Jamie Knapp

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Character Details

Character Name: Jamie Knapp
Player Name: Midnight/Josh
Show: Double Cross

Breed: Crossbreed
Syndrome(s): Neuman/Solaris
Work: Spy
Cover: Defense Attorney

Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black

Age: 26
Blood Type: AB
Associates and Family: Adam Knapp, Michio Sachiko, Weasel

Max HP: 27
Base Encroachment Rate 32
Experience Gained-Spent: 31-20

Character Info


Jamie's past was actually pretty boring until recent years. She was a student in an Ivy-League college, studying Law and minoring in Japanese. It was only after she joined a legal conglomerate and moved to Japan that she experienced the memory wipe. Whatever happened, she now has strange abilities and multiple ties to several companies and criminal agencies as an intelligence operative, code named Playback. Because of the mysterious blank spot in her memory revolving her powers and current spy work, she feels she has to hide her status as an Overed. For some reason she connects all of this to a name, Alfred Cauldwell. She has no idea why. She has gotten closer to the UGN lately in order to learn more about Overeds and the situation she has found herself thrust into. She's currently walking a very dangerous line.

UGN/False Hearts

The UGN is a wealth of information and also a threat. Working with them is the best way to keep abreast of Overed knowledge along with the opportunity to feed them false information regarding her own Overed status.

Jamie disagrees with the False Hearts' agenda but profits when their activities create chaos because it gives her opportunities to gather information and resources.


While Jamie has many associates within the UGN and contacts among several different agencies she keeps close ties to only a few people. Her brother, Adam Knapp; her lover, Michio Sachiko; and a close friend and informant (that owes Jamie quite a few favors) who goes by Weasel.

Adam Knapp For years Jamie's brother took care of both of them. He was always there for her whenever she needed it and even paid for part of the tuition for her college. To say she looked up to him is a minor understatement. Sometime during the memory blank, something happened to Adam that caused him slight, though permanent, brain damage as well as put him in a wheelchair. Jamie is thoroughly convinced that it is her fault. She spends most of the time that she's not working taking care of him or visiting him, whether he asks for it or not.

Michio Sachiko Of course Jamie found love while in Japan. Too bad it had to be a rat like Sachiko. Why does she have to always cause trouble? WHY IS SHE SO INFURIATING? And why does Jamie feel like she has to impress her? Love is confusing.

Weasel A girl Jamie met after her memory gap when she started to gain real interest and talent in her spy work, Weasel is a hacker of immense skill. Jamie saved her life when she caught wind of an eminent raid on a local crime boss' enemy and planted evidence that the hacker in question was based in a different location (it wasn't just luck that that location was on one of the marks that she'd been hired to remove.) After showing Weasel proof of the deed, Weasel promised to help Jamie whenever she needed it, for a nominal fee. Recently Weasel has begun her own little 'operation' thanks to continued business from Jamie (supported with funds from the UGN's own vaults.) She has an entire team working under her with Jamie as the only major client.


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Character Sheet

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