cycle known as life has made the world a stagnant place.
Who could have suspected that the world has been so horribly twisted?

A virus called Renegade has been released onto mankind, mutating human beings from the inside. The Renegade breaks the laws of nature and grants people unfathomable power. However, this power comes with a price.

In exchange for the Renegade's supernatural powers, one will lose mind and soul. Many that have succumbed to the virus and have gone on a rampage. Some have brought harm to others, while others have brought about their own demise.

However, there is a group of people that stands between the normal and abnormal, fighting to protect the world. Both man and monster refer to them by the same title- Double Crossers.

City N


  • City N Station: The City N station is mainly used to travel to Tokyo and to carry students to the city's university. It's still in excellent condition, as it hasn't been long since it was rebuilt. The west-east line of JR and the north-south line of the private line share platforms, allowing passengers to easily transfer between the two lines. To the east of the station, there is the downtown area, the university, and the university hospital. Past River N in the northeast, there is a residential area. In the southeast sits the industrial zone. To the west, within walking distance of the station, one can find a shopping mall, the amusement park, and the library.
  • The International University of Environmental Information: This is an extension of the Tokyo main campus. This is a massive academic facility that has all levels of education, from elementary to college. Although students pass through each level without exams, the university is known for offering an excellent education. The program is so good, parents from faraway frantically try to get their children enrolled. However, the grading curve on the entrance exams is very high. It's recommended that students commute to school, but the campus is fully-equipped with dormitories, where many students and even teachers live in. Unbeknownst to the public, the UGN is a major financial supporter of the university, allowing them to use the campus as a safe house for Illegals and Children, as well as a facility to perform Renegade research in. Perhaps it is due to having Renegade research on campus, but there is heavy emphasis on biology lessons, and the level of work going on at the normal laboratories and the hospital is very high.
  • The University Hospital: This hospital is operated by the university and also acts as a UGN research center for the Renegade. The hospital boasts a level of research that is very high among all of Japan's hospitals, and is trusted by the local residents. Unfortunately, due to the large number of patients, a referral is required to make an appointment.
  • City N Public Middle School: City N's public middle school is only average in terms of academic performance. Still, it has many students enrolled, many of whom are local. There is more of an emphasis on sports, and the school has shown good athletic performance in the past. The school's precepts are integrity and fortitude. The curriculum's goal is to nurture strength in body and character, emphasizing humility and etiquette.
  • City N Public High School: Since many of the public middle school's graduates move on to the public high school, many students already know each other, and interactions between classes are regular. The high school's curriculum emphasizes intelligence, morality and vitality. It is designed to respect each student's individuality, forming the lessons to match their aptitudes and capacities. By creating a bright and positive environment, the school seeks to nurture both the body and mind of the students. Like the public middle school, the high school also emphasizes physical education. Every year, students of this school will meet the International University's high school students in a major sporting event.
  • The Shopping Mall: As per the redevelopment plan, this shopping mall was built right in front of the train station. Only six months have passed since its completion, so the mall's still has that pristine, new look to it. Major chain stores, restaurants, and a movie theater can be found inside, and is crowded with customers every day of the week.
  • The Public Library: This library was built around the same time City N earned its city status. It is an old building, and stands out among the newer buildings surrounding it. The library boasts a large repertoire of books from many genres. Many residents come here to read a book or study quietly.
  • Downtown: The downtown area is located near the train station, but since it was left out of the redevelopment plan, it has become the seedier part of the city. The area consists of multi-tenant buildings, which form the shopping district. Many of the shops that are tucked away amongst these buildings offer good deals on merchandise. Since this shopping district is close to the university, students often come here to do their purchasing.
  • The Hanshima Building: The Hanashima Building is the headquarters for Shotaro Kashima's Hanashima Family. On the outside, the building looks like a legitimate business, but the family has joined forces with False Hearts and runs several illicit operations in the back. UGN's City N Branch has become very cautious with this crime family.
  • The F&F Sports Club: The F&F sports club is where Akira Matsunawa works as a trainer. Its facilities well-equipped, there is a pool, and the club has a huge clientele. Several UGN agents and Illegals, using their connection with Matsunawa, come here under the pretense of training to work out.
  • City N Central Park: This park is a piece of natural beauty. The cherry blossom trees at this park were planted all around Koumi pond, creating a spot with beauty that changes with the seasons. During the weekends, one can see families out for a walk, and people jogging about. When spring comes and the flowers are in full bloom, abig festival is held, and many stalls are setup for the festivities.
  • The Amusement Park: This indoor amusement park was built right next to the park and offers a wide selection of indoor and outdoor activities. Visitors may go to the pool, hit the ice rink, see a movie, or play in the arcade. The younger crowd usually visits this park, and the place is crowded with students on the weekends.
  • River N: River N is a major city waterway that flows into the lake that is at the city's northeast end. On the river's west bank, there is the City N Cycling Path, a bike road that is enjoyed by the locals. This path is used on the weekdays by people who bike to school and work, and on the weekends is used by people out on a walk or jog. The river's banks are used during the summer to put on a fireworks display, and to host a marathon during the autumn.
  • Abandoned Area: This area consists mainly of buildings that were left out of the redevelopment plan. Unlike the nearby downtown area, this section of the city is eerily quiet. Most of the buildings have been condemned, but nothing in particular is being done about this forgotten area. Many take advantage of the area's abandoned state to partake in illegal activities, most of which develop into widespread crime, This is a problem that the police are trying to take care of, but due to their lack of staffing and funding, they haven't done anything yet.
  • Industrial Zone: There is a factory in this area that was built by a large corporation during the bubble economy. Originally intended to be used for some sort of chemical production, this factory has been shut down and abandoned, its dilapidated state giving off a creepy atmosphere. Since the factory occupies a wide swath of land, many proposals for reclaiming the land have been brought up, but every plan so far has been ignored.
  • Kamishiro Foods: This is one of the branch offices for the subsidiary that manages the Kamishiro Group's food products lines. Despite being only a branch office, its operations are very large. This office manages the development and sale of non-alcoholic beverages and other foods, as well as the actual creation of new products. Recently, a suspicious man has been seen entering and exiting the building, causing bizarre rumors to spread among the locals.
  • Kuroshima Clinic: This is the clinic of Mitsuo Kuroshima. It is a shack on the outskirts of City N. Thare are no signs or billboards to notify people of the clinic's existence. The doctor's fees are astronomically high, but Kuroshima's skills, his knowledge of the Renegade, and his ability to keep a secret makes him reliable. People of the underworld and Overeds are regulars of this clinic.


Player: Cherem
Character Name: Tsukimiya “Mary” Michiko
Gender: Female
Syndrome: Angel Halo (Pure)
Experience: 129 Spent, 133 total

Character Name: Matsushita Rin
Gender: Female
Syndrome: Chimaera/Neumann
Experience: 0 Spent, 13 total

Character Name: Akikami "Akite" Hua
Gender: Female
Syndrome: Chimaera/Salamandra/Neumann
Experience: 2 Spent, 24 total

Character Name:Tsuboki Junko
Player: DBN006

Character Name:Jamie Knapp
Player: Josh
Gender: Female

Character Name:Ai Yuu
Player: MR Rage

Character Name: Ian Goodwill
Player: Pinko
Gender: Male

Character Name: Katrina “Astra” Farron
Player: Yayifications
Gender: Female

Supporting Cast

Universal Guardian Network - UGN

"The Hound" Hanase: A UGN agent and the leader of a unit known as the Bloodhounds, UGN Children and Agents trained in surveillance and tracking. He is a short, stocky man with the face of a boxer who took one too many hits, a crooked nose and heavy brow. He is referred to as a Professor officially, and apparantly has a degree in Physics. However, his true calling is in tracking down rogue Overed and False Hearts Agents, and reminding them who the law is supposed to be. His given name seems to be left off of official documentation. Syndrome: Chimera/Salamandra. (Cherem)

City N Public High School

Fujimoto Tomoko: Once a childhood friend and underling of Tsuboki Junko, Tomoko is a delinquent attending City N's Public High School. However, when Junko decided to leave the thug life, Tomoko's behavior took a turn for the worse. While she wasn't always exactly a contributing member of society, now Tomoko is starting to be the kind of bully Junko hates. Only time will tell if her behavior will shift and if she can be redeemed. (Cherem)
Ikeda Ushi: An underling of Tomoko and ex-underling of Junko. "Not too bright" is a bit kind, as Ushi doesn't think with his head. In his own words, "I let my fists do my thinking for me!" As a result, he's a bit easy to mislead and order around. A natural bully, he kept his more asinine tendencies locked up until Junko left, and under Tomoko's leadership he's starting to pick more fights, more often. (Cherem)
Akebashi Ryuuko: Every gang of delinquents needs a few-on-words swordsman, and Ryuuko fills this role in Junko's ex-gang. Now reporting to Tomoko, Ryuuko was once a member of the Kendo club at City N's Middle School and early high school, but after an incident with another member Ryuuko was forcibly evicted from the club. While he doesn't brag about it, his family claims to have gained their name from a famous (or infamous) Ronin who painted a bridge red with the blood of his enemies while defending it alone. While the veracity of the story is difficult to prove, it's not unknown that his family has trained at swordplay for a long, long time. His father's name is Eiji, a mute swordsman.(Cherem)

False Hearts

Viktor the Red: An aristocratic man with long black hair with white streaks and an aristocratic face. A Bram Stoker False Hearts Agent, he is rumored to be at the head of a cell in City N. However, at least one of his compatriots has been killed, and two are in UGN Custody. His cell has been picked apart, and he seems to be in hiding.(Cherem)
Hanami [Unknown]: A Renegade Being that seems to resemble a young girl, if not for her outlandish clothing and appearance. With literal walnut eyes, flower petals for lips, and branches/vines tangled into a mess of long hair, she doesn't pass for a normal human often. Dressing in a summer dress of white and green leaves, she has a capricious nature, playful and sadistic at the same time. She is attached to a vivid red pomegranate that she carries with her. Currently being held by the UGN.(Cherem)
The Three Soldiers: Members of an Overed Task Force, including Blooming Dream, Zeus, and Black Reaper. Veterans of the Gulf War, they served with the UGN in the middle east before being disbanded after a mysterious circumstance. The only one left alive now is Reaper. He dressed in all black, wore his black and gray hair short, and his body is covered in scars save for his forearms, which are pristine. Currently in UGN Custody. His comrades both met their violent ends in an ill-fated attempt to secure his freemdom. (Cherem)
The Hunters: A band of False Hearts operatives, they acted as a kill group for the Kaneshima. They consisted of four members; Sharpshooter, Akai Oni, Aoi Oni, and ZA DOKUTA.


Kuromizo [Unknown]: A mysterious man working for a group calling itself The Guhin Group. He seems middle-aged with forehead wrinkles, often seen wearing a black sports jacket and dark crimson turtleneck. His voice is low and carries a very certain weight behind it. He seems like the kind of man to be a hardass boss but dependable. With Viktor in hiding, it has been some time since he appeared. (Cherem)
Kumotta Kagami: A young girl recently borrowed from Saint Jude's Public Hospital. She is prone to fits of sleeping, as her narcolepsy prevents her from living a truly normal life. After being crippled by the Gyaum Razorback, she was in the center of the later attack on Saint Jude's by False Heart Blooming Dream. After awakening as an Overed, she was promptly whisked away by Watanabe Misaki, who has adopted her as an assistant.(Cherem)
Watanabe Misaki: A mysterious woman, she is a Renegade Being with shadowy goals. Currently housed just outside of City N with children and Overed she has adopted and instructed. As a Renegade Being, her relation to Xenos is unknown. Theme (Cherem)

Misc Stuff

Player EXP

Player Experience Spent Experience Total
Cherem 129 133
DBN -- --
Maid Service -- --
Pinko -- --
Yayifications -- --



Season One

Opening Credits: Another Heaven