Satou Kenshin

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Character Details

Character Name: Satou Nisugi Kenshin
Player Name: Cherem
Show: Kamigakari

Sheet: [1]


Stat Result Bonus
Strength 4 +1
Agility 5 +2
Intellect 2
Will 3
Luck 2

Accuracy Evasion Conjure Resist Insight PD MD Initiative HP
5 7 3 3 2 6 1 17 45


Satou Kenshin is the second son in a family of four, with an older brother (Satou Kouki) and two younger siblings. His birth was one of much consternation amongst his family: amongst the magi, he was only able to tap into the primal force of wind, while his older brother and younger siblings have adopted much more varied abilities.

Feeling isolated and compelled to be compared to his brother, Kenshin has been a bad seed, focusing on his life outside his family and God Hunting, choosing to live as a regular, lower-class delinquent. From skipping school to getting into fights with rival schools, Kenshin is thriving in his environment, and his abilities have shown improvement as he shirked his family's more traditional methods.

Despite himself, Kenshin is interested in stories from foreign lands, picking up bits and pieces from casual gaming and mobage. When he isn't fighting, he's slacking off reading bad fantasy novels or lewd magazines.

Kenshin's hair has been dyed several times, and now seems to be stuck with a browning blonde with ugly black roots. His eyes are black and cutting, a result from practicing his delinquent glare. He wears his blazer open, shirt untucked with a gaudy multi-colored belt, cloaking his lean but muscular feature in an outfit that is almost too wide for him. He is tall, pushing upper 5', unable to break through to 6" without boots. He has a silver circle piercing in his right ear, easily popped out when his mother or younger sister are around.

Latent Traits

Name Timing Range Target Cost Effect
Spirit Barrier Start Combat Zone Combat Zone None Once per combat, target equips designated [Items]. For the rest of combat, target cannot [Die]. Doesn't consume Timing
Spirit Burn Unique Refer Refer None Effect according to # of Bonds. 1+: Add 1-3d6 to a check (lose 1d6 [Crest] per die added). 4+: Gain [Remove Downed], set HP to [Strength], lose 2d6 [Crest]. 7+: gain +1d6 [Rank] then lose 2d6 [Crest]
Racial: Close Combat Proficiency Constant User User None +1 modifier to the result of {Accuracy} checks, and a +2 modifier to [Physical Damage]
Delinquent's Rules Constant User User None +1 to result of Strength Checks, +2 to the result of agility Checks.
Hidden Talent Constant User User None Acquires One Talent not marked with ※● ◎ from among the [Styles] they possess.
Physical Augmentation Constant User User None Hidden Talent, The target gains a +2 modifier to [Armor] and the result of {Strength} and {Agility} checks.
Crystal Formation Start User User [5] Rest of the combat, target gains +1 [Rank] at [Damage Calculation]. This Talent spends user's [Start].
Blade Flash Unique User User [4,4] Use after succeeding {Evasion} check. After the reaction's resolved, may make 1x [Timing: Attack] with [Range: Engage / Target: 1#] against the Previous Attacker. This Talent may be used 1/R.
Spark Zapper Attack Item 1# Doubles The user gains +1 [Physical Rank] at [Damage Calculation]. Also, the target [Halves] their [Armor].
Protective Teachings Defense Engaged 1# E(ven) Use before target makes an {EVA} check. User makes {EVA} check in place of the target. If the [Reactive Check] check fails, then user takes the [Damage]. The [Target] may refuse the effects of this Talent. Talent has no effect against [Target: Area (or) Combat Zone] [Attack Actions]. This Talent does not spend the user's [Defense].
Name Timing Range Target Cost Effect


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