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"On that tree of which no man knows from where its roots run"


Basic Information


  • Location: Greater Berlin Geodome
  • Name: Asgarth
  • Starting Date: July 1, 2015


  • Darkling


  • DBN009
  • Mr Rage
  • Maid
  • Ugolino


The World

After the Second Impact, with Antarctica being decimated, the enormous amount of fresh water entering the oceans cause a massive influx in the worlds weather and general environment. Massive flooding obliterated many of the sea-level countries, and the rest of the world was thrown into a perpetual winter. While the winter started off relatively slow, in the last two years it has grown and stretched across most of the planet.

The only places which are not constantly in a permafrost, and receiving snowfall, are near the equator. Such areas receive mostly wet snow throughout the year, and have a brief two month 'summer' in which temperatures reach above 10C. This, coupled with a mass exodus of survivors from the frozen regions, led to giant slum-cities. The poor, disease and crime run rampant. Any form of government in these areas is non-existent, instead being run by gangs.

In the remaining parts of the world, major global powers erected massive geodomes. These self contained cities are the only remaining environments from the past. Temperatures are kept nominal for plant growth, and human/animal living. More are built outside the cities, giant farming greenhouses. While this is able to sustain some major populations, the rest of humanity is left to the mercy of the world.

Appearing two years ago (2013), is what is referred to as the Black Moon. A large, black object appeared in space, seeming to orbit the earth at quite some distance, in a constant partial eclipse of the sun. Scientist blame this to the worsening of the winter climate on the planet, but are unable to identify the heavenly object. Any attempts of visual observation simply reveal it to be a large black orb. Further probing reveals nothing.


The geodomes are mainly populated by upper and middle class civilians, those being able to afford the luxury of buying space in them. Then of course all the engineers and manual workers needed to keep them functional and safe. A large militarized presence is noted as well. City life remains mostly undisturbed from it's previous existence. Underneath the city lies a vast network of abandoned subways, access tunnels and sewer systems. Many poor folk gather to them if life above doesn't go well, or they managed to break in from the outside. Rumor is that other things lurk about down there too.

In addition to the city geodomes, NERV has it's own built. These are sparse, and across the globe in heavily populated areas, and heavily fortified, compared to the city domes. Massive structures built for scientists to study the Black Moon, amongst other secret operations.

Life outside the geodomes is a hellish one. Hell freezing over is likely the best term to describe it. Constant snowfall, blizzards, hail, and everything you can imagine in weather form decimates unprotected people in an unending, unforgiving manner. There are rumors, and blurry photos even of giant forms moving amongst the snow. Creatures that have attacked transports, smaller settlements, and roving gangs of people. Dubbed 'Trolls' they add another element of danger to the world.


The Geodome in Greater Berlin has been dubbed Asgarth. Named so for the Aesir, the giant cybernetic beasts controlled by pilots, that defend the city-dome against the Jotun. Construction within the dome is relatively simple. Most buildings consisting of concrete, steel, and tinted glass. The dome stretches 20 miles in diameter and houses near 400k residents, being one of the larger geodomes in the world. At the very center of the dome is the NERV headquarters, amid a lush forest of vegetation. Vegetative growth is stimulated by artificial rains, UV lights built into the dome, and the brief natural light given by the eclipsed sun.



Lit Skäldbjorn/Operations Director

Character Name: Lit Skäldbjorn
Gender: Male
Height: 6'6"
Age: 28 (DoB: 11/24/1987)

  • Born and raised in northern Germany, Lit was always a big boy. He was only 13 when the Second Impact occurred, and realizing how many people needed help, and how much he could hope to provide, he joined the army. Because of his large frame and abilities, he quickly moved through the ranks, joining special forces, and soon being recruited by EI. He was moved to the Berlin Dome, while it was still under construction at the age of 20. At 27, he was placed as head in charge of the safety of the pilots, care and handling of Rasia, and given the promotion to Operations Director, in the hope that his relationship with the children, and his supreme tactical knowledge would assure them swift victories over the Jotun.

Rasia / Pilot 01

Rasia, in a Rare Moment
Rasia, in a Rare Moment
Null Ein

Character Name: Rasia Jarah
Gender: Female
Height: 133.1cm
Age: 14 (DoB: 05/03/2001)
Background: The origins of the pilot Rasia are hazy, at best. The "public" file (is anything really public when it comes to NERV?) is that she's a ward of the state that NERV took in after discovering she could pilot. Of course, nobody's ever looked too hard at this sob-story, because the orphanage they claimed to have taken her from has no physical records of such a girl. She is, to put it lightly, abnormally tough and aggressive, and has been witnessed standing in the cold with little more than a t-shirt and shorts. Though considering Wilhelm does the same, maybe it isn't all that strange.

Wilhelm / 2nd Child

Wilhelm...he hates all of you.
Null Drei

Character Name: Wilhelm Faustus
Gender: Male
Age: 15 (DoB: 03/03/2000)

  • Wilhelm Faustus was born to loving parents in Hamberg, Germany. Both were scientists, working to develop E-scale weapons for Gehirn. An accident during testing robbed the boy of his parents, leaving him alone in a harsh, cold world. He grew up in the care of a family friend, Dr. Freyja, though their relationship was constantly in flux, some odd mix of detached distance, limited parental guidance and later, awkwardness. With discovery that the boy was synch positive he was moved from familiar Hamberg to the Greater Berlin Geodome, the heart of NERV's effort to survive. He is possessed of a cold intelligence and icy demeanor, keeping an emotional and physical distance from most anyone he comes into contact with. His brilliance and arrogance earn him few friends anyhow, but one cannot deny his knowledge in the realm of physics and mathematics.

Corrin / Pilot 03

Null Zwei

Character Name: Corrin Sahn
Gender: Male
Height: 1.65 meters
Age: 14 (DoB: 04/07/2001)

  • Corrin spent most of his early childhood in one of the slum-cities in what's left of the United States. After being rescued by NERV personnel and taken to the NERV Austin Geodome, he was trained alongside his fellow recruits over the next four years before eventually being assigned as a pilot. A blunt and single-minded zealot, he sees fighting the Jotun as a chance to perform the duty he's been trained for, and to prove his worth to NERV. Reckless and impulsive at times, he nevertheless follows orders with minimal hesitation. What he lacks in subtlety, he makes up for with enthusiasm.

Lahja / Pilot 04

Character Name: Lahja_Ilvainen
Gender: Female
Height: 160cm
Age: 14 (DoB: 12/13/2000)

Supporting Cast

NERV Personnel

Commander Gunnar: A thin, tall, wiry man. Missing one eye, it is covered by a patch. His hair is grey, and a thin scraggly beard descends off his chin. His uniform is tight, and conceals everything below his chin. His moments are very precise, almost mechanical. His voice is gravelly, unnerving, and his single eye lacks any luster, almost a hollow shell.

Vice-Commander Hunding: Another big man, he looks like he could be Lit's twin, save for having a pretty face still. He's friendly enough, but quick to snap and order people around.

Head of Medicine, Dr. Freyja: A busty, flame headed woman, who turns as many eyes as a woman can during the Fimbulwinter. She is charged with the special care of Wilhelm, and oversees all the medical facilities in the base. Her private office, located a mere 5 blocks from the pilot's home. The top seeming to be a simple office full of doctors equipment, though the basement of the building houses a massive maze of machines, and more.

Head of Science, Thurid: The typical looking science nerd. She's short (5'2”) has a frazzled ginger mane of hair, and large, thick glasses.

Expert on Xeno-Biology, Freyr: Twin sister of Dr. Freyja, though not as voluptuous, Freyr works under Thurid with the Aesir. Shorter hair and a more muscular, less curvy frame than her sister easily allow most to tell the two apart.

Astrid, Head of Security: Her beauty only out-shined by that of the Valkyrie, Astrid is the head of security in Nerv Asgarth. Tall, blonde, thin but muscular, with a sweet voice, and a rarely seen smile.

Jareth, Second in Command of Security: Rasia's old handler, he's a mean, brutal man. Not large or physically impressive, but his discipline is well known, and puts even the most rebellious soldiers in line. He was taken off duty from being Rasia's Handler, as he was under suspicion of being too hard on her and endangering her needlessly. His animosity towards Lit is well known, but kept in line.

Ivy Hollander: Medium length black hair, green eyes, and a fair complexion, she's thin, a bit of a waif of a girl, though there is a certain prettiness to her frail look. She was the top recruit of Corrin's class, beating him out on every test. Upon assignment, she got sent away to the UN Waterdome, assigned to work with Silja Ilvainen on a top secret project.

Madeline Pilon: The pilots' new handler. Thin, older, and strict. She's got short grey hair around a tight face barely touched by age except for some crows feet around her eyes. Unlike Lit she's much less 'loose' about the pilots habits. Everything is on schedule and followed to the tee by her. While not unkind, she lacks Lit's demeanor and charm, and is a textbook commander. After the battle with Grendel and Fafnir, she was left without her right arm, right eye, and the righ half of her body covered in burns, scars and black veins.


Principal Igimund: Principal of their school.

Grundi: Poor Grundi was always a little round. He couldn't help that his mother made so much delicious meats and pastries. He's a common sight at school, and a common target for bullies. He also smells of dried, smokey meat.

Brina: The pretty, popular girl. Everyone wants to be her friend, and why not? Long, dark brown hair matches her big hazelnut eyes and tanned skin. She's smart too, not -that- smart, but enough.

Icelin: Small, thin, sickly looking. Raven black hair, and icy blue eyes, and a hacking cough from asthma. The 'nerd' of the school, she likes animals and insects and wants to be a vet. Too bad there's not many animals left outside the dome.

Penelope: Dyed pink hair, cut so reach the bottom of her ears, greyish blue eyes, and porcelain skin. She's Brina's best friend. The two get along swimmingly being the centre of everyone's attention.

Arthur: The big jock of the school. Captain of whatever sports team he joins. He's tall, broad shouldered and chiseled to perfection. All the girls drool over his looks.

Kurt: The male nerd of the school. A wonderful student all around, he really likes art and design, as well as engineering.

Base Technology and Defenses

  • Rail Tech
  • Progressive Tech
  • Ablative Tech
  • Advanced Deployment System
  • Fortress City
  • Power Supply
  • Third Stage Barriers

VTOLS: Vertical Takeoff and Landing Vehicle (VTOL)

  • VTOL 1
    • Structure: 1
    • Movement: 10 dm Half, 20 dm Full, Flight
    • Loadout: Delivery
  • VTOL 2
    • Structure: 1
    • Movement: 10 dm Half, 20 dm Full, Flight
    • Loadout: Power Supply


  • TANKS 1
    • Structure: 2
    • Movement: 5 dm Half, 10 dm Full
    • Loadout: Obscuring Barrage
  • TANKS 2
    • Structure: 2
    • Movement: 5 dm Half, 10 dm Full
    • Loadout: Obscuring Barrage

Weapon Emplacements:

  • WE 1
    • Structure: 3
    • Movement: No
    • Loadout: Bakelite Sprayer and Marker
  • WE 2
    • Structure: 3
    • Movement: No
    • Loadout: Bakelite Sprayer and Marker



Hrod: The training Simulation Jotun. A large, hunched over, muscle bound figure with a small head between it's shoulders. Each hand is tipped with a large bladelike bone that extends a foot past it's fingers.

Lútr: A insectoid like Jotun, with four legs, a hefty body, and two stinger like tails on it's back. It shot heavy blasts from it's tails, and attempted to slam it's body into the Units.

Suttung: A large, heavily musculared Jotun, much like a Gorilla in body shape, with a weird bat face covered in four large, deep eyes.

Angerboda: The Jotun floats above the ground, it's feet dangling it's clawed tiptoes above the snow. It has a slightly female humanoid torso, with long tentacles hanging from it's arms. It's head is wide and sunken, with empty gaping eye sockets and a wide open jaw. This 'face' repeats itself on two more sides of the head, making it a pyramid of faces.

Grendel and Fafnir: The Jotun Grendel appeared as a tumorous covered Aesir, at one point retracting it's tumors and growing armor plating to look exactly like one. It teleported around the battlefield and attacked with it's claws. Fafnir appeared when Grendel was defeated, resembling a dragon, attacking with Trolls that obfuscated sight, and flew above the battle sending waves of fiery energy. Once brought down to the ground it attacked with it's jaws and wickedly barbed tail.

Fenja and Menja: Twin Jotuns attacked the base, though were discovered fairly quickly to keep them from damaging the dome. One acted as a shield to the other, which acted as heavy fire power. Teamwork between Jotuns like this was not seen before (and should be noted Grendel did not act as a team with Fafnir, but more of a minion). They managed to heavily damage the Aesir, disabling Null Ein and Zwei.



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