Elizabeth Altava

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Character Details

Character Name: Elizabeth Altava
Player Name: Kaitlin
Show: NERV Nevada Redux
Background: Prodigy
Career Path:Berserker

Gender: Female
Height: 155cm
Weight: 50kg

Age: (DoB: 08/18)
Blood Type: O
Associates and Family: Father: Unknown (Deceased), Mother: Unknown (Deceased), Younger Brother: Lucas, Foster Parents: Annabelle and William Cooper, "Sister": Dahlia Cooper

Wounds: 10+3 = 13
Fate Points: 3/3

  • Conditional Fate: Reroll a Characteristic or Skill Test

Identity Damage: 0/100

Backstory Notes

Elizabeth is from a foster home in Britain. As the middle child she tended to shirk her responsibilities as often as possible in order to hide in her room and read. She is particularly fond of novels where the hero kicks some serious ass, tending to stick away from books that are far too similar to the tattered and broken world she lives in. Elizabeth often dreams of becoming a hero, using books as a way to escape from the fighting going on downstairs, even if just for a little while.

She is 5’1”, with layered brown hair and hazel eyes. While not stunning, she is pretty, although decisively flat-chested for a fifteen year old.

Her older “sister” Dahlia (and her foster parents, but especially Dahlia) disliked her passion for the novels she read, believing them to be useless. Dahlia once threw her books out onto the street from their bedroom upstairs because she felt Elizabeth spent too much time daydreaming, but the books were back in the house by nightfall, hidden in little places around the house so she couldn’t take them from her again.

Her real younger brother, Lucas, is the only one who loves to “play pretend” with her; playing out various scenes they’ve read in books together, twisting them more and more each time so the characters are more like them. (Consequently this is how she will “deal” with the stress of piloting an EVA: pretending to be someone she’s not.)

Lucas is currently missing. Elizabeth has become increasingly more likely to snap at any ill comments about her brother; extremely defensive of him even though he’s gone. This has also started to bleed over into those who make fun of her other passions, such as reading, writing/drawing out comics or short stories, and role playing (although she herself never uses the term).


Characteristic Total Base Roll Advances Time Background Misc
Weapon Skill (WS) 43 20 18 05 -- -- --
Ballistic Skill (BS) 28 20 08 -- -- -- --
Strength (St) 31 20 11 -- -- -- --
Toughness (To) 32 20 12 -- -- -- --
Agility (Ag) 37 20 17 -- -- -- --
Intelligence (In) 34 20 14 -- -- -- --
Perception (Pe) 31 20 11 -- -- -- --
Willpower (WP) 31 20 11 -- -- -- --
Fellowship (Fe) 34 20 14 -- -- -- --
Synch Ratio (SR) 60 45 15 -- -- -- --


ATP (Deflection)
ATP (Neutralize)
Skill P: Speak Language: English
Skill P: Literacy
Skill P: Climb
Skill P: Charm
Skill P: Shadowing
Skill P: Silent Move
Skill P: Common Lore (Second Impact)


Rank 1

Berserk Charge: You hurl yourself at your enemies with reckless abandon, using the force of your Charge to add force to your strikes. When you make a charge maneuver you gain a +20 bonus to Weapon Skill instead of the usual +10.


Beginner's Luck: Sometimes things just go a Prodigy’s way. Whenever a Fate Point is spent in order to reroll, gain a +10 bonus to that reroll.
Synch Flux: By some quirk of fate or biology, the Prodigy has some degree of control over how their Synch Ratio fluctuates. Whenever Synch Disruption is rolled, roll an extra 1d10. This 1d10 can be added to, or removed from, the normal Synch Disruption roll.
Unprepared: You were not trained for this, and you are not ready for the stresses of your position. Frankly, it’s a wonder that anyone is. Whenever you take Insanity as a result of Critical Damage, take 1 extra.
Open Mind: The Prodigy’s strange connection to their Evangelion unfortunately makes them easily disturbed and distracted by foreign sensations from its Nervous system. The character’s Feedback Threshold is 1 lower than normal.


Eidetic Memory: You have an uncanny knack for remembering details that others would consider trivial and long since forgotten. Some people call this a photographic memory. You gain the Total Recall Talent from Dark Heresy.
Incredible Sense: Choose 1 sense (Hearing). For the purposes of this asset, Smell and Taste are considered to be the same sense. You gain a +20 bonus to all Perception based Tests (including Awareness), but only for what can be detected with that single sense.
Catlike: You are gifted with uncanny elegance, a stealthy gait, and the almost preternatural ability to move without making a sound. You begin proficient in Silent Move and Shadowing.


Civilian: Some are little prepared for the carnage and destruction left behind after a battle and the images of the horror never leave them. In the aftermath of each battle, the pilot gains a number of Insanity points equal to twice the tens digit of the Collateral Damage total.
Short Fused: The character has a hard time controlling himself when he gets angry. When confronted or otherwise stressed and agitated, they must pass a Willpower test or fly into a rage either yelling at the source of their anger or trashing the surrounding environment. Punching someone in the face might also be appropriate, if ill advised.


Primary Color: Purple
Secondary Color: Silver
Eva History: Destined to Meet
The personal history of your Evangelion is a complicated one, with many turns and twists that have somehow made their way towards you as its chosen pilot. Choose any one History Feature other than this one, you keep that Feature. (REDACTED - roll another d10 for an additional mutation/construction feature)
Eva Construction: Reinforced and Hulking Frame
The Eva has multiple layers of armor, internal and external, making it considerably hardier but also more difficult to properly power as the cableage very obviously wasn't designed with such protection in mind. Increase the Eva's AP in all areas by 1, but it has one less round of operational time without an umbilical cable. Your Evangelion is well-muscled and well-armored, providing the unit a +5 to its Strength and Toughness, but its Agility is lowered by 5.
Eva Mutation: Extremophile
Your Eva is naturally adapted to very deadly environments. It treats sea pressure depth as 500 meters less, may not be set on fire, and can survive in Space unharmed until it has taken Critical damage (at which point all normal penalties apply). However, your Eva built to be tough, not strong, and reduces its Strength score by 5.
Eva Soul: Twin Soul
Your EVA is unusually easy to synchronize with, and feels inordinately familiar. It’s probably just you, but at times it feels almost like it isn’t another creature at all, but rather an extension of yourself. The Eva has the Hunter Berserk Type.
Rank: 1
Description: A heavily armored purple and silver Evangelion that is clearly designed to withstand more deadly environments.


Characteristic Total Pilot Points Eva Misc
Weapon Skill (WS) 48 43 -- -- +5
Ballistic Skill (BS) 33 28 -- -- +5
Strength (St) 30 31 -- -5 +5
Toughness (To) 35 32 -- +5 --
Agility (Ag) 32 37 -- -5 --
Intelligence (In) 34 34 -- -- --
Perception (Pe) 31 31 -- -- --
Willpower (WP) 31 31 -- -- --
Fellowship (Fe) 34 34 -- -- --
Synch Ratio (SR) 60 60 -- -- --

Hit Locations: 1-10 head, 11-20 RArm, 21-30 LArm, 31-70 Body, 71-80 RLeg, 81-100 LLeg
Head: 6/6
RArm: 8/8
LArm: 8/8
Body: 12/12
RLeg: 8/8
LLeg: 8/8
Movement Speeds: 6 dam/12 dam/18 dam/24 dam
Berserk Points: --
Feedback Threshold:2

Distinguishing Features

Positive Features

Improved Entry Plug (+5 WS, +5 BS)
Armor Enhancement I (Additional 1 AP to each area)

Negative Features

-5 Ag
One less round of operation without an Umbilical cord


B-Type Armor

Progressive Knife Mk II: 3WUP

  • 1d5+4 R, Pen 5, Breach +2
  • Melee
  • Qualities: Progressive, Proven (3), Compact

Pallet Rifle: FREE

  • 1d10+2 I, Pen 0, Breach 0
  • Range: Basic/50 dam
  • Clip: 6
  • Rate of Fire: S/2/3
  • Reload: 1 Half
  • Qualities: Carbine, Reliable


None yet.

Synch Ratio Effect
SR 0 You are unable to pilot an Evangelion. If you were synchronized with an Evangelion, it shuts down.
SR 1-30 You can maintain a Synch Ratio capable of moving an Evangelion, but just barely. You may only take a single Half Action each round and may never use Reaction Actions. Your Feedback Threshold increases by 2.
SR 31-70 Evangelion operates normally.
SR 71-100 If you spend a fate point to reroll a test you may use your SR in place of the original characteristic. Your Feedback Threshold decreases by 2.
SR 101-150 You take 10 points of Identity Damage at the beginning of your every turn. Your Feedback Threshold is considered 0. Once per round, when making a characteristic or skill test, the pilot may make an SR roll instead.
SR 151-200 As above, but you take 15 points of Identity Damage at the beginning of your every turn. At the beginning of your every turn you gain a temporary Fate point that must be spent before the beginning of your next turn. Unspent Fate is lost. The pilot suffers Critical Wounds equal to one half of the Evangelion's.
SR 201+ As above, but you take 20 points of Identity Damage at the beginning of your every turn. You Berserk. If your SR drops under 201, the benefits of Berserk are supressed until your SR once again exceeds 200 or it ends, whichever comes first.

XP Received

  • Chargen - 400XP

Total: 400xp

XP Spent

Characteristic Advances: 100XP

  • +5 WS - 100xp

Rank 1: 300XP

  • Berserk Charge - 100xp
  • WUP x2 (towards Prog. Knife 2) - 100xp
  • SUP x1 (Improved Entry Plug) -50xp
  • SUP x1 (Armor Enhancement I) -50xp

XP Remaining: 0XP
XP Spent/To Next Rank: 400XP/600XP