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Basic Information

  • Name: Double Cross: Nisoku Second Breath
  • Starting Date: January 2016
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  • Cherem
  • DBN006
  • Darkling
  • Espada
  • Maid Service
  • Pinko
  • Rage


Today is a repeat of Yesterday.
Tomorrow will be a repeat of today.
This mundane cycle known as life has made the world a stagnant place.
Who could have suspected that the world has been so horribly twisted?

A virus called Renegade was released onto mankind, mutating human beings from the inside. The Renegade breaks the laws of nature and grants people unfathomable power. However, this power comes with a price.

In exchange for the Renegade's supernatural powers, one will lose mind and soul. Many that have succumbed to the virus and have gone on a rampage. Some have brought harm to others, while others have brought about their own demise.

However, there is a group of people that stands between the normal and abnormal, fighting to protect the world. Both man and monster refer to them by the same title- Double Crossers.

Ten Years have passed since City N was devastated. A terrorist attack by False Hearts etched the term "Black Saturday" into the public consciousness, and while the UGN attempted to erase all mention of False Hearts from public memory, the name still passes along in hushed tones.

City N

* City N Station: Once a testament to the modernization and increasing globalization of City N, the station and most of the railway was destroyed in a series of explosions around a decade ago. While efforts to rebuild it have been put through, the only line currently anywhere near done is the JR, neccessary for travel too and from Tokyo.To the east of the station, there is the downtown area, the university, and the university hospital. Past River N in the northeast, there is a residential area. In the southeast sits the industrial zone. To the west, within walking distance of the station, one can find a shopping mall, the amusement park, and the library. Of note is a monument in the center of the new Station, to the victims and survivors of Black Saturday.
  • The International University of Environmental Information: This is an extension of the Tokyo main campus. This is a massive academic facility that has all levels of education, from elementary to college. Although students pass through each level without exams, the university is known for offering an excellent education. While it was once known for it's high level program, it was one of the locations attacked during "Black Saturday". The University has been rebuilt since, but the trauma of the event is still fresh in the teachers who remained. Most of the UGN faculities are now located elsewhere, but the University's goal of research is sill being pursued.
  • The University Hospital: This hospital is operated by the university and also acts as a UGN research center for the Renegade. The hospital boasts a level of research that is very high among all of Japan's hospitals, and is trusted by the local residents. Unfortunately, due to the large number of patients, a referral is required to make an appointment.
  • City N Public Middle School: City N's public middle school is only average in terms of academic performance. Still, it has many students enrolled, many of whom are local. There is more of an emphasis on sports, and the school has shown good athletic performance in the past. The school's precepts are integrity and fortitude. The curriculum's goal is to nurture strength in body and character, emphasizing humility and etiquette. Since Black Saturday, the school's security has somewhat increased.
  • City N Public High School: Since many of the public middle school's graduates move on to the public high school, many students already know each other, and interactions between classes are regular. The high school's curriculum emphasizes intelligence, morality and vitality. It is designed to respect each student's individuality, forming the lessons to match their aptitudes and capacities. By creating a bright and positive environment, the school seeks to nurture both the body and mind of the students. Like the public middle school, the high school also emphasizes physical education. Every year, students of this school will meet the International University's high school students in a major sporting event.
  • The Shopping Mall: This shopping mall was built right in front of the train station, and as a result sustained some damage on Black Saturday. However, it was quickly repaired by private interests, and has somewhat grown in the past ten years. It is a popular gathering point for people of many ages, be they old or young. While it's outward appearance has become more sun-faded, it's still has a sort of "new building" look.
  • The Public Library: This library was built around the same time City N earned its city status. It is an old building, and stands out among the newer buildings surrounding it. The library boasts a large repertoire of books from many genres. Many residents come here to read a book or study quietly. A new wing was added several years ago, devoted to the preservation of culture and cultural studies, funded by a private investor who missed the irony.
  • Downtown: The downtown area is located near the train station, but since it was left out of the redevelopment plan, it has become the seedier part of the city. The area consists of multi-tenant buildings, which form the shopping district. Many of the shops that are tucked away amongst these buildings offer good deals on merchandise. Since this shopping district is close to the university, students often come here to do their purchasing. In the wake of Black Saturday many stores moved away, but they were replaced not too long after.
  • The Hanshima Building: The Hanashima Building is the headquarters for Shotaro Kashima's Hanashima Family. On the outside, the building looks like a legitimate business, but the family has joined forces with False Hearts and runs several illicit operations in the back. While they were involved in the Black Saturday attacks, the Hanashima were also among the first responders to the victims of the tragedy, buying themselves civillian appreciation with blood.
  • The F&F Sports Club: The F&F sports club is where Akira Matsunawa works as a trainer. Its facilities well-equipped, there is a pool, and the club has a huge clientele. Several UGN agents and Illegals, using their connection with Matsunawa, come here under the pretense of training to work out. While Matsunawa has slowed down a bit, the club still persists, and now acts as a vetting ground for Illegals who are interested in training their skills without relying on the UGN or False Hearts.
  • City N Central Park: This park is a piece of natural beauty. The cherry blossom trees at this park were planted all around Koumi pond, creating a spot with beauty that changes with the seasons. During the weekends, one can see families out for a walk, and people jogging about. When spring comes and the flowers are in full bloom, abig festival is held, and many stalls are setup for the festivities. In the ten years since Black Friday the park was neglected in the wake of the bombings, but recently a private organization (The Cherry Blossom Society) has taken up the slack.
  • The Amusement Park: This indoor amusement park was built right next to the park and offers a wide selection of indoor and outdoor activities. Visitors may go to the pool, hit the ice rink, see a movie, or play in the arcade. The younger crowd usually visits this park, and the place is crowded with students on the weekends. In the past few years it grew larger, with more intricate games as well as a small computer lounge.
  • River N: River N is a major city waterway that flows into the lake that is at the city's northeast end. On the river's west bank, there is the City N Cycling Path, a bike road that is enjoyed by the locals. This path is used on the weekdays by people who bike to school and work, and on the weekends is used by people out on a walk or jog. The river's banks are used during the summer to put on a fireworks display, and to host a marathon during the autumn. There is now a devoted police patrol for the river, as the River's numerous entry points are rumored to have allowed the perpetrators of Black Saturday a safe entry.
  • Abandoned Area: This area consists mainly of buildings that were left out of the redevelopment plan. Unlike the nearby downtown area, this section of the city is eerily quiet. Most of the buildings have been condemned, but nothing in particular is being done about this forgotten area. Many take advantage of the area's abandoned state to partake in illegal activities, most of which develop into widespread crime, This is a problem that the police are trying to take care of, but due to their lack of staffing and funding, they haven't done anything yet.
  • Industrial Zone: There is a factory in this area that was built by a large corporation during the bubble economy. Originally intended to be used for some sort of chemical production, this factory has been shut down and abandoned, its dilapidated state giving off a creepy atmosphere. Since the factory occupies a wide swath of land, many proposals for reclaiming the land have been brought up, but every plan so far has been denied.
  • Kamishiro Foods: This is one of the branch offices for the subsidiary that manages the Kamishiro Group's food products lines. Despite being only a branch office, its operations are very large. This office manages the development and sale of non-alcoholic beverages and other foods, as well as the actual creation of new products.
  • Kuroshima Clinic: This is the clinic of Mitsuo Kuroshima. It is a shack on the outskirts of City N. Thare are no signs or billboards to notify people of the clinic's existence. The doctor's fees are astronomically high, but Kuroshima's skills, his knowledge of the Renegade, and his ability to keep a secret makes him reliable. People of the underworld and Overeds are regulars of this clinic. He has somewhat become more popular after Black Saturday, as the hidden wars of City N occasionally surface.
  • Shirobayashi: Located to the west of City N, this is a forest that creeps into the countryside, and is home to several influential figures. Dotted with manse both traditional and western, the forests are rumored to be filled with anything ranging from lost children to monsters to monks.
  • Shiromura: A small town past Shirobayashi, it has gained some reputation as a getaway to "rural japan" by locals of City N. While the inhabitants don't particularly enjoy this reputation, the peace and quiet made the town perfect for the new United Guardian Network rehabilitation center. Staffed by several doctors, it acts as both a safehouse and medical center for particularly hush-hush cases.


Otomo Reiko

Player: DBN
Character Name: Otomo Reiko
Gender: Female
Syndrome: Black Dog/Neumann
Experience: 15 Spent, 50 total

Cerys Doyle

Player: Darkling
Character Name: Cerys Doyle
Gender: Female
Syndrome: Black Dog/Morpheus
Experience: 0 Spent, 0 total

Player: Mr_Rage
Character Name: Ai Yuu
Gender: Female
Syndrome: Chimera
Experience: 0 Spent, 0 total

Kisami Mako

Player: Pinko
Character Name: Kisami Mako
Gender: Female
Syndrome: Bram Stoker
Experience: -- Spent, -- total

Player: The_Espada
Character Name: Goemon Hozuki, Ash Wolf
Gender: Male
Syndrome: Salamandra (Pure)
Experience: -- Spent, -- total

Player: Maid Service
Character Name: Shinjou Miyu
Gender: Female
Syndrome: Solaris (Pure)
Experience: -- Spent, -- total

Supporting Cast


Shirota Yori: The Boardmember of City N. They have held this position for the past three years, balancing duties with Tindalos and their role in the actual City N government a member of the City's Council. This has led to some mumbling within the organization itself regarding Shirota's motives, if he has Tindalos' best interests at heart or his own rule. However, his tenure has been marked with relative stability.
Ginyomi: Overed and acting representative of City N on The Advisory Council, Ginyomi's true name is "Hidea Chiyoko". Attending City N's Public High School, she was present during the events of Black Saturday. Her family was killed in the initial explosion, and it was by chance she was rescued and nursed back to health by, in her accounts "A passing stranger". Her syndrome awoke, propelling her mental age and processes far beyond other children. Now in High School, she effortlessly manages her studies and Tindalos' Overed population. She is also a leading member of the Sanya faction of Tindalos, strongly at odds with Takamasa faction.
Honda Isou: A mid-twenty-something volunteer Tinadlos member moonlighting as a salaryman. Operating out of a small neighborhood, he is acting guard of a small community in City N. Answering to Ginyomi, he himself is an Overed. He has several connections in the local community, mostly from time spent working with Tindalos and alongside the UGN in joint operations. Link

Universal Guardian Network - UGN

Rosa Baskerville: Aptly titled "The Inquisitor", Baskerville was once the deputy director of UGN Japan's branch, but the events of Black Saturday and the subsequent AXIS intervention placed her directly in control of UGN resources in Japan. The decade has not softened her one bit, as she commands her subordinates with scalpel-like proficiency. Under her, UGN Japan has pushed it's goal of protecting civilians and non-overeds to the back, instead focusing on combating False Hearts and eliminating threats to public order with ruthless efficiency. While it has not gained the UGN any fans among non-combatants, Baskerville has managed to win over aspects of the JSDF and Government with her no-nonsense approach to 'the hidden war'.
Hanase: Once a UGN agent and leader of the "Bloodhounds", professor Hanase has recently been promoted to Sub-Director of Anti-Insurgent Activity. He is a short, stocky man with the face of a boxer who took one too many hits, a crooked nose and heavy brow. His given name seems to be left off of official documentation. While his job was pitched as "taking the fight to False Hearts", it is mostly dull, drudging paperwork.
'Greyhound': Veteran UGN cell commander and logistic expert, Codename 'Greyhound' is an older gentleman in his middle fifties, sporting a well-trimmed beard and a pair of thick glasses. Having served with the UGN, he became one of the Liaisons to Tindalos two years ago, acting as representative for the UGN at The Board's Meetings. His previous duties are mostly managed by his direct subordinate.
Kirishima Shizuka: A member of the UGN's combat control and logistics, working directly with Greyhound to coordinate with the organization Tindalos. Serving as a unit commander and handler, Kirishima was a member of a UGN combat resolution unit active through the events of Black Saturday. While the unit of Illegals and UGN agents has since been disbanded, Kirishima is rumored to keep in contact with her old team, or at least keep tabs on them.
Tsuboki Junko: UGN investigator and Agent, working within City N after a brief hiatus. Her operating information is jealously guarded, but reports regarding her point to her having lived in City N before the events of Black Saturday.
Red King: A UGN Agent and member of the infamous Overwatch Unit, Red King is a tall man with vibrant red hair combed up and a light tan. Armed with anti-overed equipment, he and his team have a very bad reputation with non-UGN overed, coming across as a sort of secret police.


Akihana Shizuko, The Daughter of Viktor
Akihana Shizuko: A young woman, maybe in her middle twenties, and already on the City N UGN watch list. This illegal was supposedly one of the children kidnapped and trained by the False Heart terrorist Viktor the Red. Having been detained several times by the UGN, she has been suspected by several agents to be directly involved with False Hearts Cells operating in City N, but nothing substantial or conclusive has ever come to light. Mockingly, she has been labelled "The Daughter of Viktor".

Watanabe "Tsukihikari" Misaki: A shadowy Renegade Being with even murkier goals, Watanabe appears as a woman with long white hair and piercing violet eyes. She is currently working alongside the UGN against the organization XENOS, although the UGN seems to prefer to leave her to her own devices.
Shirotono "Shadow Arm" Takao: A young man maybe in his early twenties, he is one of the liasons for Renegade Being Watanabe Misaki. Trained since childhood, he is part of a symbiotic relationship with another Renegade Being. While he has formidable skill in combat, his worth lies in his straightforward approach to business and politics, acting as a balance to Watananbe's more esoteric, mystical approach.
Kumotta "Moonlight Mirror" Kagami: The survivor of one of terrorist Viktor the Red's kidnapping attempts, Kumotta Kagami is the second Liason for Watanabe Misaki, and openly displays the Ouroboros Syndrome. Despite several attempts to convince her to lend her powers to the UGN and False hearts for study, she has turned them down at every turn. Despite this, she has a somewhat amicable relationship with UGN Researchers.

Watanabe Misaki, Renegade Being
Akikami "Akite" Hua: Once a questionably legal citizen of Japan, Akite is one of the many illegals of City N who have not thrown in their lot with either the UGN or False Hearts. A member of the F&F Sports club, she is a member of the newly established "Fire Heart" Dojo. A fierce woman of passion and unbridled enthusiasm, she is rumored to have connections to both The Guild and the UGN.


False Hearts

Uncle: Bram Stoker, False Heart Agent. An older man, Uncle's real abilities lied not in fighting, but instead in seeking out and recruiting potential allies. While in City N, he was training two children to take on roles within False Hearts. However, he was killed by Tindalos before his plans could come to fruition.
Kilowatt: Black Dog and Officer of the "Thunder Unit", False Heart mercenary. Responsible for directing his unit in Western China and the Middle East, he was neutralized by the Tindalos members and arrested by UGN Agent 'Beast King'.


Kuromizo: An older gentleman, maybe in his early fifties, and speaker/contact for the shadowy Guhuin Group. Accused of being part of the cabal behind Black Saturday, or at least aware of what was happening, the Guhuin Group has only recently been making movements within City N. However, they still act through the man in the black sports coat and maroon turtleneck. His voice has mellowed out somewhat, but he still has high expectations of the talent he scouts.
Nomi Akane: A young girl with a short, bobbed haircut and a surgical mask. Her skin is mottled, mishappen, and dyed by burn marks and blotching skin where visible, but as her renegade rises, her skin reshapes itself and knits together as it should, taking on a healthy look. Once a False Heart Child, her mentor Uncle was killed by the Tindalos agents. Along with her comrade, Moto Michio, she was taken to live with Ai Yuu, and has slowly started to adjust.
Moto Michio: A young man with his hair grown out just a bit, the end tied back into a ponytail. He was rescued from the False Heart Agent Uncle along with Akane, and has had a markedly better reintegration than his counterpart. The relationship they share is a tricky one, as Michio is much less assertive than Akane.

Misc Stuff

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