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Basic Information

  • Name: Kamigakari: Hisashiro Saga
  • Starting Date:


  • DBN006


  • Maid Service
  • Mr_RAGE
  • Cherem
  • Darkling


Kamigakari is a fantasy story where secret battles are fought between “false gods” and
superhumans, set in modern day Japan. Players become “Godhunters”—supernatural existences
who have awakened to the power to slay gods due to a mysterious crystal they carry in their
souls known as a “Shard”—and seek to defeat the false gods known as “Aramitama,” who tread
on the hopes of the people, devour souls, and strive to destroy the world.

This is the story of Hisashiro, a city of about 200,000 people located to the east of Osaka.
The metropolitan area spans about a 1-hour train ride. Though Hisashiro was once famous for
its productive fisheries,those are gone today. The harbor is now used for international shipping,
and the fishermen have gone elsewhere. Hisashiro is no longer a fishing town, but a city of
commerce. Transit consists mainly of buses and trains.

On Purgatory Night sixteen years ago, in the eastern mountain district, a massive pillar of flame
was observed. Because the lands around Hisashiro have a great many Leylines scattered around,
the Awakened factions speculate that the cause of that incident was some manner of ritual
magic. Because of that, each of the factions have established branches in Hisashiro in order to
secretly monitor the area.


Character Name: Okami Shishiro
Player: Mr_RAGE
Race: Divine Soul
Gender: Female
Styles: Dark Hunter B/Legion A

Character Name: Satou Kenshin
Player: Cherem
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Styles: Arc Slayer B/Dragon Carrier A

Character Name: Yotsuya Ririka
Player: Maid Service
Race: Darkstalker
Gender: Female
Styles: Divine Talker A/Digital Sorcerer A

Fuku Kita
Fuku Kita

Character Name: Fuku Kita
Player: Darkling
Race: Hanyou
Gender: Female
Styles: Legacy User A / Time Mage A

Supporting Cast

Name Description
Nanamori Sakura Nanamori High's resident Mononoke, her true form is a sakura tree behind the school.
Tsuji Masaaki An exceptionally plain and average Nanamori High student and acting secretary for the Spirit Busters club.
Kusuhara Nariko Reincarnation of the dreaded Maou, currently teaches history at Nanamori High and is supervisor of the Spirit Busters cultural club.
Matuo Yusuke Owner and lead cook of Ramen Tetsuo, located in Shopping District B.
Higoshi Sen A strange girl from Saint Martha's Academy that acts as part-time apprentice to Matou Yusuke.

Misc Stuff