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Basic Information

Location: Artemare, France
Starting Date: April 13, 2025


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  • DBN006
  • Mr_RAGE


For over a decade a mysterious plague has defied treatment and ravaged the world's population, killing millions and destabilizing world governments. The UN has stepped up to the task of keeping things somewhat sane, but their sometimes brutal methods, mistakes, and selective concern have caused considerable and increasing resentment from those not fortunate enough to be in the UN's good graces.

Plagues aren't the world's only problems. Increased rainfall on a global scale has gradually led to rising water levels and subtle changes to the ecosystem. Pessimism and paranoia are thriving. Superstition is on the rise. Businesses and travel are being disrupted.

And then there's the whole matter of giant beings coming out of the blue with apparently hostile intent. Though only a handful have been encountered, they possess great destructive power, and to date, humanity's only defense against them has been equally destructive.


2011: The Plague makes its first appearance, breaking out in the United States and Europe. By the time the severity of it becomes apparent it's too late to cover it up from public knowledge.

2012: As the Plague spreads to Asia the finger pointing begins. Large and powerful nations blame each other and the rogue state of the moment, smaller nations blame the larger nations, the common people blame the government, and so on and so forth. Small scale conflicts break out, and on the whole the UN fails to keep the peace.

2013-2016: The weather gradually changes on a global scale. Rain is more prevalent, resulting in the water level rising in coastal areas. Fog also becomes increasingly common. On the political front several key players in the UN pioneer the creation of NERV. The organization is, at least as far as the public is concerned, a nameless and generic peacekeeping force assigned to key areas. This typically translates to assorted cities associated with the founding members and their interests.

2017-2019: A breakthrough for NERV and the UN comes in the form of a very primitive version of the technology used for Evas, specifically the AT field. It's far from perfect and only suitable for short bursts of usage, but it does prove to be a powerful, albeit controversial, psychological weapon. With their power on the rise again the UN flexes its muscle, relocating infected people into specialized areas not unlike a cross between a leper colony and a death camp. At best they're largely left to their own devices and given simple treatment for symptoms. At worst they're outright abused by their overseers. Conditions within these areas are naturally kept under wraps. NERV begins dipping its fingers into schools and orphanages during this time as well.

2020: The first documented Angel attack. It wrecks a few plague colonies and a normal city before it gets put down by NERV in a messy N2 strike. The incident is covered up.

2021-2022: But not for long. Leaked footage of the attack and the N2 strike turn up along with a healthy dosage of reports on conditions inside the plague colonies. This triggers a new wave of anti-government sentiment. There are some riots, lots of grumbling within the UN, threats of backing out, and some actual backing out. In the end the leaks affect the UN very little. They still have absolute control over their "important" areas, the key nations are ultimately too afraid of losing influence in world politics to back out, and if less influential nations are outraged enough that they don't want the UN to handle their plague victims that's fine, too.

2023: The second documented Angel attack. NERV employs a few prototype T-RIDEN-Ts and a more efficient version of its AT field generating technology against it, and while successful in piercing the AT field, they underestimate the Angel's capabilities. Another N2 strike is used before it can reach anywhere important. The pilots and prototypes alike are lost to this attack. The UN is less than pleased with this and replaces the director of NERV with someone new. In addition to this internal security at NERV is tightened.

2024: NERV's top secret Evangelion project comes to fruition. It's controversial within NERV, especially when it turns out children within a certain age range are supposedly the most efficient pilots. Good thing NERV has been keeping tabs on such kids and even indoctrinating some for years, right?

2025: Start of the campaign.

The Plague

The Plague initially manifests as alternating fever and chills accompanied by mild aches and confusion. Within three to five days swelling occurs, especially near the head, neck, and chest. Afterwards the swollen areas eventually form into oozing sores reminiscent of those caused by the Black Plague. Hallucinations and delusional behavior are extremely common after the swelling settles in. The length of time an infected person has varies wildly, with some lasting only weeks while a rare unfortunate few have lingered on for years. Death normally occurs from suffocation due to swelling or infection from the number of open sores, but all sorts of other unpleasant causes of death are known to occur as well. After dying a victim's body rapidly degrades and vaporizes. The method of transmission is currently unknown. To date it's reduced the world's population by 1/4 of its former amount.


NERV is, for the moment, kept a secret from the public, though their AT weapons certainly aren't. While initially somewhat autonomous within the bounds of their purpose, the second Angel attack prompted a greater degree of UN control and policing. Though NERV's higher end staff are generally less than pleased and occasionally paranoid over this, they're still dependent on UN funding. NERV's bases are naturally kept in out of the way places. They tend to be weirdness magnets, giving rise to tales of haunted areas.

NERV's AT weapons were initially, and generally still are, primarily oriented at crowd control. They generate a quick burst of an AT field, resulting in disorientation and fear in unprotected P-scale targets at the lowest settings. At the higher settings they've been known to cause physical damages, lasting derangements, and tang. Research has been made into personal generators and longer lasting fields, achieving mixed results. At best the personal generators will last for a couple of minutes. Regardless of that, as well as the fact that the tech is rare even within NERV, these weapons have helped foster an image of invulnerability.


Artemare has never been a heavily populated area, the plague has actually done it some good by drawing in people from the surrounding towns with even smaller populations. It now boasts a population of just under three thousand and possesses a greater variety of stores and recreational areas than in times past. That said, it's still far from any major cities and often suffers from rain and fog that rivals London.



Character Name: Dostov Pokryshkin
Gender: Male
Height: 190.5cm
Age: 17

Character Name: Mira Black
Gender: Female
Height: 178cm
Age: 17
Background:Mira stands at 5'9” with jet black hair and radiant blue eyes. With a very flattering figure of a young adult no one would guess she had merely turned fifteen. She wears black framed glasses most of the time, and seems to have a large collection of coloured contacts that she changed on occasion.

NERV Personnel

Character Name: Operations Director Clara Arlington
Gender: Female
Height: 173cm
Age: 30
Background: A pretty blonde English woman. Originally a field medic working with a UN peacekeeping force, she distinguished herself with quick acting during a peacekeeping effort going horribly wrong. The powers that be were pleased with how she took charge of the situation and saved the life of an important UN official, which landed her a job with NERV. She appears to be a genuinely nice and even altruistic person in most circumstances, but has been hardened by the circumstances that led to her new job.

Character Name: Lorelei
Gender: Female
Height: 169cm
Age: Unknown, but probably in her late teens/early 20s based on appearance
Background: No one knows much about Lorelei beyond the obvious. She dresses like the stereotypical man in black with the addition of a metallic mask. She often carries around and fondles a plush doll of indefinite gender. She's not quite right in the head. She has her uses to NERV, however, but like many other things about her it's unclear to most what these uses are.

Supporting Cast

NERV Minions

Character Name: Arthur Arlington
Gender: Male
Height: 201cm
Age: 32
Background: Clara's big but baby faced older brother. He's an upbeat guy and serves as the local NERV base's head of security. He harbors stereotypical notions of France, especially with regards to it being a romantic place. Too bad for him that his lack of skill in the language hinders his efforts.

Character Name: Morella Andel
Gender: Female
Height: 158cm
Age: 26
Background: A black haired woman who's built like a twig and doesn't seem to get much sun. She's NERV's chief medical officer, but has proficiency in several scientific disciplines. Doesn't interact well with others and has a quiet, croaking voice.

Character Name: Edgar Martel
Gender: Male
Height: 189cm
Age: 38
Background: The Vice-Commander. A quiet military man who oversees much of the day to day operations at the base. He's nowhere near as big as Arthur, but his stern looks often make him seem far more intimidating. The two have some kind of rivalry going, but no one is sure if it's a friendly one or not.

Cannon Fodder

Philippe: Tall for his age and lean but muscular. A problem student who's popular with the girls despite being known to cheat.

Charlotte: A giant of a teenage girl with short brown hair. She misses a lot of school. When she doesn't she tends to get into a lot of fights.

Cerise: A pale redhaired girl. She doesn't associate with the others much but shows promise as a performer.

Laila: A dark skinned Iranian girl. She does very well in school but is a bit cold to others.


Floor plan and lazy description of the mansion the pilots call home.