Cerys Doyle

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Cerys Doyle: On the Job

Character Details

Character Name: Cerys Doyle
Player Name: Darkling
Show: Double Cross: Nisoku

Breed: Crossbreed
Syndrome(s): Black Dog / Morpheus
Work: Assassin
Cover: Bodyguard

Gender: Female
Height: 5'11"
Weight: Light
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red

Age: 23 (September 7, 1992)
Blood Type: O+
Associates and Family: Evan Doyle (father), Friend, Friend

Base Encroachment Rate 39
Current Encroachment: 108
Experience Gained/Spent: 76/62

Awakening: Sacrifice: Someone you care for was being abused in front of you. As you stood by helpless you prayed for the power to do something.
Impulse: Self Mutilation: You feel as though you shouldn't exist. You would rather end your life before letting others get hurt because of you.

Character Info


Cerys grew up in an overflowing orphanage and learned how to defend herself, and fed off others just to survive. By the time she had been through over two-dozen different homes she was considered a lost cause, but luckily old enough to get out of the system and on the streets where she was no longer the administration's problem. For awhile she lived that way. Stealing what she could, sleeping in alleys, sewers, under bridges and abandoned homes. Eventually she got into a scuffle with the right kind of people, who were impressed with the she handled herself. The Wild Horses hired her on. She traveled around with them, honing her skills. Eventually she was moved to City N. While she wasn't around for the terrorist attacks, she liked the city, and wouldn't stand for any more harm to it, and worked her way into an assignment working as a bodyguard for Tindalos.

Cerys grew up in a mostly private life in City N. Her father moved there with her when she was a young girl for business. Her mother was long passed and she couldn't really remember her at all. Her father was well enough off that he hired her a personal tutor to take care of her and raise her while he attended to business. She grew up mostly in isolation, only going out for tournaments with her tutor. Her father was mostly absent, never around to praise her, see her grow, see her win championships, or watch her lessons. He was hardly even around for the awkward and silent dinners they would share together. It was only natural that she grew distant from him, though always wanting something more, and wanting his respect.
When she was 18, on the eve of a tournament, she and her tutor were jumped by desperate thugs. A fight ensued. While both her an her tutor were formidable, she was tired form the tournament, her tutor old, and there was simple too many of them. She was stabbed in the stomach and tossed her aside as the others beat her tutor on the ground as she watched. As she lay there helpless, bleeding out, she prayed for something to help her and her tutor.
She woke up in the hospital months later. She learned that her tutor had died, but so had the thieves by some sort of large electrical explosion from a malfunctioning grid unit. She was interviewed and questioned numerous times be different parties, and eventually approached by a man with a job opportunity. He explained they were responsible for her recovery and treatments, and came with an offer she could not refuse. What followed was a rehabilitation period, getting used to her body again, learning what she could do, what others could as well. Of course she had an even more major fallout with her father, who had never even come to see her in the hospital, or her tutor's funeral. Of course, there was no reason to turn away from the offer now. She was given a new life, a new job, and her history was erased.


Cerys was hired on as a bodyguard for Tindalos from the Wild Horse Mercenary group. She has no previous ties to the corporation.


Cerys stands quite tall, at 5'11" with an athletic frame from being tutored for years in gymnastics. She has dark red hair cropped short around her head. She tends to wear black clothing with red accents matching her hair. She generally has a soft voice and look about her, has excellent manners and follows the chain of command quite well, but while on her job she is not afraid to be strong, stern and kick someone's teeth in.


Cerys Doyle: Relaxed After a Shower


Body 5+1 Sense 6+1 Mind 2 Social 1
Dodge 1 Ranged 1 RC 1 Procure 1
Ride 2(2w) Perception 1 Knowledge (Guns) 1 Info (Underworld) 1
Melee 1 -- -- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Secondary Stats

Max HP: 32
Stock: 4/4
Savings: 16
Initiative: 14
Move: 19
Dash: 38


Relationship Name Emotion (P) O/H* Emotion (N) O/H* Titus Spent?
Father Dr. Donovan Sorley Adoration O Loathing H -- --
Friend Otomo Reiko Love O Repugnance H -- --
Handler Honda Isou Trust O Reservation H -- --
Friend Shiori -- -- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
T-Lois Full Cyborg -- -- -- -- -- --
Cerys Doyle: Armoured Up for Battle


  • Reinforced Clothing - Black reinforced clothing with a long leather jacket.
  • Casual Wear - A small variety of sweaters, skirts, and shirts.
  • Formal Wear - Black suits, red/black shirts and ties, black leather gloves. Used for when she is on the job guarding someone.
  • Cellphone - Standard cellphone.
  • Accessories - Watch, sunglasses.
  • Full Cyborg
    • This Trait Lois shows that a large part of your body has been mechanized with high-grade implants. The military or another organization of equal power has used classified technology to rebuild you into a mechanical soldier. You are covered with an artificial skin, allowing you to appear and feel like a normal human being. The only people that might notice your change are close family and friends. You may have certain parts of your body or have your entire body be mechanized. You may even replace your brain with a computer. Regardless of how you wish to present yourself, remember that your stats will not be affected in any way.
    • All HP damage you take will be reduced by ten points. Only Taint damage cannot be reduced by this effect. Due to the nature of your mechanical body, you may experience extra stress as you carry out your life. As such, your Base Encroachment Rate is permanently increased by +5 when you acquire this Trait Lois. Also, there will be instances when people and detection tools may find out that your body is not human. If you are ever inspected, perform a <Perception> opposed check with the other party. If you win, your mechanical nature will go unnoticed.

Armor Name Type Dodge Initiative Armor Procure/Stock Notes
Reinforced Clothing Armor -- -- 1 5/1 --
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
Weapon Name Type Skill Accuracy Attack Power Guard Range Stock Notes
Fists Melee <Melee> 0 -5 0 Close -- For use when unarmed
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


# Power Level Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range Encroachment Notes Restrict
- Resurrect 1 Auto - - Self Close Refer Declare when Incap'd or when the Scene ends. Recover with (LV)D HP. Increase ER by HP recovered. Cannot be used when ER >100%. Can be used even when under pressure. -
- Warding 1 Auto - Auto Scene View 0 Can be used any time, non-overeds become Extras, all Overeds in the scene will sense the power. Effect will continue throughout the scene. -
- Concentrate 3 Major Black Dog - - - 2 Any check using this power recives -(LV) Critical value bonus (Min 7). -
- Hundred Guns 2 Minor - Auto Self Close 3 The User creates and equips a weapon that lasts for the remainder of the Scene. Its data is as follows: Type: Ranged Skill: <Ranged> Acc: o Atk Power: + [LV + 4 Guard: - Range: 30M -
- Create Armour 2 Minor - Self Auto Close 2 The User creates and equips an armor that lasts for the remainder of the Scene. This will replace currently equipped armor. Its data is as follows: Type: Armor Dodge: o Initiative: o Armor: [8 + (LVx 2)] -
- Weapon Link 2 Major <Melee/Ranged> Opposed - Weapon 2 Checks that use this power receive a +(Lv) dice bonus -
- Lightning Fang 1 Major <Melee/Ranged> Opposed - Weapon 2 Dodge checks against an attack that use this Power receive a -(LV) dice penalty. -
- Barrier Crack 1 Major <melee><Ranged> Opposed - Weapon 4 The Target cannot Guard against an attack that uses this Power. If a character Covers for the target, he cannot calculate damage as if he Guarded. In addition, ignore the target's [Armor] stat when calculating damage. This Power may be used (LV) times per Scenario. 80%
- Power LV Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range ER Notes Restrict
- Lightweight Customization 1 Constant - - Self Close - [Body] and [Sense] checks receive a +1 die bonus. Base ER increased by 2 when aquired. -

Simple Powers

# Power Level Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range Encroachment Notes Restrict
- Wall Bypass 1 Major - Auto Self close - The user can walk through locked rooms, barricaded areas and walls. She will even be able to infiltrate areas with thick metal walls. -
- Power LV Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range ER Notes Restrict

Combined Powers

Condition Powers Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range Encroachment Dice Critical AtkP Notes
Under 100% -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Over 100% " " " " " " " -- -- -- --
Over 130% " " " " " " " -- -- -- --
Condition Powers Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range Encroachment Dice Critical AtkP Notes
Under 100% -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Over 100% " " " " " " " -- -- -- --
Over 130% " " " " " " " -- -- -- --