Fuku Kita

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Fuku Kita

Character Details

Character Name: Fuku Kita
Player Name: Darkling
Show: Kamigakari

Sheet: [1]


Stat Result Bonus
Strength 4 +2
Agility 4
Intellect 2
Will 1 +2
Luck 5

Accuracy Evasion Conjure Resist Insight PD MD Initiative HP
6 4 3 2 5 13 3 11 46


Her mother is a Kitsune that her father unknowingly saved from a trap during a birdwatching trek through the woods. Years later, she came to him in human form, telling him a tale of how he once rescued her and he was her hero. Enamoured by her beauty, they were soon wed and she was born. They live in a small town in rural Japan, her father commuting to the city for work.

Her family was not strict, and she had free roam to play and enjoy herself, though her mother did teach her all about her heritage and everything that went with it. Her upbringing made her a playful, curious and free-spirited trickster, though shy and quiet around strangers. Her favourite past-tims were playing with the local Mononoke, or hide and seek, which she exceleld in.

She stands slightly taller than average for a girl her age, thin, and not overly busty. Long hours of running through the countryside have left her healthy and strong. She has shoulder length amber coloured with bright amber eyes to match. Her features are almost sharp, with a small pointed nose, giving her a keen, sly look that she accents with a smirk.

If seen out of the corner of the eye, it may appear to someone that she has perky ears and a tail the same colour as her hair, but is easily dismissed. To any other than innocents, if she's comfortable around them, or perhaps nervous to the point she forgets to conceal her appearance, she may sprout these features herself.

She has recently moved to the city to attend high-school, and is awestruck by the completely foreign environment. Steel, glass and concrete are a stark contrast to the fields, hills and forests of her home, though adventure sure enough still awaits her.