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Character Details


Character Name: Ileleste Avae'ess
Player Name: Darkling
Show: DnD
Description: At a quick first glance she might just strike you as an attractive human. Take a second glance and you can easily tell that is not the case. While her body is both athletic and voluptuous, with firm arms, legs and belly, and a curvaceous bust and waist, it seems unnaturally flawless, perhaps unsettlingly so for some. Short cropped white hair hide slightly pointed ears and a pair of dark curved horns frame a face with luminous, amber colored eyes peer out. She has rather pale skin mottled with freckles across her nose, and most of her body. From her elbow to her finger tips the freckles seem too multiply and thicken, making her skin inky black at the tips of her fingers. Her smile is sharp, both in looks and full of fangs not unlike a piranha. A long tail extends from her backside, the same blotchy black skin ending in a heart shaped tip.

Race: Allurin
Age: 37
Class: Sorcerer / Allurin Paragon / Fiend Blooded
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120lb
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


  • Started at Level 7
  • 1100 for initial journal entries
  • 400xp - Town of Listol
  • Session 1 & 2
    • S1 2000xp, 5pp, 21gp, 44sp, 74cp each
    • S2 2520xp, 36pp, 120gp, 2600sp each
  • Session 3
    • S3 3360xp, 220pp, 100gp, 200sp, 1000cp
  • 250 for journal entries
  • [ Downtime - Enter the Grotto]
    • 100xp
  • [ Session 10]
    • S10 950xp
  • [ Session 11]
    • S11 880xp
  • [ Downtime - Grotto with Brook]
    • 100xp
  • [ Session 12 - Meeting Analyst 7]
    • 125xp
  • [ Session 13 - Wendigos Abound]
    • 2000 exp