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Basic Information

  • Name: Monsterhearts
  • Starting Date: Sept 3rd 2014
  • IRC Rooms: #MHL



  • DBN
  • Josh
  • Meido
  • MR Rage


It is September of 2015, a new school year starting for teens all across America. Kids everywhere are groaning, parents everywhere are cheering for freedom.
The small town of roughly 12000 residents, Dover resides on the Pacific coast, in Washington USA. Nestled in a cove at the base of the heavily forested mountains and split down the center by a river, the town relies mainly on fish and water related trade to keep alive. Little exciting rarely happens here, and it isn't much of a tourist destination, so the town is kept quite isolated from the rest of society.
Downtown Dover is about as normal as you can get. There's a park with a large monumental fountain in the center that shoots out into the river that splits the town. Outward from the park is a row of shops and restaurants. Heading out further you get into residential area and the schools. Further down towards the shore you get into some industrial area and the docks, and a few small beaches lined by some of the nicer houses in town. If you follow the beach road it will wind up the cliffside to the richest part of town. A few mansions and manors as well as the abandoned and supposedly haunted Babineaux Estate.
Any further out of town and you're into the mountains, forests and marshes surrounding the town. Not too much to see out there, right?


Places of Interest

  • Dover High: This is where you go to school. One of the biggest buildings in town, a few blocks from downtown. Of course your mascot is a shark, what else could it be?
  • Thrift Shop: Value Village! A fair amount of people shop here.
  • Al's Diner: Dimly lit old fashioned diner that hasn't seen an update to the decor since the 50's.
  • Lazy Susan's: Nice little family restaurant.
  • Whale Watch One bar that stands out from the rest. They have a riding whale instead of a bull.
  • Dover Theatre: The only theatre in town. They tend to play everything a month or two later than anywhere else in the country.
  • Mike's Hunt and Tackle: Probably the biggest and most notable store in town. Anything y ou need to survive the wild and kill anything in it as well.
  • Babineaux Estate: A large and very abandoned estate located along the cliffside in the wealthy part of town. It's sometimes considered a rite of passage to spend a night there with friends and claim you survived the Haunted House of Dover. Truth be told, no one has actually lasted the whole night.


Character Name: Billy Blackfeather
Player: DBN
Gender: Female

Character Name: Avaline
Player: Meido
Gender: Female

Character Name: Izumi
Player: MR Rage
Gender: Female

Character Name: Tina
Player: Josh
Gender: Female

Supporting Cast

School Staff
Name Department Details
Ms. Lindsey J Franklin Principal Stern woman. Hard to tell her age. Wears conservative clothes and keeps her black hair short.
Mr. Richard Foxwell Vice Principal Older looking gentleman in his late 40s with grey hair with icy blue eyes. Thinner and well groomed.
Mr. Lann Buhls History Thin, slick brown hair, wears suits, boring monotone voice that could put the walking dead back in their graves.
Mrs. Mina Herker English Short, strawberry-blonde. Perky young, new teacher. She's always immersed in some sort of literature.
Mr. Kenneth K. Hartwell Geography Young male teacher, light brown hair. Drives a motorcycle to work, even when it snows.
Mr. Martin Gietel Math Old, grey and wrinkly. Very strict. The kind of teacher that you dread as a student.
Miss. Misty Quiddlebaum Chemistry Black hair, curvy middle-aged teacher. Always has a very upbeat and happy demeanor.
Mrs. Cythia Thomas Biology Married middle aged blonde woman. Wears glasses. Probably has a stronger stomach than any macho student while dissecting frogs.
Mr. Bob Hatch Phys-Ed Beefy, bald, angry looking phys-ed coach. Used to be a college football scout, ended up being fired after a dui incident.
Ms. Amanda Theisen Art Short, busty younger teacher with dark red hair and hazel eyes. One of the students favourite teachers since she always seems to have fun assignments.
Mr. Mike Rogers Janitor Scraggly older janitor. Definitely gives people the creeps.
Mr. Buford M. Salmon Librarian Elderly man that probably is too old to actually be working. He never leaves his desk, is extremely hard of hearing, but loves to shout that students are too loud and to keep the noise down.
Name Description
Melody Williams Brown hair and eyed shy girl. Prefers the outdoors and wants to become a geologist.
Luke Taylor Brawny football jock. Ginger with freckles. Dating the high school hottie Felicia.
Iris Whitcomb Ash haired pasty lithe girl. Doesn't say much and tends to stare of into space quite a bit.
Lillian Espinoza Hispanic girl. Her family doesn't speak English decently at all. Black hair, brown eyes. Works at the family restaurant.
Valarie Lynch Short cropped red hair, emerald eyes and a plastering of freckles. Could be considered the goth of the town. Tends to wear black and skulls, heavy piercings and supposedly a tattoo or two.
Sam Yates Not quite a jock, not quite a nerd. Kind of in between and very social. Blonde with brown eyes.
Dennis Woodie Artsy kid of the school. Paints, draws, builds, crafts. Light brown hair, blue eyes.
Faith Wilson Brown haired, green eyed. Bit thicker of a girl, parents own a small farm and she works on it.
Amelia Mullen Bookworm of a girl with large curly, golden hair.
Felicia Landis Voted most likely to be a supermodel, probably just by herself and her friends though. Very vain and haughty girl. Blonde, blue eyed dunce.
Elisa Paige Library assistant at the school. She's really the only reason the school library is in tact, since Mr Salmon is utterly useless. Average looking girl with short hair she likes to dye, and dark blue eyes.

Misc Stuff



Season One

Opening Credits: Would You Love a Monsterman

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