Deadlands: Hell on Earth

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Basic Information

  • Name: The Durklands: Hell on Earth
  • IRC Rooms: #HoE & #HoE_OOC


  • Darkling


  • DBN
  • Rage
  • Maid
  • Midnight
  • Cherem


The year is 2094. The world is a wasteland. You all remember what happened, war started, then the bombs dropped. So many died, and like the saying goes, they were the lucky ones. Now there's barely anything to live for, 'cept living itself. We're scratching out a tiny living here in the West, if you can call it that. Some small towns have been rebuilt, some bigger ones.. What d'ya mean you don' care 'bout this shit? Alright, alright, keep yer pantyhose on and I'll get to telling you what you asked.

This here is Logandale. We've got maybe a few hundred clustered here. Nevada? Bah, that place is a Deadland and you know it! Only the desperate go there. What d'ya mean you don't know shit about Logandale? Damn bloody idjut. Well, there ain't much to tell. There's slums to the southeast 'round the marsh, and the junkyards beyond the slums, even the poor avoid that place The markets north o that, where the water's still good and folks can go fishin. Stretching from the market is Main Street. Got all the best places in town. The Naughty Fox Inn is where you want to go to wet your whistle, a place to sleep, or wet something else, but I didn' mention that see. Doc Stewart's got a place along there too. He'll fix you up for a price if'n you get in a scrape. There's a couple o gun shops. Markus sells the best stuff, and Jones will take almost anything off your hands. The Peters' boys are good if'n you need anything mechanical, though working parts are rare.

You looking for work? Well, Sheriff Cornell could always use someone else that's looking to get shot up. We've had a bad bout o some gang coming into town lately, Devil Dogs I think they call em. They've killed three deputies this past month. If that's not your style, you might be able to pick up some work at one o the watering holes. There's the Salty Lass, the Naughty Fox Inn, Four Fingers, the Muck House and a few more that really aren't worth visiting.

Now I'll tell you about the surrounding lands. I told you the southeast part of town is the slums and the marsh. You keep going that aways and you'll enter Canyon Lake which drains into the Great Canyon. You don't want to go there, that's for sure. Over the cliffs directly south is the Valley of Fire. It's an old name from before the Reckoning. It suits it now more than ever. Flaming dust devils are known to blow through the area, and most of what remains there was turned to glass from the bombs. Pretty, but deadly. North of town is mostly desert, wasteland and deadlands. Lots o farms n mines up that way, bandits too. The Devil Dogs hole up in the hills out that way. Farther to the north there's Mount Dusk. You hear a lot of bad tales about that place. Best to stay away, lest you want to put the tales to the test. If'n yer traveling, best go in group or caravan. Any lonely sod caught out there's easy pickins. The Vegas Ruins are southwest o here. I already told you only the desperate go there. Been there once m'self, that place still reeks of the Reckoning. Place gives me the heebies, an' not much can do that at my age. Full o mutants, junkers and worse. Stay there too long and you'll likely become one o them too, radiation still lingers there. Northeast you can reach Mesquite. Smaller town than ours, barely more than a street.

Ain't much else to mention. Anywhere else is just desert, rock, deadlands, and as likely a place to get killed or eaten as any other. Now, Old Billy needs to get off his boney arse and get a drink, that sun is starting to cook me. Run along now, y'hear!


Blank HoE Character Sheet

Character Name: [[ ]]
Player: DBN006

Character Name: [[ ]]
Player: RAGE

Character Name: [[ ]]
Player: Cherem

Character Name: [[ ]]
Player: Midnight

Character Name: [[ ]]
Player: Maid

Supporting Cast

Main NPCs

  • Mayor Titus Morgans: Old and set in his ways, and looks like a stereotypical mogul type. Titus was the owner of a few casinos in Las Vegas back before the Reckoning. Now, he's Mayor of Logandale. Sure he's corrupt, has too much money, keeps the poor poor, etc etc. But at least he has the town's best interests at heart, right? Probably? Maybe... Not likely. Used to the flashy lights of Vegas, he's rigged up an old McDonalds golden arch on the front of his building and keeps it lit with burning ghost rock.
  • Smitty Watts: Titus' right hand man and bodyguard. He's always nearby, and always has his shotgun and revolvers ready. An older man with white hair and a white mustache, he dresses nicely enough, and if people hadn't seen him gun someone down in the street several times, they'd have thought he was quite proper.
  • Sheriff Cornell: Sheriff Cornell was in the army in the old days before the reckoning. A young, hot-headed sniper back then. When all Hell broke lose he headed home to try and protect his family, but he found none left. He took up residence in Logandale when things settled and was quickly elected into the Sheriff's position. He's renown for his shooting skills and quick-draw, with proof on boot hill to back him up. He's in shape, lean, and well tempered. You can see him most days in office or walking down Main Street.
  • Deputy Wash: Carol Wash is one of the only deputies the Sheriff has hired that hasn't been shot down in a week. She's got her wits about her and can hold her own in a gunfight. With shoulder length auburn hair, athletic body and a quirky smile, she makes the department look good.
  • Old Billy: An old codger that hangs around the city, telling tale tales of heroes and monsters, histories and folk legend. He's been around long enough to remember the Reckoning and before, though sometimes his memory is as spotty as his dried up skin.
  • Scarlet Fox: Proprietor of the Naughty Fox Inn. Suspected of running a number of 'illegal' operations in town, no one cares to confront her as the way she runs her business is always in the favour of the town. She's known for taking many in when they are in need and giving to the community. She is usually seen in her inn, catching up on gossip or playing cards with patrons, and always sporting the furs of a fox around her neck.
  • Doc Stewart: The Doc is a busy man in town. There's always someone hurt or wounded, or with a limb falling off. He'll patch you up or provide you with scarce medical supplies if you can pay. He's middle aged, has thinning blonde hair and wears some spectacles.
  • Markus Patkinov: A Russian war vet, or at least so he claims. If you need a weapon, he's the guy to talk to. He's got a shop along main street and a military bunker setup below and enough weaponry to start his own war. Chances are if the Reckoning happened again, his hidey hole would still be standing when the dust settled.
  • Jones: Junk collector, trinket salvager and pawn broker. He buys and restores anything broken or of possible, carries a lot of odds and ends, supplies for the road.
  • The Peters' Boys: Stan and Rufus Peters are the men to go to if you need something built. They may look/sound/act like inbred red-necks, but they very well could be rocket scientists. Stan is the younger brother, tall and gangly with straw-like hair sticking out from under a worn stetson. Rufus is the older, bigger, slob brother and could be as wide at the waist as he is tall.
  • Gwen Summers: Gwen is a simple girl. She likes books, she likes reading, and likes being left alone. Taking care of the library is the perfect place for her. She's small, thing, wears plain clothes, has short black hair and glasses.
  • Karla Clemens: Owner and bartender of Four Fingers. She's a little bit bigger than most pretty girls, but she uses that to keep order in her bar. The bar was named after her father, who lost a finger in a card game.

Minor NPCs

  • The Fox's Girls:
Name Height Bust Figure Eyes Hair Special
Claire 5'5" 32D Curvy Hazel Brown --
Dixey 5'8" 22C Thin Dark Blue Black --
Charlotte 5'7" 26C Medium Green Red --
June 5'3" 22D Curvy Dirty Blonde Brown --
Valeria 5'6" 36D Medium Brown Black --
Isadora 5'4" 26B Thin Hazel Auburn --
Anastasia 6'0" 38DD Curvy Blue Blonde --
Kateri 5'0" 24B Muscled/Toned Brown Black Ponytail as tall as her
Caellainn 5'3" 20B Tomboyish Green Strawberry Blonde --


  • Devil Dogs: A group of bandits that make their home north of here in the hills. They must move about as no one has found where they hole up. They're led by Viggo and his first mate Butch. Not healthy to cross paths with them, they tend to shoot first and not bother asking any questions.

Common Critters

  • Scrap Scorpion: Scorpions that may have been exposed to the blasts from the ghost bombs. Their bodies grew to the size of chihuahuas and fused to scrap metal around them. They can usually be heard ahead of time, as the metal fused on their bodies scrapes against itself. Quite common around junkyards and ruined cities. Thankfully they are slow, as they normally attack in groups.

Misc Stuff

Naughty Fox Prices
Service Cost Details
Room $5 Simple room with a bed
Board $20 Bath & one meal
Room & Board $25 Room, bed, bath & one meal
Nice Room $40 Larger, furnished room
Suite $80 Three furnished rooms, full amenities
Room Service $50+ Price depends on services
Jones' Crap
Supply Cost Details
Sunglasses $10 Keeps sun out of your eyes
Handcuffs $20 Lock people up!
Flashlight $50 Light in the dark
Batteries $2/e Powers stuff. 6hr/e
Compass $100 Helps find your way
Rope 50' $25 Various uses
General Store
Supply Cost Details
Jerky $1/e Mmm smokey flavour
Bread $10 Bath & one meal
Rations $25 Room, bed, bath & one meal
Cheap Hooch $15 Bottle, 12 shots
Smokes $10 Whole pack, 12 smokes
Water $2 Single Bottle
Markus' Weapons
Weapon Cost Details
Knives $10/25 Comes in big and small.
9mm Pistol $100 Pew pew pew
Pump-Shotgun $150 Ch-chk boom
Hunting Rifle $150 BOOM! Headshot!
Grenade $100 Count to three, no more, no less
Brass Knuckles $20 TKO




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