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Basic Information

  • Name: Monsterhearts
  • Starting Date: Sept 3rd 2014
  • IRC Rooms: #MHL



  • Tsunkeban
  • Josh
  • Meido
  • MR Rage


Dover Expanded.jpg

History of Dover

Dover was once a small town with a single grade school and high school, a few dozen stores in a small downtown district, and full of eclectic and worn out people that mostly consisted of fisherman and loggers. It held fast to this state for the longest time, keeping silently still as the rest of the world advanced on in technological bounds and leaps, determined to stay stuck in it's own ways. Time has a way of changing things, even a stubborn city. News spread fast of wolf sightings in an area where they were thought to be none. Tourism started to trickle into the town, business started to pick up, money was in the eyes of greedy men. Demand for commerce spiked in a town that couldn't handle it. Large swaths of land were bought and bulldozed, new buildings going up seemingly overnight. The town started to boom as a tourist destination and kept growing.

The fishing industry boomed with the demand for food, local seafood restaurants striving to lure tourists and consumers to empty their wallets. Hunting started to become a problem, poachers striving to capture the elusive wolf that so many claimed to have seen. Blurry photos of the massive beast circled the internet, conspiracy theories that such a thing couldn't exist or was a government cover up were hatched. Camera crews and youtubers alike rushed to the scene to be the first to track down the elusive beast, trashing even more woodlands. Seeing a downward trend in the health of the lands surrounding Dover caused by the city expanding at an exponential rate, unchecked tourists and hunters, the Wagner Logging Co suddenly changed it's ways and turning into the Feathered Friends Conservation Society. The land they once logged was turned into a protected wildlife reserve. Along with the native Blackfeather lands in the area, tens of thousands of hectares were protected from encroachment. They reformed their headquarters into a nature park to educate visitors about the wildlife and the hazards of encroaching civilization.

Eventually the tourism slowed down, and the town reached a decent size, no longer a town but a decent city. A local Community College was built, their mascot a Werewolf of course in honor of the reason the town grew at all. Dover Community College offered the residents another chance at a new beginning without moving out of town. A natural history museum sprouted up downtown taking over a long abandoned building. The fishing industry still boomed, becoming a hot spot for charted fishing trips. Other wildlife parks sprung up around the area to protect swamps and marshes, mountains and forests, while providing people with day trips and places to spend their money. The town even got a small two story mall in the new housing district in the south part of town. Despite the modern structures, the eclectic downtown managed to stay eclectic and rustic to it's core.

Places of Interest

Blackfeather Reserve (Red Border) Feathered Friends Conservation Society (Green Border)
Land passed down from before the USA was even discovered. While only 4 remaining tribe members are alive, the huge reserve land is mostly unattended and claimed by the wilds. The lands were for some time used by Robert and Cheryl Blackfeather to take illegal hunting parties into the woods, but the recent growth in Dover has stopped their activity for the most part. While poachers are still a problem, the reserve lands have earned a reputation almost akin to the Bermuda triangle where poachers fall into ill-fated events, or disappear altogether.
There are guided tours through the reserve usually consisting of a two day hike and campout. The tour usually takes groups upwards of ten to different locations, telling historical facts of the area and giving opportunities for photographs, while avoiding other sensitive ones.
A fairly new organization set up by the Wagner family, loggers turned conservationists. It spans almost as much land as the reserve, and borders it, doubling the protected land in the area. The main area has a large education center similar to a zoo with dozens of staff that care for rescued animals, work on rehabilitation and releasing them back into the wild, while teaching the public about caring for nature and their role in preserving it.
A sub effort by the Society is to reforest areas that they had already logged, and reverse the pollution that had also been cause by improper and lax practices by the company. Many of the areas are blocked off to public access to allow nature to take back over.
Downtown Dover
Dover Natural History Museum
Recently springing up in the town and taking over a few abandoned buildings downtown, the Museum has exhibits on the local history of the area, amongst smaller ones for the rest of the world. You can find exhibits from dinosaur bones, any of the great wars, Eqypt, Ancient Greece, to the small town’s fishing, native history and local superstitions. They sometimes work and collaborate with the College on projects in the area, allowing access to their archives for research.
Value Village
The town thrift shop. You can find almost anything for anyone’s style of taste here, especially now that the town has grown. Shirts, pants, shoes, old vinyl albums, ratty furniture, tacky ceramics, etc.
Al's Diner
This retro diner from the 50s has till survived, serving all day breakfast for a cheap price, it’s a favourite of the locals. During the summer days it can sometimes be hard to get a table with all the tourists coming through. Thankfully Al never sold out and treats all his employees like family.
Lazy Susan’s
Another old styled diner, the owner sold out when the money came rolling in. Lazy Suzan’s stayed much the same but got a big renovation, the quality in food went up a little, but the price stayed more or less the same. Still a town favourite for all you can eat fish and chips on Wednesdays.
Whale Watch
Rated one of the best seafood restaurants in Washington State, Whale Watch popped up when the town started to grow and made a name for itself. It doesn’t fancy itself as fine dining, but the food is amazing. Chef Aku is a renowned Finnish chef for his unique dishes and take on seafood.
Dover Theatre
The theatre is an old standing building in downtown across from Dover Park, and despite the growth in town, still doesn’t always show the latest movies, instead tending to show older classics on half of their 6 screens. October remains their favourite month and where they hold old horror movie marathons.
Clockwork Curiosities
The interior of the shop looks and smells like a collection of hoarding grandmother’s attics, crammed together and covered with a veneer of dust. You can find all sorts of trinkets and oddities inside, and if you know the right questions to ask, maybe something more.
The Emporium Cocktail Lounge
Seeming to have popped up overnight, some residents claim the Emporium has always been around and people just didn’t pay it any notice. A high end lounge with a dress code, they don’t seat just anyone. A favourite for swanky business meetings, private rooms, and a gathering place for those with something to hide.
Dover Park
While Dover Park used to be smack dab in the center of town, the recent expansions have somewhat ruined that. Regardless, the park takes up a half dozen blocks, sports a small pond with ornate fountain in the center, and is host to an array of town festivals.
Falaf’s seemed to find success, and many a drunk patron after a night at the bars has found themselves questioning the quality of the food, but always coming back for more. Known for his poor English and wide variety of flamboyant scarves, the owner Halaf has kept his small establishment running with pride.
Shake Shanty
A new addition to the downtown core, they offer a variety of healthy diet and gut biome promoting drinks, all while the employees look and sound happier than you could ever fake being.
A newly opened dance club in the downtown core area. They cater to the more energetic and young crowd in town that want to dance their night away to a heavy beat, rather than those who just want to drown their sorrows.
The Dive
A rugged pub that’s got about as much charm as an old sailor. Yet it is a favourite in town for a pint and some greasy food, especially with the College crowds.
The Crossroads
An English style pub in town across from the park. Known for friendly staff, good drinks, live music, and hearty food.
Christine’s Gowns
A nicer dress shop in the downtown core, doubles as a seamstress for customizing and repairing quality clothing.

"Old" North Dover
Babineaux Estate
While maintained in local lore as being haunted, the building is fenced off and boarded up. History of the estate is fuzzy, despite newpaper stories running about murder, suicide, and maybe more. New developers have attempted to tear it down only to find difficulty in doing so, and the estate remains standing to this day.
Dover High
The old highschool the cast used to be enrolled at. Not much had changed over the years.
Dover Hunt Lodge
Seeing the area turning into a huge tourist destination, a group set up a set of chartered lodges and fishing boats. They run fully regulated and by the books guided trips into the areas surrounding Dover, being respectful of the reserve and protected areas. There are occasional problems with customers, but they are quickly dealt with and try to uphold their reputation.
The Dover Herald
Struggling to live in an electronic era, the Dover Herald still puts out a daily tabloid full of information important to fisherman and hunters, as well as any local festivals or community gossip. Of course all the strange occurrences that seem to happen around town also get reported.
Charlie's Crispy Chicken
Nothing says urban sprawl like deep fried crispy chicken. One of the more modern restaurants in the north end of town.
Simon's Seafood
Another newer restaurant offering up a variety of seafood and all you can eat breadsticks.
Frozen Slab
A fancy little ice cream shop that makes everything right in front of you with unlimited toppings!
Catnap Cupcake Cafe
Easily the coziest place to relax in town. Coffee, tea, cupcakes, biscuits, pillows galore, cats, and more.
An authentic Latin cuisine dining experience. Run by the Espinoza family, it sometimes struggles to compete with other places in town as the family doesn’t like to hire any help. The food is always amazing however, and well worth a visit.
Commercial District
Dover Beaches
The Dover beaches got an upgrade from the city in recent years. They are now a sprawling sandy stretch of coastline instead of murky muddy marshes. During peak summer months you’ll find all sorts of vendors along the beach selling food, drinks, clothes, and other colourful merchandise. There’s new buildings, including a skate park, outdoor gym equipment, shower, washrooms and change rooms, and lifeguard towers.
Dover Pier
The main pier along the beach area has an eclectic market with street performers and artists selling their wares. You can find deep fried food vendors or cotton candy most days, or take the carousel up to enjoy a view of the town and ocean.
Dover Marina
The Marina hosts most of the boats of the locals who take to the seas for a day of fishing or a pleasure cruise.
Dover Aquariums
Another new establishment, the aquariums aim to help educate people about sea life and the importance of protecting it to our planet. While not a huge facility they have an array of fish exhibits, their largest animals being a tiger shark.
Dover Community College
A fairly large campus, for Dover, was built consisting of three main buildings for classes and offices, a single dorm complex, and a library. It has been a huge boost to the town’s growth overall, as residents do not have to leave town to further their education, and a draw in for their wildlife and biology specializations.
Eikō No Sushi
Master sushi chef Akaki Funaki moved to dover during the first year of growth and quickly built a name for his restaurant, offering an authentic dining experience with the freshest of ingredients.
Noodle Palace
Another newer establishment, they offer all sorts of eastern cuisine, almost all noodle based. Ramen, Udon, Pho, Laksa, Chow Mein, Jap Chae, and Pad Thai among them. It is both a great place to grab a quick bite to eat, or sit and stay awhile.
Lee Ho Fook's
An Americanized All You Can Eat Chinese restaurant. Usually packed to the brim on weekends.
One of the only variety stores in town, and it is open 24/7 as the name suggests. Candy, coffee, sugary drinks, questionable food and donuts, everything a late night customer needs.
South Dover
South Dover Beach Promenade
A nicer, ‘Private’ stretch of beach. While it is open to the public, the residents of the gated community do like to look down their noses on people who use the beach but aren’t one of them. It is often less crowded than the rest of the beaches due to this.
South Dover Mall
A high end outdoor styled mall. You can shop in elegance as you walk among the fresh air and nature. Despite being the first mall in Dover, it caters more to the richer families and spend happy tourists in the area. Stores include: Frogen Yuz, High End Jewelry & Clothing Stores, Classy Bar & Grill, Fancy Seafood Restaurant, Trendy Clothing Stores, Touristy Souvenir shop
Greenhills Resort, Spa & Golf courses
The Marina hosts most of the boats of the locals who take to the seas for a day of fishing or a pleasure cruise.
Greenhills Gated Community
A stretch of 250 homes set behind white bricked fences and wrought iron gates, a part of the Greenhills Resort. Community members tend to turn their nose up at the rest of the Dover citizens.
Senior Fritz’s
One of the only restaurants in the area not linked to the Resort, they offer a high dining experience at quite a high price.
Wharf District
Mike’s Hunt and Tackle
Mike’s expanded and added a new wing to his shop to supply the growing customer base. He’s still got everything you need to survive in the woods or on the water, but with even more of a selection now.
Ernest Cannery
An old establishment in Dover, the Cannery was bought out and expanded on when the owner decided to retire. They upgraded with new machinery, robots, and doubled production.
Sewage and Sanitation Facilities
Keeping Dover drinking water and sewers clean since the 40’s.
Shipping/Fishing piers and warehouses
A collection of long storehouses, docks with fishing ships, and a small fresh fish market
Dockside Fish & Chips
Reputably the best fish and chips in town, made with fresh caught fish from the workers at the docks.
One empty warehouse hosts the Beast Brawls
Rumor has it that the location changes monthly, and only runs once a month, but there may be an underground fight club in Dover where things other than humans duke it out to win big cash prizes.
Dick's Big Hardware
Big Box Hardware store. Buy whatever supplies you need to build anything. If you need it, Dick’s got it.


Character Name: Billie Blackfeather
Player: Tsunkeban
Gender: Female

Character Name: Avaline
Player: Meido
Gender: Female

Character Name: Izumi
Player: MR Rage
Gender: Female

Character Name: Tina
Player: Josh
Gender: Female

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<b>Opening Credits: Would You Love a Monsterman

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