Bree Anna Molly

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Character Details

Bree Anna Molly

Character Name: Bree Anna Molly
Player Name: Darkling
Show: NERV: Anomaly
Background: Visionary

Gender: Female
Height: 178cm
Weight: 54kg

Age: (DoB: 06/01/2019)
Blood Type: O-
Associates and Family:

Backstory Notes


Characteristic Total Base Roll Advances
Physical 23 20 03 --
Coordination 25 20 05 --
Intelligence 33 23 10 --
Empathy 25 20 05 --
Synch Ratio 51 33 18 --

Ripple Effects

Ego Stress Strain Threshold Eva Martial Eva Firearms
0/30 0/30 2 28 38


Gullible:: Convince, Persuade and Deceive skills rolled against this character get a +20 bonus.
Awkward: The pilot’s Empathy score is treated as half of its actual value for the purpose of skills.


Prodigy: Your knack for AT Fields and their use is beyond compare, allowing you to easily reach master proficiency. All Empathy-based prerequisites for AT Powers you may instead fulfill with an equal amount of Intelligence.
Complex Extension: It takes calculations that make your head spin, but you can reach with your AT Field to give yourself an edge over the enemy. The maximum amount of AT Potential you can spend to Augment a power is equal to your Intelligence Bonus rather than your ATS.
Synch Flux: By some quirk of fate or biology, the character has some degree of control over how their Synch Ratio’s fluctuations. Whenever the character's Synch Ratio would change for any reason other than this trait, afterward their SR increases by 3.


Impulse: Has a tendency to space out and her fingers on one hand start twitching, almost as if she is playing the piano. She'll completely ignore anyone talking to her when doing this, though not by choice.


Skill Defining Score Proficiencies
Arts Empathy Symbolism
Awareness Intelligence or Empathy Notice, Read Person
Finesse Coordination --
Knowledge Intelligence Inference
Logic Intelligence --
Might Physique --
Speech Empathy --
Sports Physique or Coordination --
Trickery Intelligence or Empathy --
Will Intelligence or Empathy --


Primary Color: Dull White
Secondary Color: Sky Blue
Eva Type: Test

Strength Toughness Armor Resilience Evasion
2 4 2 2 30


  • Cosmetic: Twitch - Sometimes, even when offline, the Eva’s fingers move slightly.
  • History: Excavated - Rumor has it that, crazy as it sounds, some parts of your Eva were dug out of the ground rather than built. But that’s just nonsense, right? +1 Misc Resilience, whenever you Stress of any amount in the plug, gain 1 Ego as well.
  • Mutation: Extremophile - The Eva is naturally adapted to very deadly environments. It treats sea pressure depth as 500 meters less, takes half damage from being On Fire, and can survive in Space unharmed until it has taken a Critical Hit (at which point all normal penalties apply).


  • Wing Loadout(Storage): Choose one Wing of the Evangelion (left or right). A specialized container that may store and be deployed with one Knife, Pistol or clip of ammo for the pilot to use is installed. Each Wing may only have one Loadout at a time.
  • Requisition: Gain 1 extra Requisition.

Name H Damage Special Cost
Combat Knife 1 1d6+Str Small 1 Req

Name Range H Attack Damage Rld Ammo Special Cost
Pallet Gun Tactical 2 Single, Burst (4/2) 1d6+3 P 1 8 Precise 1 Req



XP Received

  • Chargen - XP

XP Remaining: XP
XP Spent/To Next Rank: XP/XP