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Welcome to the Yggdrasil Branch Wiki!

This is a place for organizing RPG games and their associated information.

Running Games
SoD:Solutions on Demand Trinity Continuum Cherem
Games In Planning
Monster Hearts Redux Scion Homebrew DM Darkling
Macross: The Long Long Goodbye FATE Tsunkeban
"Apocalyse World: After the Drop" PBTA Cherem
Games on Hiatus
Double Cross: Nisoku Double Cross Cherem
Kamigakari: Hisashiro Saga Kamigakari Deebs
Retired Games
Double Cross Double Cross Everyone/Cherem
Monster Hearts Monsterhearts DM Darkling
NERV Greater Berlin Geodome Adaptus Evangelion SB2 DM Darkling
FullMetal Alchemist: Saga FullMetal Alchemist: Saga Midnight
NERV Nevada Redux Adeptus Evangelion 2.5 Deebs
NERV Artemare Adaptus Evangelion SB2 Maid
Malchizidek's Deal D&D 3.5 Midnight
Avatar Saga Mistborn Midnight
Apocalypse World Apocalypse World Midnight
NERV Hawaii Adaptus Evangelion DM Darkling

  • WotWH - Wanderers of the Western Heartlands NWN Mod

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