Lit Skaldbjorn

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Character Details

Character Name: Lit Skäldbjorn
Player Name: Darkling
Show: NERV: Greater Berlin Geodome
Background: Survivor
Career Path: Operations Director
Rank: 1

Gender: Male
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 245lbs

Age: 28 (DoB: 11/24/1986)
Blood Type: "O+"
Associates and Family: NERV personnel

Wounds: 16
Fate Points: 2/2

  • Conditional Fate: 1 (Reduce the Damage taken from a single source by an additional TB (min 1))

Identity Damage: 20/100
Allowance: $1500 (1000+500/rank)

Backstory Notes

Born and raised in northern Germany, Lit was always a big boy. He was only 13 when the Second Impact occurred, and realizing how many people needed help, and how much he could hope to provide, he joined the army. Because of his large frame and abilities, he quickly moved through the ranks, joining special forces, and soon being recruited by EI. He was moved to the Berlin Dome, while it was still under construction at the age of 20. At 27, he was placed as head in charge of the safety of the pilots, care and handling of Rasia, and given the promotion to Operations Director, in the hope that his relationship with the children, and his supreme tactical knowledge would assure them swift victories over the Jotun.


Characteristic Total Base Roll Advances Time Background Misc Bonus
Weapon Skill (WS) 30 20 10 -- -- -- -- --
Ballistic Skill (BS) 25 20 5 -- -- -- -- --
Strength (St) 35 20 15 -- -- -- -- --
Toughness (To) 35 20 15 -- -- -- -- +1
Agility (Ag) 25 20 5 -- -- -- -- -1
Intelligence (In) 50 20 20 10 -- -- -- --
Perception (Pe) 40 25 15 -- -- -- -- --
Willpower (WP) 35 25 10 -- -- -- -- +1
Fellowship (Fe) 45 20 15 05 -- -- -- +1
Synch Ratio (SR) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


Talents and Traits

Starting Package:

  • Basic Weapon Training (Basic)
  • Basic Weapon Training (Pistols)
  • Martial Weapon Training (Small)
  • Skill Proficiency (Command)
  • Skill Proficiency (Warfare)
  • Command: You gain a +10 bonus on Fellowship characteristic and skill tests made against allies that acknowledge you as their leader or as otherwise having authority over them.
  • Inspiring Leader: As long as an ally can perceive you, you may spend or burn fate on their behalf.
  • Jaded: Never gain insanity points from ordinary horrors.

Rank 1

  • Requisition Support: You gain 3 Requisition Points that may be spent on Conventional Forces or Evangelion Upgrades.
  • Combat Formation: Before rolling initiative all other members of the group may choose to use the character's Intelligence Bonus for all initiative rolls rather than their individual Agility Bonuses.
  • Iron Discipline: As long as an ally can perceive you, they may add your Command bonus to their Fear and Pinning Tests.
  • Quick Draw: Ready as a free action.
  • Rapid Reload: The character halves all reload times, rounded down. Thus, Half Action reload becomes a Free Action, a Full Action reload becomes a Half Action, and so on.
  • Technical Knock: The character may un-jam any gun as a half action, but may only once a round.
  • Unshakeable: You may re-roll any failed test to avoid the effects of Fear or Pinning.
  • Resistance (Fear): Gain +10 resistance to Fear tests.
  • IOU: The character may use their influence to call in a favor.
    • 1. The character may gain an extra 6 RP for the duration of one mission.
    • 2. The character may gain a single extra use of an N2 Strike that does not count against the limits.
    • 3. The character may treat one failed mission as a success.
    • 4. The character may gain the use of an unresearched technology for the duration of one mission.
    • 5. The player may offer other possibilities. Consult with the GM.

This talent may only be used once, after which it is lost.

  • Contact:

Rank 2

  • Military Investment: You gain one Base Upgrade.
  • Peer (NERV):
  • Double Team: Gain an additional +10 bonus for ganging up.
  • Tactical Genius: If you hold conventional forces in reserve you may, at the beginning of your turn, bring any number of them into play anywhere on the field.

Universal Purchases:
Sound Constitution x2


Negative Traits
Uncomfortable Memories: You gain the Phobia Minor Mental Trauma, which cannot be removed. The subject of your Phobia ignores any trait that would make you immune to fear.

  • Wolves

Trauma: You begin play with 10 permanent Identity Damage.

Positive Traits
Resourceful: You have learned to do a lot with very little. When spending a fate point to add 1 degree of success to a roll, you instead add 2 degrees of success instead. In addition, you may spend a fate point to reduce your degrees of failure to 0.
Hero: You increase your TB, WB and FB by 1.


I Know a Guy: Gain the Contact Talent. At any point during play you may declare who your contact is, whether it be an entirely new character or a preestablished NPC (barring GM veto).
Polyglot: German.
Chem-Geld: Your character is immune to seduction and resistant to charm.
Uncanny Luck: Once per session you may add or subtract 2d10 from one roll made by you, or in your presence. You may spend a fate point to use this talent again, but never more than once per roll.


Unattractive: Your character is, simply put, ugly as sin. You may only use half your fellowship score when interacting with a target attracted to members of your sex.
Damaged Goods: Your character has suffered some sort of massive trauma in the past and never fully recovered. Begin play with 10 permanent Identity Damage which may not be removed by any means. You may take this drawback more than once.

  • At the time of the Second Impact, Lit's lived in a small village, which was overrun by looters and wolves. He defended his family as best he could, but received the scars across his face, and his whole family was slaughtered. He vowed to not allow this to happen again and joined the army.

Slow: Your agility bonus is one lower than normal.



Unarmed Attacks: Melee, 1d5-3+SB I, Pen 0
Machete: Melee, 1d10+SB R, Pen 0
9mm: Ranged 30m, 1d10+1 I, Pen 0, S/2/0


NERV ID: Grants access to NERV facilities.
NERV Flak Jacket: AP 3, Body, Arms, Legs

Requisition Points

Total Points: 8

Rank 1:

  • 1 RP to Rasia for use
  • 1 RP to Wilhelm for use
  • 2 Units of VTOLs
  • 2 Units of Tanks/APCs
  • 2 Weapon Emplacements


  • Vertical Takeoff and Landing Vehicle (VTOL)
  • Cost: 1
  • Structure: 1
  • Movement: 10 dm Half, 20 dm Full, Flight
  • Loadout: Delivery
  • Cost: 1
  • Structure: 1
  • Movement: 10 dm Half, 20 dm Full, Flight
  • Loadout: Power Supply


  • Cost: 1
  • Structure: 2
  • Movement: 5 dm Half, 10 dm Full
  • Loadout: Obscuring Barrage
  • Cost: 1
  • Structure: 2
  • Movement: 5 dm Half, 10 dm Full
  • Loadout: Obscuring Barrage

Weapon Emplacements:

  • Cost: 1
  • Structure: 3
  • Movement: No
  • Loadout: Bakelite Sprayer and Marker
  • Cost: 1
  • Structure: 3
  • Movement: No
  • Loadout: Bakelite Sprayer and Marker


XP Received

Time Management: 0/19 weeks

Chargen: 400XP

Combat: 2600XP

Non-Combat: 1950XP

XP Total: 5050XP

XP Spent

Characteristic Advances: 800XP

  • Int 200xp
  • Fel 200xp
  • Int 400xp

Universal Purchases: 400XP

  • Sound Constitution: 50xp
  • Sound Constitution: 50xp
  • Skill P - Computer Science: 50xp
  • Skill T - Computer Science: 100xp
  • Skill M - Computer Science: 150xp

Rank 1: 800XP

  • Requisition Support: 100xp
  • Combat Formation: 100xp
  • Iron Discipline: 150xp
  • Quick Draw: 50xp
  • Rapid Reload: 50xp
  • Technical Knock: 50xp
  • Unshakeable:50xp
  • Resistance (Fear): 50xp
  • IOU: 100xp
  • Contact: 100xp

Rank 2: 450

  • Military Investment: 150xp
  • Tactical Genius: 100xp
  • Double Team: 100xp
  • Peer (NERV): 100xp

XP Remaining: 2900XP
XP Spent/Next Rank: 2450XP/50XP