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Character Details


Character Name: Mizuki Subaru
Player Name: Meido
Show: OPUS
Background: Manufactured

Gender: Female
Height: 168cm
Measurements: It will take time to retrieve this information from the database. In the meantime please wait patiently and pay no heed to the approaching van.

Age: DoB: 07/04/2005
Blood Type: Why do you want to know?! Are you a vampire?!
Associates and Family:

Luck: 1/4
Doom: 0
Ego: 0/35
Stress: 0/30

Backstory Notes


Characteristic Total Base Roll Advances
Physical 30 23 7 --
Intelligence 31 20 8 3
Empathy 30 20 10 --
Synch Ratio 52 33 19 --


Fanatical: Choose an organization, cause, or moral code. The character will follow the tenants of that code (or orders handed down by important officials of that organization) even if it means danger or death. Breaking from this tradition willingly requires the expenditure of an Luck. If a total of three Luck have been spent to accomplish this, regardless of the length of time in between them, the player immediately gains 1 Doom and this Drawback is erased from their character sheet.
Memento: The character has, in their possession, one small item that they consider irreplaceable and of immense value. This item cannot be a weapon or other restricted item. If taken or lost, the character must try everything they can to retrieve it and suffer a -10 to all tests until they have it back in their possession. If lost permanently, the -10 penalty persists until the character opts to take 20 Stress, at which point the penalty is removed.
Phobia: The character has an irrational fear of some specific thing. When exposed to the thing that they fear, the character immediately gains 1d6 Stress and 1 temporary Fatigue that lasts for as long as they are confronted by their Phobia, as well as for 1d10 intervals afterward. This Fatigue, for as long as it lasts, penalizes the character as normal, and can even cause them to faint.


Implanted Memories (Charm): Nerv can’t simply wait around for Manufactured to learn naturally. So they did the next best thing: implanting the memories of someone who did. Choose any one skill and gain a +5 Miscellaneous Bonus to it. In addition, increase the character’s Intelligence Score by 3.
Fetching: Gain a permanent +10 to Empathy based skill tests directed at those attracted to your character's gender.


Defining Aspect: Psycho Bitch in Sheep's Clothing
General Aspects: OPUS Minion


Skill Proficiencies:Bravery, Composure, Topic(Transhumanism), Deceive, Brawl, Charm

Symbolism: 30
Creative Activity(): 30
Innuendo: 30

Notice: 30
Read Person: 30
Search: 30

Balance: 30
Tumble: 30
Sneak: 30
Palm: 30

Common Knowledge: 31
Topic: 31
Recall: 31
Research: 31

Inference: 31
Convince 31

Lift: 30
Climb: 30
Brawl: 40

Charm: 40
Persuade: 30
Sway: 30

Jump: 30
Throw: 30
Sprint: 30

Deceive: 35
Distract: 30
Persona: 30
Stash: 30

Bravery: 30
Composure: 30
Resolve: 30


Starting Talents:

  • Spread Pattern (Basic Field)
  • AT Power (Neutralize)

Purchased Talents

  • Coordinator: Precision Targeting
  • Coordinator: Remote Care
  • Influence: OPUS
  • Full Auto
  • Hailstorm
  • Bombard Field


Primary Color: Dark Purple
Secondary Color: Neon Green
Eva Type: Prototype

Martial Firearms Strength Toughness Armor Reflexes
65 66 3 8 5 30


  • Cosmetic: Heavy Armor: Hunched Posture: The Eva is always slouching, as if carrying a great weight.
  • History: Field Testing (Graviton): This Evangelion has been selected to give crucial testing to experimental prototype weapons. Choose one technology not otherwise available in your campaign. This Eva may purchase weapons of that Technology for 1 Requisition more than its listed price. The Eva generates 1 fewer Nerv Resources every battle, regardless of if it makes use of these prototypes.
  • Construction: Heavy Armor: The armor on this Evangelion may not be any stronger, but there sure is a lot of it. Increase the Evangelion's Armor by 1.


  • Wingless: The Evangelion begins play with no wings, and thus no wing slots, of any kind. Nothing may be equipped or stored there. The player still begins play with any starting weapons they may be assigned based on Campaign Technologies, but must carry them into battle by hand if they intend to use them.
  • Requisition: Gain 1 extra Requisition.
  • Optimization(Eva Firearms): The Evangelion’s tactical software is optimized for one field of combat. Gain a +3 bonus to either Eva Martial or Eva Firearms. This choice, once made, cannot be changed.
Name H Damage Special Cost
Combat Knife 1 1d6+1+Str KN Small, Surplus Free
Progressive Knife 1 1d6+1+Str KN Progressive, Small Free
Progressive Spear 1 1d6+2+Str KN Progressive, Precise, Reach 1 Req

Name Range H Attack Damage Rld Ammo Special Cost
A4 Pallet Rifle 2 2 Single, Burst (4/3) 1d6+3 KN 1 8 Precise, Surplus Free
Positron Rifle 1 2 Single, Burst (3/3) 1d6+2 EN 1 10 Positron, Breach (3) Free


ATS ATP Strain Threshold
2 4 3

Spread Patterns:

  • Basic: After damage for an attack has been rolled against you, but before Armor has been applied, you may spend 1 of your AT Potential to turn 3 of that damage into Soft Damage. If you spend enough ATP to render the entire attack as Soft Damage, no Hit Effect results. If you are unable to render the entire attack into Soft Damage, the attack resolves as normal but your ATP are not spent. If an Area attack or other threat to your Umbilical is successfully transformed into Soft Damage, the Umbilical is not destroyed.
  • Layered Field: The Eva lends its AT Field to boost the strength and durability of its physical being, making flesh and steel harder to harm. While effective, against the power of the Angels this often only mitigates the damage. For each ATP spent after Armor has been applied but before it has been determined whether an attack is a Critical or Glancing Hit, treat the Eva as having a Toughness of 2 higher than normal for this attack.


XP Received

  • Chargen - 100XP 4E
  • Angel #1 - 100XP 2E

XP Spent:

  • Trunk: Combat Advance: Eva Firearms: 10
  • Trunk: Spread Expansion: Layered Field: 20
  • Trunk: Full Auto: 20
  • Leader: Buy In: 30 (+2 Enrichment, +1 Luck)
  • Leader: Coordinator (Precision Targeting): 20
  • Leader: Coordinator (Remote Care): 20
  • Bulletstorm: Buy In: 40( +1 Enrichment, +1 Luck)
  • Hailstorm: 10
  • Eva: Requisition: 20
  • Redundant Organs x1: 10

E Spent:

  • Trunk: Skill Proficiency Brawl: 1
  • Trunk: Skill Training Brawl: 1
  • Trunk: Skill Training Brawl: 1
  • Trunk: Skill Training Deceive: 1
  • Manufactured: Influence: OPUS: 2
  • Trunk: Skill Proficiency Charm: 1
  • Trunk: Skill Training Charm: 1


Overall idea is to support the others with an enhanced pool of NERV resources and the Assist action and use ranged for offense. Likely to branch off into Scrambler later on down the line when XP allows and screw with the angel while neutralizing it. Socially focused outside of combat.