Astrid Noomi

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Astrid Noomi Visionary (+3 SR, +3 Int, 5 Social Drawback) Potential Skills: Creative Activity (Drums), Recall, Inference, Notice

Phy Int Emp SR Visionary 20 23 20 33

Aspect - Bewildered but Curious General Aspects - All Too Trusting

Drawbacks Gullible Social Depth Value: 10 Effect: The character is especially vulnerable to the ulterior motives of others. Convince, Persuade and Deceive skills rolled against this character get a +20 bonus.

Awkward Social Depth Value: 10 Effect: The pilot’s Empathy score is treated as half of its actual value for the purpose of skills.

Assets Prodigy Mental Depth Value: 5 Effect: Your knack for AT Fields and their use is beyond compare, allowing you to easily reach master proficiency. All Empathy-based prerequisites for AT Powers you may instead fulfill with an equal amount of Intelligence.

Strong Connection Other Depth Value: 5 Effect: Feeling the pain of the Evangelion creates a sympathetic chain reaction. Whenever you would gain Strain, you may choose to gain 1 more than normal in order to immediately Synch Disrupt +1d6. Likewise, when a Hit Effect deals you Stress, you may take an additional 1d6 Stress to Synch Disrupt +1d10.

Synch Flux Other Depth Value: 5 Effect: By some quirk of fate or biology, the character has some degree of control over how their Synch Ratio’s fluctuations. Whenever the character's Synch Ratio would change for any reason other than this trait, afterward their SR increases by 3.