Akikami "Akite" Hua

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Character Details

Character Name: Akikami Hua
Player Name: Cherem/Lys/Ed
Show: Double Cross

Breed: Tribreed
Syndrome(s): Chimaera/Salamandra/Neumann
Work: Martial Artist C
Cover: Private Investigator

Gender: Female
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180~
Eye Color: Gray-green
Hair Color: Ruddy, muddy red

Age: 18
Blood Type: A
Associates and Family: Sifu Kiyono, Tsukijin Yoru, Ian "Middleman" Goodwill

Max HP: 35
Base Encroachment Rate 36
Experience Gained-Spent: 24-02

Character Info


UGN/False Hearts

Universal Guardian Network - Somewhat familiar through them (Via Middleman) but doesn't know them well. Assumes they're just regular G-men with a strange mission.
False Hearts - Akite bears them an intense hatred driven by vengeance.


Sifu Kiyono trained Akite, and was severely wounded when his martial arts school was attacked.

Tsukijin Yoru is a close friend and confidant of Akite, having been trained in Kiyono's school as a child. Akite has feelings she's not quite sure what to do with regarding him, but formost is worry, as he was injured when Sifu Kiyono's dojo was attacked.


Character Sheet