Road Block

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Name: Road Block
Allegiance: Decepticon
Role: Engineer
Quote: "Here comes the wrecking crew!"

  • Size 4 (5 as Robot)
  • HP 21/21 (29 as Robot)
  • Energon 14/14


Stat # Use
Str 8 Grapple, Lift, Melee, Throw
Int 6 Information, Data
Speed 6 Movement, Fortify
End 9 Hardness, Construction
Rank 5 Transform
Cour 7 Internal Functions, Salvage
Fire 6 Attack Ranged, Assault
Skill 8 External Functions, Repair

Alt.Mode is - Armoured/Military Vehicle - Heavy.Mode

Stat #
Str 10
Int 9
Speed 5
End 10
Rank 5
Cour 7
Fire 4
Skill 5

Abilities - Off-Road, Primary Weapon

  • +1d Gain in Construction and Demolition
  • Bulldozer: +2d Push


Equipment Roll Mode Info
Shield: Dozer Blade +1d Defence Robot One directional - usually forward of you. Must be Held
Heatshielding and Ceramic-plated Armor Robot Immunity to Burn and On Fire Effects. You can withstand heat up to 8000 C.
Medical Tools +1d Repair Robot Includes Laser Scalpel, Arc-Welder, Electron Microscope, Electron circuit Sensors, and Fluid Dispensers
Armour Attachment Robot Part of your Alt.Mode becomes armour around your Robot.Mode HP +8. Robot.Mode Size +1, but it retains its original HP and Energon calculations
Tough Polymer-steel Hull Both Immunity to Blast and Radius Effects as your thick hide resists artillery impact
Energon Cube Production Skill +3 Robot From an energy source in Melee Range create an Energon Cube. Cube can be consumed for Energon, or when shot will explode at its store Energon vs HP + Blast.
Wrecking Ball 1d6 vs. HP + Size DMG Both Short Range, from 2 to 5 squares away.
Concussion Canon 2d6 vs. HP + Push Both Common cannon of both the Autobots and the Decepticons (Primary)