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Wanderers of the Western Heartlands

Building Rules

Be careful with Tags and ResRefs. Stick to the naming conventions below. It will help organize content in the mod.

  • Areas - Prefix with 3 letters of the main area. Ex. Ber_ for Beregost, Clk_ for Cloak Wood
  • Items - Prefix with 3 letters for the type of item. Ex. Wep_ for Weapon, Arm_ for Armor
  • NPCs - Prefix with 3 letters for type of NPC or monster. Ex. NPC_ for an NPC or MON_ for a monster
  • Shops have shp_ followed by the tag of the npc and 1-4. Ex NPC_Vallora has shops shp_Vallora1, shp_Vallora2, shp_Vallora3, shp_Vallora4
  • Scripts - Prefix with tag for yourself, or type of script. Ex. Util_ for general utility scripts, NPC_ for NPC conversations, Dark_ for Darkling
  • Utility Scripts to import

If you mess up creating a tag or resref, create a copy of the thing you made and it will let you re-enter it, then delete the incorrect one. You usually can't edit these once they are made on the original.

Current Area WIP

  • Beregost - Darkling
  • Tower of Alhambra - Klasa

Completed Things

  • Bashable Locks - Must use a melee weapon to bash, base attack +d20 vs unlock DC
  • Knock & Find Traps changed to Spell DC vs Lock/Trap DC
  • NPC onHeartbeat script - Lets them have hourly or day/night schedules to walk around
  • Merchant Scripts - Can be open during day/night/always, opens a random shop between 4 every day
  • Randomize NPC greetings
  • Randomized One Liners for unimportant NPCs, different sets for farmers, townsfolk, thugs, guards
  • Auto closing doors, Auto locking for doors and chests
  • Sitting scripts for 1, 2 and 3 spots
  • Trash barrels
  • Disarming traps gives 2X the Disarm DC in XP


  • Persistent Chests & Message Boards
  • Automated Player Housing
  • Automated Inn rental
  • More elaborate / Scripted bosses
  • Store restock on schedule, stock varies by classes
  • Balance loot, monsters, xp system - overall goal is less grind, more focus on rp and quests
  • Balance item magic level. Less magic items for sale, makes finding them more of an accomplishment
  • Makes areas more expansive and interesting, more to do in them, randomize spawns and quests more
  • Longer time between spawns - more time spent in areas and want to avoid killing respawns
  • Thieves illegal items should be rarer, possible roaming black market that sells them
  • More quests
    • Low level fetch quests to get to know areas and npcs
    • More bounty quests for rare materials, elements, monster at Alhambra
    • Vary quests in areas, move item or monster spawns around to keep it different, different ways to complete a quest
  • Drunk script - make excessive drinking actually do something?