Astrid Noomi

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Character Details

Astrid Noomi
Astrid Noomi

Character Name: Astrid Noomi
Player Name: Darkling
Show: OPUS
Background: Visionary

Gender: Female
Height: 178cm
Weight: 54kg

Age: (DoB: 06/01/2005)
Blood Type: O-
Associates and Family:

Luck: 2/4
Doom: 0
Ego: 0/30
Stress: 0/30

Backstory Notes

Orphaned during the First impact, she was found and Adopted by Opus in Hawaii. Known to always be spaced out or living in her own world, but very good at following orders and scoring high on the tests the gave her. She made friends with Kaimana, and was often found escaping the headquarters to go off with her friend. She has pet Jellyfish, 4 moon jellies named Franklin, Hubert, Marjory, Beth and 3 comb jellies named Fjord, James and Hannah.


Characteristic Total Base Roll Advances
Physical 29 20 9 --
Intelligence 35 23 9 3
Empathy 27 20 7 --
Synch Ratio 56 33 17 6


Gullible:: The character is especially vulnerable to the ulterior motives of others. Convince, Persuade and Deceive skills rolled against this character get a +20 bonus.
Awkward: The pilot’s Empathy score is treated as half of its actual value for the purpose of skills.


Prodigy: Your knack for AT Fields and their use is beyond compare, allowing you to easily reach master proficiency. All Empathy-based prerequisites for AT Powers you may instead fulfill with an equal amount of Intelligence.
Strong Connection: Feeling the pain of the Evangelion creates a sympathetic chain reaction. Whenever you would gain Strain, you may choose to gain 1 more than normal in order to immediately Synch Disrupt +1d6. Likewise, when a Hit Effect deals you Stress, you may take an additional 1d6 Stress to Synch Disrupt +1d10.
Synch Flux: By some quirk of fate or biology, the character has some degree of control over how their Synch Ratio’s fluctuations. Whenever the character's Synch Ratio would change for any reason other than this trait, afterward their SR increases by 3.


Overall Aspect: Bewildered but Curious
General Aspects: All Too Trusting



Skill Proficiency:Creative Activity (Drums), Notice, Notice, Recall, Inference

Symbolism: 27
Creative Activity(Drums): 27
Innuendo: 27

Notice: 32
Read Person: 27
Search: 27

Balance: 29
Tumble: 29
Sneak: 29
Palm: 29

Common Knowledge: 35
Topic: 35
Recall: 35
Research: 35

Inference: 35
Convince 35

Lift: 29
Climb: 29
Brawl: 29

Charm: 27
Persuade: 27
Sway: 27

Jump: 29
Throw: 29
Sprint: 29

Deceive: 27
Distract: 27
Persona: 27
Stash: 27

Bravery: 27
Composure: 27
Resolve: 27


Starting Talents:

  • Spread Pattern (Basic Field)
  • AT Power (Neutralize)

Purchased Talents

  • Intermediary Manipulation: Combustion
  • Intermediary Manipulation: Disrupting Strike
  • Boost Reflexes: Add a +5 bonus to your Eva’s Reflexes score.
  • Skill Proficiency: Sneak
  • Skill Training: Notice
  • Faster: Counts as the Boost Reflexes talent, for +5 Reflexes.
  • Corrode (Reduce ATP of enemy by Breach+1)
  • Vanguard: Boost Reflexes (+5 Reflexes)


Primary Color: Bright White
Secondary Color: Forest Camoflage
Eva Type: Test

Martial Firearms Strength Toughness Armor Reflexes
68 60 3 7 4 45


  • Cosmetic: Mucus: The Evangelion tends to drip an unidentified substance from beneath its armor.
  • History: Relentless: The Eva has a particular hatred for the enemy that drives it to fight beyond its means. Nerv is at a loss to explain this incredible behavior. In any Round where you roll a Hit Effect on the enemy, you do not use up a round of power. However, you have 1 fewer rounds of battery time overall.
  • Mutation: Necrotic: The Evangelion's flesh looks and smells like something dead. The Eva gains +2 Toughness.


  • Wing Loadout(Storage): Choose one Wing of the Evangelion (left or right). A specialized container that may store and be deployed with one Knife, Pistol or clip of ammo for the pilot to use is installed. Each Wing may only have one Loadout at a time.
  • Requisition: Gain 1 extra Requisition.
  • Stepping Stone: Counterweight - An early version of the dynamic balancers that would later be built into the Production Type models, these counterweights play poorly with non-evasive forms of active defense. Your Eva gains a +10 bonus to Reflexes, but only so long as you are not using a weapon with the Defensive quality.

Name H Damage Special Cost
Combat Knife 1 1d6+1+Str KN Small, Surplus Free
Progressive Knife 1 1d6+1+Str KN Progressive, Small Free
Progressive Spear 1 1d6+2+Str KN Progressive, Precise, Reach 1 Req

Name Range H Attack Damage Rld Ammo Special Cost
A4 Pallet Rifle 2 2 Single, Burst (4/3) 1d6+3 KN 1 8 Precise, Surplus Free
Positron Rifle 1 2 Single, Burst (3/3) 1d6+2 EN 1 10 Positron, Breach (3) Free


ATS ATP Strain Threshold
2 6 3

Spread Patterns:

  • Basic: After damage for an attack has been rolled against you, but before Armor has been applied, you may spend 1 of your AT Potential to turn 3 of that damage into Soft Damage. If you spend enough ATP to render the entire attack as Soft Damage, no Hit Effect results. If you are unable to render the entire attack into Soft Damage, the attack resolves as normal but your ATP are not spent. If an Area attack or other threat to your Umbilical is successfully transformed into Soft Damage, the Umbilical is not destroyed.

Offensive Powers: Combustion

  • Simple
  • ATS Minimum: 1
  • Activation: 2 Stamina
  • Range: 0
  • Effect: Using your AT Field, you generate an immense amount of heat at a single location within range. For every point of ATS you have, roll 1d6. If the total of all of these d6 is greater than the current Potential of your target, you deal half the total as Soft Damage. Otherwise, deal your ATS as Soft Damage instead. If 2 or more of the d6 come up as a 6, the enemy is set On Fire.

Disrupting Strike

  • Simple
  • ATS Minimum: 1
  • Activation: 2 Stamina.
  • Range: Personal
  • Effect: You wrap your AT Field around your weapon, in preparation for a melee attack. Immediately make a melee Standard Attack of your choice. This attack gains the Breach(1) quality if it did not already have it, or increases the rating of any Breach it does have by +1. Augmentation: For every AT Potential spent on this power, increase the Breach bonus by +1.


XP Received

  • Chargen - 100XP 4E
  • First Angel - 100xp 2E

XP Spent:

  • Trunk: Intermediary: Combustion - 20
  • Trunk: Intermediary: Disrupting Strike - 20
  • Trunk: Boost Reflexes - 20
  • Test Type: Faster - 10
  • AT Adept: Buy In (+3SR +1E) - 30
  • Vanguard: Buy In (Corrode, +1 Luck, +1E) 40
  • Vanguard: Boost Reflexes (+5 Reflexes) 20
  • Test Type: Optimization (+3 martial) 20
  • Test Type: Strong Field (+1 ATP) 30

E Spent:

  • Visionary: Minor Advance (+3 SR) - 3E
  • Trunk: Proficiency (Sneak) - 1E
  • Trunk: Training (Notice) - 1E
  • Visionary: Minor Advance (+3 Int) - 3E

Combat Notes