Alejandra Arana

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Character Details

Character Name: Alejandra Rosario Arana
Player Name: Darkling
Background: Prodigy
Career Path: AT Tech
Rank: 1

Gender: Female
Height: 178cm
Weight: 54kg

Age: (DoB: MM/DD/YYYY)
Blood Type: O-
Associates and Family:


  • Somewhat introverted and reclusive in her own ways.
  • Expresses herself more through art and personal body modification (piercings/tattoos)
  • A bit of a mental headcase. Signs of split personality disorder, abandonment issues.
  • A pacifist by nature, does not want to harm other living beings, this is a direct opposite in her Eva, as she acts like a weapon of god, and explains it as such.


  • Grew up in Mexico City
  • Has two younger brothers and a sickly mother, her father was killed in a mugging
  • She helps support her family by working as an art busker in a high tourist traffic area
  • Dropped out of school
  • Offered care of her family in return for her piloting
  • Family:
    • Father: Alfonso. Passed away when she was 12.
    • Mother: Evita. She is sick with (disease) and bed-ridden most of the time.
    • Brothers: Edgardo (8) & Fernando (6). Both stay in school.