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Welcome to Gin-Batam

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The World of SoD

The Free City of Gin-Batam 
In Southeast Asia, midway through the Karimata Strait just south of the South China Sea, huddled around the islands are the Free Cities, and Foremost amongst them is Gin-Batam. The Island the city takes it's name after is shaped like a long, lazy question mark with a volcano marking the dot. The city wraps itself along the Northeast curve of the Island, a vivid lagoon dotted with harbors and marinas. It is along this curve that most of the people in Gin-Batam live and work. The northmost end is home to an airstrip and a miniscule airport for VIPs and small jets. The island is divided by a thin mountain range, and on the south-west side it is covered in thick jungle and swamps. The Volcanic island itself is connected by a state-of-the-art bridge and is home to a geothermal power plant that provides most of the power to Gin-Batam. This smaller, sibling island is home to the elusive "Nineth Circle", the home of Gin-Batam's ultra-wealthy elite.
Founded by entreupaneurs and renegades, THE free city is a microstate that legally does not exist. Originally part of Indonesia, Gin-Batam was a hub for gun-runners, smugglers, freedom fighters and all sorts of scum that washed through the South China Sea. Already somewhat independent from the mainland, a Writ of Charter was purchased by enterprising individuals during the early-2000s after the People's Republic of China called in outstanding loans taken by the Indonesian government, granting the city's most powerful organizations the ability to rule as they saw fit.

Key Organizations

The Gin-Batam Government 
A Board of Directors officially runs the city, holding dummy elections and privatizing most aspects of the actual "government". Every seat is bought and paid for, and the title of "Director" comes with a heavy price. While nobody in power will admit it, the Board of Directors is partially a front for the various criminal organizations who have sunk more than teeth, but money, influence and power into the Free City. It is an open secret that the Chinese Triads and Russian Mafia have influence on the Board, and it was whispered that the Colombian Cartels attempted to have their own interests represented on the Board. With nine members, competition is fierce, but certain multinational corporations have also made themselves members of the Board, leveraging the power of green to make their voices heard.
Although the Board of Directors has final say over laws and what goes on in Gin-Batam, most of the Directors cannot be bothered to go over the minutae of life in the Free City. As a result, there is an actual "government", complete with officials (appointed by the Board) and an "official" police department, staffed with incompetents, bullies and the easily-bribed. The leadership of the offical "GPD" operates from an American WW2-era Heavy Cruiser that was purchased and retrofitted to launch helicopters, and the FCS "Harmony" sits menacingly in the bay overlooking the city. The guns have only been fired once. The Police themselves operate hand-in-glove with the various criminal factions and private police forces, "cracking down" on organized crime every election season usually resulting in smaller gangs being arrested.
The Emerald "On Sing" Tong 
A Chinese mafia founded by Chinese shop owners and businessmen to combat racial exclusion and promote internal harmony, it is now a drug-running and extortion racket that has a solid chunk of the city paying protection money. It's members are easily identifiable by the shimmering green sashes that they wear while on "patrol", as well as their obvious ethnic makeup. Attacking the On Sing is inviting trouble, as a fine web of information and favors mean that whoever tried to surprise the Emerald Tong, won't be hidden for long. While they are not directly represented on the Board, it is rumored that the fourth Director, Shen Jiao-Long, is partial to them.
The Yudin Bratva 
Straight from the former Soviet Union, the Yudin organized crime group is renowned for it's brutality, identified as a terrorist organization in over forty countries after a series of assassinations targeting witnesses of a high-profile murder. While they have been somewhat more subdued as of late, the group made CIA bulletins when the oil magnate Roy Logan, who held a Director's seat, attended a meeting of the Board dressed in the Bratva's colors. The foot soldiers of the Yudin are usually Russian or Slavic, although they are not committed to racial exclusionism. There is no common uniform, but the colors of black on white and maroon are often worn by their members.
The Vaqueros Cartel 
Forcing their way in from Columbia, the "cowboys" cartel is made up of criminals, hardened in American Prisons, who were sent back to Columbia. Brutal and vindictive, they are making hard moves in the Free City, as they see the most convenient route of smuggling weapons from foreign parts passing through the South Chinese and Java Sea. They are usually identifiable by their hats, cowboy hats with wide brims, although these are usually favored by leaders and the fashion-impaired.
The Chinese Navy 
Having called the United States bluff, the Chinese Navy moved into the lower South China Sea in the late 10's and have been active ever since. While they do not have an official presence in Gin-Batam, there are often occasions where Chinese secret police come to the city, seeking fugitives and political dissidents.
Solutions on Demand 
Founded several years ago as a joint venture between several shadowy benefactors and ex-mercenary Julianna Romero, Solutions on Demand was a response to increased presence of the Chinese Navy and insurgents in the Java and South Chinese Seas. With an emphasis on "asset protection" and small-print smuggling, the company acts primarily as a courier service for sensitive items too dangerous or outlandish for regular couriers. Since much of their work requires skirting within the boundaries of the law, Solution's main office is located Gin-Batam, where CEO Julianna Romero coordinates operations throughout the contested waters. Due to the risky nature of their field, SoD employs various "problem-solvers" and muscle, talented individuals of various skills and backgrounds who can accomplish a variety of tasks. This has lead to some speculation that the company does more than deliver mail, but there are much bigger fish to fry for Gin-Batam's authorities (some of whom are rumored to cooperate with the company).


Supporting Cast

Julianna "Anna" Romero 
An ex-mercenary with a long career of running and gunning, "Anna" is Solutions on Demand's chief executive with a troubled past. When a double-cross left her confined to a wheelchair, Anna retired from running guns to running a security company before striking out on her own and founding Solutions on Demand, a hybrid security/smuggling operation based out of Gin-Batam. With a lifetime of connections made during her gunslinger days, Anna manages to find work for herself and her employees despite the increasing risk of illegal shipping in the region. She keeps her mind and body sharp into her years, continuing to exercise and practice with her firearms even with her disability. Without her wheelchair she would be a tall woman, but she's solidly built besides her handicap. She wears her black hair short and dyes the grey that has been cropping up recently, and often dresses in "middle manager" clothing despite Gin Batam's heat. She's taken to wearing sunglasses more often lately, hiding her grey eyes and slowly creeping crow's feet. Refusing to make the change to an motorized version, Anna's wheelchair is thick and sturdy, with some rumoring the back has been reinforced with ballistic plating: Anna denies this.