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Character Details

Character Name: Sabrina Gray
Player Name: Darkling
Show: NERV Nevada Redux
Background: Neo-Spartan
Career Path: Skirmisher

Gender: Female
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160lbs

Age: 15 (DoB: 3/15/YYYY)
Blood Type: A+
Associates and Family:

Wounds: 15
Fate Points: 2
Identity Damage: 0/100
Ego Damage: 5/35
Allowance: 200 (100+100/rank)

Character Info


Sabrina grew up in the military. Her father and mother both being influential persons in their respective fields, she had some large shoes to fill. She was enlisted into Air Cadets as soon as her age allowed, and into the Air Force much sooner than her age would allow. Growing up amongst plenty of men, and a brutal physical training regime, she's becoming quite the intimidating figure. She's logged a good number of hours learning to fly, and constantly puts the men at the base to shame in arm wrestling competitions.
At some point when Sabrina was younger, her mother disappeared. No explanation was ever given, and no one ever seemed to look into it. Sabrina soon learned not to bring it up as her father quickly shut her out and refused to even talk to her about the issue, and eventually almost at all. Further spurred by the fact the Air Force requisitioned parts from IPEA for the construction of an EVA, and her being nominated to pilot it, though all within the rumors of it being only because of her father and not her skill, Sabrina has gotten into a habit of being reckless and hotheaded in an effort to prove her worth.


Sabrina stand a lofty 6'1" and sports an athletic, lean and muscular build, and come off as a little intimidating in appearance. She's got shorter, ash blonde hair that comes just down past her ears, dark hazel eyes, and a fair complexion with a sprinkling of freckles across her face. Though maybe not military protocol, she's managed to get away with having her lower lip pierced, and hides a pink flower tattoo somewhere on her person.


Characteristic Total Base Roll Advances Time Misc
Weapon Skill (WS) 47 23 19 05 -- --
Ballistic Skill (BS) 52 23 19 10 -- --
Strength (St) 40 20 17 -- 03 --
Toughness (To) 41 25 16 -- -- --
Agility (Ag) 40 20 14 05 01 --
Intelligence (In) 28 20 08 -- -- --
Perception (Pe) 31 20 11 -- -- --
Willpower (WP) 33 20 13 -- -- --
Fellowship (Fe) 22 15 07 -- -- --
Synch Ratio (SR) 54 40 14 -- -- --


Know Your Enemy: Clocking in thousands of hours in the simulator against Angelic templates grants Neo-Spartans an edge on finding where and when to strike. The character gains the Hatred (Angels).
Trained for War: After years spent with a gun gripped tightly in their hands, Neo-Spartans have gained a preternatural connection with the modern implements of death. They treat the breach of any ranged weapon wielded to be two higher than it is listed to be.
Living Weapon: Neo-Spartans are taught that the best course of action isn’t to think of a way out of a situation but to smash their way through it. This Gordian Knot approach is so ingrained that the Neo-Spartan must test WP try to peacefully solve a problem that could be solved easier with a proper application of force. If the Neo-Spartan would be required to harm a superior in the process, the WP test is considered an automatic success.
Repression: Burying something away isn’t the same as being over it. Either as a result of less than human methods of training or trauma from before even being inducted into the Neo-Spartan program, the character’s mental state isn’t as stable as it seems. They treat their insanity total as 10 higher for the purpose of WP test modifiers and disorders.


Athlete: The character is in excellent physical shape, enough to be a star in some sport or field game. Athletes gain the following:

  • Physical Endurance: The character may spend a Fate Point to remove all their levels of Fatigue.
  • Training Regime: The character trains their body with great efficiency. When making use of the “Physical Training” Time Management option, the character may test the characteristic they want to improve afterwards. On a success, they have enough time left over to use another Time Management Option that month that isn’t “Physical Training”.
  • Tough Guy: In unarmed combat, the character deals 1d5 + SB damage. Also, add 2 to SB for the purpose of determining carrying capacity in personal scale.

Uncanny Luck: The character is considered to be trained in the ‘Gamble’ skill and once per session may choose to modify any single, already rolled skill test by rolling 2d10 and subtracting the total from their roll.
High Endurance: Any time the character takes a level of fatigue, they may attempt a Toughness Test. On a success, they reduce the total levels of fatigue taken by 1 to a minimum of zero. In addition, their Feedback Threshold is increased by 1.


Ineptitude (Silent Move): The pilot automatically fails this basic skill and may never gain bonuses to it.
Hoarder: The pilot has a tendency to collect and store things “just in case.” In addition, sharing is against their nature and, unless someone uses Charm, Command, or Intimidate to coerce them, the character must test Willpower or refuse to let something leave their possession, no matter how much someone else might want or need it.
Short Fuse: The character has a hard time controlling himself when he gets angry. When confronted or otherwise stressed and agitated, they must pass a Willpower test or fly into a rage either yelling at the source of their anger or trashing the surrounding environment. Punching someone in the face might also be appropriate, if ill advised.
Sadistic: The pilot likes causing others pain way more than they should. It’s even hard for them to resist doing so when presented the opportunity. If they choose to let the opportunity pass without incident, they must make a Willpower Test. On a failure, one unspent Fate Point they have is considered spent for the rest of the session. If the character and the potential target are on bad terms already, or the character would otherwise have special reason to want this person to suffer, they take a -30 penalty to the test.


  • Speak Language (English)
  • Speak Language (French)
  • Skill Proficiency: Literacy
  • Skill Proficiency: Dodge
  • Skill Proficiency: Pilot (Military Craft)
  • Skill Training: Awareness
  • Skill Training: Common Lore (War)
  • Skill Training: Command
  • Skill Training: Gamble
  • Skill Training: Charm
  • Skill Training: Climb
  • Skill Training: Contortionist


  • AT Power (Deflective Shield)
  • AT Power (Neutralize)
  • Hatred (Angels): +10 to WS tests against Angels.

Rank 1

Quick Draw: Ready as a free action
Weapon Expert: Gain +1 Breach for every Dos on an Attack.

Rank 2

Furious Assault: Whenever you hit an opponent with an All-Out-Attack you may spend your reaction to make an extra attack.
Twin Weapon Wielder: You gain the Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) and Two Weapon Wielder (Melee) Talents

  • Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic): Spend a Full Action to attack with two guns at -20.
  • Two Weapon Wielder (Melee): Spend a Full Action to attack with two melee weapons at -20.

Target Acquisition: You only suffer a -10 penalty for firing into melee instead of the normal -20.
Lightning Reflexes: Add AB twice to Initiative rolls.
Rapid Reaction: Roll AB to negate surprise.

Rank 3

Akimbo: You do not suffer the Two Weapon Wielder penalty for using a Pistol, or any Compact melee weapon as well for that matter.
Blind Fighting: You take half the usual penalties when fighting in environments that obscure your vision.
Combat Master: Opponents fighting you in melee gain no bonuses for outnumbering you.
Dodge +10: +10 to Dodge rolls.
Expert Aim: In any round in which you have taken the Aim action, the penalty for making a Called Shot is only -10 instead of the normal -20.
Hip Shooting: As a full action you may simultaneously move up to your full move rate and make a single attack with a pistol.
Nerves of Steel: You may re-roll a failed Willpower Test to avoid or recover from Fear.
Precision (Pistol): Well-Placed - Roll Ballistic Skill twice, take the better roll.


  • Standard Plugsuit
  • Standard Entry Plug
  • ID Badge
  • Old Leather Jacket
  • Hacked Cell Phone
  • Brass Knuckles



Designation: Unit 04: Pooky
Primary Color: Neon Pink
Secondary Color: Shiny Black
Eva Career: Skirmisher
Rank: Scout
Description: A mostly humanoid looking Eva, until you reach it's head. It's face is adorned with 3 sets of eyes, totaling 6 eyes all together.


Characteristic Total Pilot Advances Eva Features
Weapon Skill (WS) 52 47 -- -- +5
Ballistic Skill (BS) 62 52 -- -- +10
Strength (St) 40 40 10 30 --
Toughness (To) 40 41 -- 30 +10
Agility (Ag) 40 40 -- -- --
Intelligence (In) 28 28 -- -- --
Perception (Pe) 31 31 -- -- --
Willpower (WP) 33 33 -- -- --
Fellowship (Fe) 22 22 -- -- --
Synch Ratio (SR) 49 54 -- -- -5


Location AP Wounds
Head 7 7
R. Arm 7 9
L. Arm 7 10
Body 10 13
R. Leg 7 9
L. Leg 7 9

Hit Locations: 1 head, 2 RArm, 3 LArm, 4-6 Body, 7-8 RLeg, 9-0 LLeg
Movement Speeds: (ABx2)/x2/x3/x6
Berserk Points: --
Feedback Threshold: 4

Distinguishing Features


Resurrected: During initial testing, there was a cataclysmic core failure that nearly destroyed the Eva entirely. Only by rebuilding the body with parts salvaged from other, failed Evangelions was this Unit saved. Its fractured nature provides a unique buffer in the feedback response, reducing your SR by 5 while you are its pilot but increasing your Feedback Threshold by 1.
Multieyes: The Evangelion has extra sets of eyes, totaling 6 eyes. Its increased sense of sight grants it a +5 to Ballistic Skill, making it extra sensitive. Anytime you take Fatigue the Evangelion is blind for 1 round.
Wingless: Because of a production flaw, the EVA lacks Shoulder Pylons on both arms. However, all is not lost. You can still be equipped with wing loadout Structural upgrades, and are no longer limited by the traditional space of 2 wing slots. You may have a number of wing loadout upgrades equal to your Eva’s Toughness Bonus, but each wing loadout costs 1 more SUP than normal.
Calm Soul: Particular care has been put into making sure your Evangelion does not go out of control, a system of extremely powerful brainwave regulators make it so that the Evangelion stays docile, even when awake. The Eva has the Cooperative Berserk Type.

  • Cooperative: Your Evangelion is more subservient than most, the control systems working as designed rather than shutting off in its waking state. The Evangelion will never attack allies and you automatically succeed on any Test to fall Dormant. The Evangelion is under the total control of the pilot, and as such may act normally. This special connection also grants the pilot a +10 bonus to Synch Ratio, and any Ego Damage incurred by the pilot while Berserk is halved.


Structural Upgrades

Entry Plug (Improved): Pilots using this Entry Plug gain a +5 to WS and BS when using the Evangelion.
Armour Enhancement I: Increase the Eva's Armor by 1.
Armour Enhancement II: Increase the Eva's Armor by 1.
Commission: Explosive Shells (General): +2 Damage to all General Ranged weapons.

Biological Upgrades

Stronger (x2): Increase the Evangelion's Strength by +5.
Tougher (x2): Increase the Evangelion's Toughness by +5.
Redundant Organs I: +1 wounds to all areas.


WUPs: 2/2

Weapon Class Range RoF Damage Breach Pen Clip Reload Qualities Cost
Pallet Rifle Basic 50dam S/2/3 1d10+2 I +2 0 6 1/2 Carbine, Reliable FREE
Prog Knife MK2 Basic Melee -- 1d5+4 R +1 5 -- -- Prog, Proven(3), Compact 1 WUP
M-7 Handcannon Pistol 30dam S/-/- 1d10+2 I +2 2 8 1/2 Compact, Reliable 1 WUP


Synch Ratio Effect
SR 0 You are unable to pilot an Evangelion. If you were synchronized with an Evangelion, it shuts down.
SR 1-30 You can maintain a Synch Ratio capable of moving an Evangelion, but just barely. You may only take a single Half Action each round and may never use Reaction Actions. Your Feedback Threshold increases by 2.
SR 31-70 Evangelion operates normally.
SR 71-100 If you spend a fate point to reroll a test you may use your SR in place of the original characteristic. Your Feedback Threshold decreases by 2.
SR 101-150 You take 10 points of Identity Damage at the beginning of your every turn. Your Feedback Threshold is considered 0. Once per round, when making a characteristic or skill test, the pilot may make an SR roll instead.
SR 151-200 As above, but you take 15 points of Identity Damage at the beginning of your every turn. At the beginning of your every turn you gain a temporary Fate point that must be spent before the beginning of your next turn. Unspent Fate is lost. The pilot suffers Critical Wounds equal to one half of the Evangelion's.
SR 201+ As above, but you take 20 points of Identity Damage at the beginning of your every turn. You Berserk. If your SR drops under 201, the benefits of Berserk are supressed until your SR once again exceeds 200 or it ends, whichever comes first.



  • 5 Months

TM Spent

  • 1 - DEX (passed)
  • 3 - STR(2 passed, 1 failed)
  • 1 - Skill Training: Awareness
  • 1 - Skill Training: Charm
  • 1 - Skill Training: Climb
  • 1 - Skill Training: Contortionist

XP Received

  • Chargen - 400XP
  • Ep 1 - 0
  • Ep 2 - 100
  • Ep 3 - 50
  • Ep 4 - 50
  • Ep 5 - 50
  • Ep 6 - 0
  • Ep 7 Sirius - 250xp
  • Ep 8 - 0xp
  • Ep 9 - 50xp
  • Ep 10 - 150xp
  • Ep 11 - 100xp
  • Ep 12 - 0xp
  • Ep 13 - 300xp
  • Ep 14 - 100xp
  • Ep 15 - Beach!! - 0xp
  • Ep 16 - 400xp
  • Ep 17 - 0xp
  • Ep 18 - 300xp
  • Ep 19 - 500xp
  • Ep 20 - 300xp
  • Ep 21 - 200xp
  • Ep 22 - 200xp
  • Ep 23 - 100xp

Total: 3600xp

XP Spent

Characteristic Advances: 550XP

  • Agility - 100xp
  • Ballistic Skill - 100xp
  • Weapon Skill - 100xp
  • Agility - 250xp

Rank 1: 750XP

  • Quick Draw - 100xp
  • Weapon Expert - 200xp
  • Commission - 200xp
  • SUP - Armour Enhancement - 50xp
  • BUP X2 - Stronger X2 - 200xp

Rank 2: 1000XP

  • Furious Assault - 200xp
  • Twin Weapon Wielder - 200xp
  • Target Acquisition - 100xp
  • BUP X2 - Tougher X2 - 200xp
  • Rapid Reaction - 100xp
  • Lightning Reflexes - 100xp
  • WUP - 100xp

Rank 3: 800XP

  • Expert Aim - 100xp
  • Combat Master - 100xp
  • Blind Fighting - 100xp
  • Dodge +10 - 100xp
  • Hip Shooting - 100xp
  • Nerves of Steel - 100xp
  • Akimbo - 100xp
  • Precision(Pistol) - 100xp
  • BUP - Redundant Organs I - 200xp
  • SUP X2 - Armour Enhancement II - 200xp

XP Remaining: 100XP
XP Spent/Next Rank: 3500XP/500XP


  • Accurate: +10 in addition to usual Aim
  • Half Aim: +10
  • Aim: +20
  • Close Range: +10
  • Point Blank Range (3dm): +30
  • Shooting Into Melee: -20

Close is Rng/2, Long is Rng*2, Extreme is Rng*3, and maximum distance is Rng*4.