Kara Buher

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Character Details

Character Name: Kara Buher
Player Name: Cherem/Lys/Ed
Show: NERV Nevada Redux
Background: Skyfall Survivor
Career Path: Operations Director

Gender: Female
Height: 6'4"
Weight: Almost Anorexic

Age: 29 (DoB: 10/27/Rude)
Blood Type: O-
Associates and Family:

Wounds: 20
Fate Points: 5, 1 conditional
Identity Damage: 15/100
Experience: 400/400

Character Info



Kara is a tall, almost too tall, woman with straight shoulder-length hair the color of a twilight sky that frames her face like a pair of fangs while slipping down her back. She has pale, almost porceline skin with rosy flushes from makeup to cover up for her icy skin. She's long, with long legs and arms, with fingers like spindly spider legs. Kara's eyes are a bright red with a sharp intensity that hone in on whatever it is that has her attention. She wears a little makeup, aiming more for eyeshadow and blush than anything else, although she usually has a layer of maroon lipstick on as well. Her arms and legs are covered with sliver-like scars that are difficult to spot without specific scrutiny, running along her like spiderwebs. She paints her nails every so often, usually sticking to red and black.

She can usually be found dressing in abyssal grays and blacks, varying with deep brown and navy blue every so often. Her OPUS uniform is pressed and treated with the utmost care, as well as her IPEA dress uniform: the buttons are shined to a blinding sheen, and her boots are cleaned regularly (although you would never see the wax on her hands). However, when she can dress as she pleases, Kara can be found wearing a black blouse and dark slacks with heels, with either a red beret, a silk sash (also red), or a hand-made woolen scarf (red, again). She tends to punctuate her dark clothing with two to three items of vivid, bright red. Around her slender wrist, she wears a simple silver watch.

If left alone for a week in the woods, Kara's hair will expose it's un-dyed roots: her hair is naturally a straw blonde with a little wave, and her eyes are a dull, stormy blue. She is very uncomfortable with this, and strives to stay as “regularly altered” as possible.



  • Recessive Buildings (20)
  • Turret x2 (20)

Total Spent : 40/75


  • Heavy Progressive Weapons (30)

Total Spent : 30/30

Kara CharSheet : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IQwr5UaMw7WIRuspfhbfKAsksYhzzquaqOkhVHNuQN0/edit?usp=sharing