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Adeptus Evangelion game set on Earth more or less as you know it, year 2016. Second Impact wasn't a catastrophic melting of the south pole, it was a mass exodus event, so while the physical destruction is greatly diminished, the psychological impact is that much worse.

This NERV is more of a research institute than a military one, but the conversion is happening rapidly after the first 'Being' appeared. There hasn't been a Being (their unofficial name) since the First happened four years ago, so the first battle in-game will be your guys' field test.

Full backstory listed below. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, as always.

Chargen and Houserules

The Book

Character creation is as-per the book, except for the below.
Personal Scores: Personal Scores are not rolled, but are generated with points. Each "2d6" starts at 7. Decreasing the value grants a certain amount of points, as follows: 6 (1pt), 5 (2pt), 4 (4pt), 3 (6pt), 2 (9pt). Similarly, increasing the value costs a certain amount of points: 8 (1pt), 9 (2pt), 10 (4pt), 11 (6pt), 12 (9pt). Your total points must equal 0. Assign each "2d6" as normal, 1 to each Personal Score and 2 to Synch Ratio.

Note: Synch Ratio gives the best point returns if you lower one die completely before lowering the other, but raise them symmetrically. e.g. 4+7 gets you 4 points, while 5+6 gets you 3, despite both adding up to 11, and 9+9 costs 4 points while 7+11 costs 6, again despite both adding up to 18. I don't feel bad about this because I'm pointing it out, so nyeah.

For Example: Asuka sits down to generate her scores. She starts with six 7s. She knows she wants her character to be unlikable as can be, so she sets one of them to 2, giving her 9 points to spend. She's also okay with a below-average Sync Ratio, so she sets another one to 5 and a third to 6, gaining 3 more points to spend (for a total of 12).

Using those points, she increases all three of her remaining 2d6s to 10 (for 4 points each), leaving her with an array of: 10 (4pt), 10 (4pt), 10 (4pt), 6 (+1pt), 5 (+2pt), 2 (+9pt), which she assigns as thus: Physique 20+10, Coordination 25+10, Intelligence 20+10, Empathy 17+2, Sync Ratio 30+6+5

Made for Each Other: Made for Each Other instead applies "after" your roll and assign, so you roll the same number of d100s, but then obviate one.

For Example: Asuka bought the Made for Each Other Asset, and wants to pilot an Assault type. She rolls 3d100 as normal, getting a 22, 66, and 83. She likes Runt, so she assigns the 22 to a Mutation, and puts the 66 into Cosmetic (Rusty), and uses Made for Each Other to "soak up" the 83, letting her pick any Distinguishing Feature from any table as normal.

Enrichment: Each character's permanent Enrichment (the unspent amount + Enrichment spent on permanent things, such as Skills) is capped at no more than 10 greater than the lowest character's permanent Enrichment. This both prevents a character's roleplay from pulling them too far ahead of the pack, and makes players more likely to spend Enrichment on temporary things.





Supporting Cast

Damion Gautama: Commander of NERV-01. A kind Indian man, tall and fit, but reserved about his history.
Mei Yu: Head of the Robotics Division NERV-01. A fierce Japanese woman, extremely intelligent and devoted to the cause of researching the Anomaly.
Easton Malloye: Ex-UKSF, Second Branch Chief NERV-01. A Brit, and something of the 'face' of the militarization of NERV.
Teresita Moller: Operations Director NERV-01. A gregarious and tactically-minded Spanish woman, responsible for NERV's newest project: the pilots.

History Lesson

The year is 2015.

Fifteen years ago, it appeared. Brighter than the noon sun, a sphere of white light formed near the border between Nepal and India, engulfing hundreds of square miles of countryside and thousands of people in a matter of minutes. "The Anomaly," as it was so quickly dubbed, put every country in the world on high alert. Was it a secret weapon? A never-before-seen astronomical phenomenon?

The symptoms started immediately. Roughly one in ten thousand people, regardless of race, creed, sex, physical location, even people who couldn't possibly have known about it, became fascinated with the Anomaly. This fascination ranged from maddened obsession to a simple despondent fixation, but the end result was the same: they inevitably began to move towards it. Some simply walked, others got in their cars, or planes, or boats, but the strangest of all of them were those furthest from the Anomaly: they didn't move at all, seemingly resting or meditating, but came closer nevertheless.

As these hundreds of thousands traveled, despite the pleadings of their friends and family, they moved together, becoming great rivers of pilgrims. Cults and devoted followers sprang up overnight, heralding this New Exodus as a sign of the end times. Others lashed out, attacking these pilgrims, out of fear or misplaced grief. When death met the pilgrims, by intent or by accident, they vanished. Their clothes empty before they hit the ground. Thus was a courtyard rendered a Rapture-esque field of empty shirts and forgotten jewelry after the Chinese government attempted to suppress one branch of the migration by force.

Panic reached an all time high as the first waves of pilgrims met the Anomaly after days of travel, and, unlike any other attempts to come closer, simply… stepped in, and disappeared. Those traveling with them, for good or ill, were repelled by the same strange forces that had stymied the first brave attempts to enter it willingly, left alone in the Tibetan mountains. Between those lost to the Anomaly itself and in the geopolitical chaos that raked the world across the coals, death tolls come in anywhere between one and two billion. The Anomaly persisted.

In hopes of paving the road to recovery, the UN established NERV, a research coalition formed from the best and the brightest around the world. NERV-01, the first base, was built around the Anomaly itself over the course of several years, a small city stretching around its circumference, studying from every angle, with every technology known to mankind.

In the seven years it had existed so far, nothing had come out of the Anomaly. Thus came the First. Few records of it persist to this day, beyond the archives of NERV of course, but those who saw it describe the First as a humanoid figure almost forty meters tall bristling in antennae, that flew aloft by a heat-distortion in the air. The one facet all witnesses agree on is the music. Wherever the First went, a haunting music persisted, which it honed into a weapon-of-sorts, leveling cities . As with the pilgrims, though there were injured, no dead were found in the wake of the First's assaults.

Conventional arms were useless, repelled by a field of incredible strength. Fearing the worst, as the First moved towards more-populated areas, the UN authorized an unprecedented amount of force. Five nuclear weapons were detonated on top of the First, flattening tens of miles of wilderness, and gouging a scar into the landscape. Horrifyingly, it did not fall, but froze. It sat, and quietly went inert. Fearless, NERV teams were on-scene as soon as possible. Slowly, carefully, the First was dissected, and studied.

In the last four years, NERV has steadily evolved under a combination of political pressure and the weight of its own growth, reforging itself into a semi-military organization, one hopefully capable of defending humanity in the face of an unprecedented threat. That's where you come in. You weren't told much, merely that you had been selected. Whether you had spent your life training in simulators with weapons not seen in any military, or simply found yourself staring down three mysterious men giving you twenty-four hours to ready your affairs, you had been selected.