Sebastian Gray

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Character Details

Sebastian T. Gray

Character Name: Sebastian T. Gray
Player Name: Darkling
Show: NERV-02, Nevada
Background: Neo-Spartan
Career Path: Pointman

  • Rank: Rank 1

Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 185lbs

Age: 13 (DoB: 03/15/2001)
Languages Spoken: English
Blood Type: A+
Associates and Family: Father, Mother

Wounds: 15/15
Fate Points: 2/2

  • Conditional Fate: Reduce the Damage taken from a single source by an additional TB (min 1)

Ego Barrier: 100/100
Insanity Points: 0/100
Allowance: $300 (200+100/rank)

Backstory Notes

At a young age, Sebastian never got along with the other children. He was bigger, stronger, and faster than them. For the time when his mother was still around, this really didn't matter. She always kept him calm, cool and level-headed. When she went away to work however, things changed. His father was always pushing him around, treating him like dirt. A military man, his father had high expectations of his son, even at an early age, and when those weren’t met, the discipline would be harsh, and swift. So he lashed out at the other kids, anyone and anything smaller than him. Eventually he pushed too far, beating another kid to a coma, and actions had to be taken.

He was sent to reform school, with people more like him. Not as many people he could push around, which of course didn’t stop him.His outbursts and tantrums got him noticed, while his test scores and abilities simply impressed those around him. Eventually the right people noticed, and he was shipped off to another camp, it’s location and name unknown.

His training regime became stricter, more challenging, and he was put under mental tests, psychological counseling, and other ‘experimental’ tests. TThe training did help him to focus his anger, as did the hours of training, physical condition, and multiple simulations mold him into a superior fighter and pilot in virtually all forms,. His psychological tests, which were hoped to quell his aggression some, simply instilled a sense of paranoia in him and distrust.


Characteristic Total Base Roll Advances Time Background Misc
Weapon Skill (WS) 55 15 20 15/15 5/5 -- --
Ballistic Skill (BS) 15 15 00 0/15 0/5 -- --
Strength (St) 40 15 20 0/15 0/5 05 --
Toughness (To) 35 15 15 0/15 0/5 05 --
Agility (Ag) 30 15 10 5/15 0/5 -- --
Intelligence (In) 20 15 5 0/15 0/5 -- --
Perception (Pe) 25 15 10 0/15 0/5 -- --
Willpower (WP) 40 15 20 5/15 0/5 -- --
Fellowship (Fe) 15 15 00 0/15 0/5 -- --
Synch Ratio (SR) 45 20 20 5/15 --- -- --


Athletics (Str): Skilled + Trained
Awareness (Per): Skilled + Trained
Survival: Skilled + Trained
Speak Language (English:) Skilled
Drive: Skilled
Sleight of Hand: Skilled

Knowledge (Medicine): Skilled
Knowledge (Demolitions): Skilled

Talents and Traits


Basic Weapon Training (Basic)
Basic Weapon Training (Pistols)
Martial Weapon Training (Small)
Great Weapon Training
Skill Proficiency (Awareness)
Skill Proficiency (Survival)

Hardy: You always heal as if slightly wounded.
Iron Jaw: Whenever you are stunned you are stunned for one less round.
True Grit: You are able to shrug off wounds that fell lesser men. When you take critical damage, half the result (rounded up).
Blocker: Your unarmed attacks can be used to parry. At Rank 3, your unarmed parries have a +10 bonus. At Rank 5 your unarmed parries have another +10 bonus (total +20). If you parry an attack with a Pen rating of at least 1 and the arm you use to parry has no AP rating, the attack resolves as a hit, dealing half the final damage to that arm.
Halt Advance: When you make a successful free attack against an opponent with whom you are engaged in melee who tries move away without a withdrawal action, you may instead cancel their movement in place of dealing damage.
Resistance (Fear): Gain +10 resistance to fear saves.
Leap Up: Stand up as a free action.
Guardian: You may designate one ally at the beginning of your turn. If you are within AB dm of them when they are attacked you may instantly move adjacent to them and have the attack resolve against you. You may parry if you have an unused reaction, but you may not dodge.
Double Team: Gain an additional +10 bonus for ganging up.
Spotter: As a half action you may designate a single ally. When that ally makes a ranged attack before the beginning of your next turn they may judge their distance modifiers as if they were firing from your position. This does not allow them to attack from greater than maximum range nor does it allow them to strike a target not within their line of effect
Sprint: When making a full move action you make move an additional number of meters based on your Agility bonus. When taking a Run action, you may double your movement for one round.
Unshakeable: You may re-roll any failed test to avoid the effects of Fear or Pinning.
Walked Into It: After a successful Parry, until the end of your next round your next Weapon Skill roll against the target gains a +20 bonus.
Combat Master: Opponents get no bonus for outnumbering you.
Dodge: +10 to Dodge
Duty: You ignore critical damage results less than your toughness bonus or willpower bonus, whichever is higher.
Superior Reaction: You may make a second reaction per turn. This reaction may be a parry, a dodge, or may be used to fuel any other effect that requires a reaction.
Sure Strike: You reduce the penalties to make called shots with a melee attack by 10.


Neo-Spartan: Used to military life and recognizing their own importance on the battlefield.

Positive Traits

Know your Enemy: As a free action you may know the number of wounds a target you can perceive has, as well as their maximum wound value. Reduce the penalty to called shots by 10.
Bullet Proofed: You gain the Hardy, Iron Jaw, and True Grit talents.

Negative Traits

Momento: You have one small item that you consider valuable above all other possessions, and is irreplacable to you. You take a -10 to all tests for as long as you think someone has taken it from you. If it is destroyed, you instead take 15 permanent Identity Damage.

  • Sebastian has a rubber duck that he carries on himself at all times. It's small, an easily hidden, but is a rubber duck none the less. He's drawn a thin mustache on it and jests it's french, making it laugh in evil french ways. When in his Unit's plug, he plays with it as a motorboat, zooming it around. It was a present his mother gave him.

Brutal Regime: The character gains one Minor Mental Disorder.


Mimic: You have an exceptional knack for copying the voices of others.
Paranoia: Normally extreme suspicion and distrust is viewed as a negative trait. But in the dangerous, post-Impact world of the Eva pilots, it can save your life. (+2 Initiative)
Uncanny Luck: Your character has a surprisingly good record of having chance go their way when it seems like they should have failed. Your character is considered to be trained in the ‘Gamble’ skill, and once per session may choose to modify any single, already rolled skill check by rolling 2d10 and subtracting the resulting total from their roll.
Made for Each Other: Two of your Evangelion's four distinguishing features are positive. You may take this talent twice.
Combat Sense: You may use your Perception Bonus for Initiative.


Minor Mental Disorder: Kleptomaniac: The character compulsively steals small objects if he has the opportunity. Often the character attaches no value to such objects.
Hoarder: Sharing is against your nature, and unless someone uses Charm, Command or Intimidate to coerce you, your character must Test Willpower or refuse to let something leave their possession, no matter how much someone else might want or need it.
Sadistic: You like causing others pain way more than you should. It’s even hard to resist doing so when presented the opportunity. Roll a d10 whenever you have someone at your mercy or are otherwise presented the opportunity to cause someone harm. On a roll of 9 you have no choice but to cause them as much (preferably non-lethal) pain as possible.
Short Fuse: Your Character has a hard time controlling himself when he gets angry. When confronted or otherwise stressed and agitated, you must pass a Willpower test or fly into a rage either yelling at the source of your anger or trashing the surrounding environment. Punching someone in the face might also be appropriate, if ill advised.
Ineptitude: Choose skill. You automatically fail on any tests related to that skill. (Stealth)



Plugsuit: Arms Body Legs, AP2, 7kg


NERV ID: Grants Pilot-level access to NERV facilities.
Butterfly Knife
Brass Knuckles


Designation: Unit 02
Primary Color: Black
Secondary Color: Neon Green
Eva Career: Berzerker


Characteristic Total Pilot Points Eva Misc
Weapon Skill (WS) 65 55 -- +10 --
Ballistic Skill (BS) 25 15 -- +10 --
Strength (St) 50 45 05 45 --
Toughness (To) 50 35 05 45 --
Agility (Ag) 45 30 05 +10 --
Intelligence (In) 20 20 -- 10 --
Perception (Pe) 25 25 -- 30 --
Willpower (WP) 40 40 -- 30 --
Fellowship (Fe) 15 15 -- 10 --
Synch Ratio (SR) 55 45 -- +10 --

Wounds: 40
Movement Speeds: (AB)/x2/x3/x6
Berserk Points: 1+1P
Feedback Threshold: 02
Hit Locations: 1 head, 2 RArm, 3 LArm, 4-6 Body, 7-8 RLeg, 9-0 LLe

Distinguishing Features

Hatred (Angels): Gain +10 attack vs Angels.
Natural Armor +1: Gain an additional point of armor.
+5 Toughness: Gain an additional +5 toughness.
Feedback Threshold -2:

Talents & Traits

Battery Life: Units have 5 rounds of battery life once disconnected from their Umbilical (by called shot or Blast)
From Beyond: Immune to Fear, Pinning, Identity Damage, or AT Powers to control, cloud, or delude its mind
Improved Natural Weapons: Natural weapons become 1d10 + SB I, Pen 0
Letter-Type Equipment: A Unit may equip one set of Letter-Type Gear.
Light of the Soul (1): Units possess 1 Layer and may use 1 AT Power a round.
Lobotomized Monster: Units may only be moved by a synched pilot. If the player spends a Fate point, an inert Unit acts of its own accord for a scene (GM control).
Undying: Units can survive in a vacuum, and are immune to mere disease and toxin (not that Angels are 'mere' anything)
Unnatural Speed (x2): Double move speeds

Rank 1: Acquire 5 RP

  • Bestial: A creature with this trait adds their rank to unarmed or natural weapon damage and penetration.
  • Furious Assault: On a successful WS test, gain a second attack.
  • Please Move: For one time only, your Evangelion may enter berserk without being triggered. It is encouraged by GMs and players to trigger this at a suitably dramatic moment or otherwise under special circumstances, rather than have it seem completely random. Once used, this ability may not be used again unless the talent has been purchased a second time.

Rank 2: Acquire 5 RP

  • Berserk Charge: You may make an All-Out Attack at the end of a charge.
  • The Beast Within: You gain a conditional Fate Point which may only be used while Berserk.

Rank 3: Aquire 5 RP

  • Killing Strike: When taking an All-Out Attack action, the character may spend a Fate Point (before rolling the dice) to make his melee attacks for that round impossible to parry or dodge.
  • Berserk: Terrible Might: While the Evangelion is Berserk all it's attacks ignore Toughness Bonus and Armor.



Armor: B-Type Equipment (Grants Two Shoulder Pylons.)

  • Armor Value: TL (2) + Natural Armor 1

Ablative Armor: The first time the Evangelion would take critical damage, it is ignored. If the damage occurs to all body areas, only the body does not take damage.

Melee Weapons

Unarmed: 1d10 + 1 + SB I, Pen 1
Great Axe: 1d10+3+SBx2 Pen 3 Rending, Balanced (from Unbalanced)

  • Balanced x3: This weapon grants a +20 to Parry attempts.
  • Tearing: The R Weapon gains the Tearing trait.

Missile Weapons

Pistol: 1d10+3+2 I Pen 2 Compact, Rng 030 S/3/- Clip 10, Rld 1

  • Stored in shoulder pylon.


AT Powers


  • Activation: None, on your turn or Reaction, when attacked.
  • Maintain: Free
  • Effect: Double your armor value.
  • Enhancement: At SR 70 you halve the final damage you suffer from attacks with the Blast (X) trait. This does not apply against N2 Strikes. At SR 80 all final damage from attacks with the Blast (X) trait within 90 dm is halved. At SR Z you double your penetration value. At SR 110 all your attacks gain AT Breach 1.


  • Activation: Free, on your turn.
  • Maintain: Free
  • Effect: You detect the presence of all E-Scale Fields within SR/10 km and your distance from them.
  • Enhancement: At SR 60 you also detect the presence of all P-Scale Fields within SR dm and your distance from the. At SR 101 you gain Unnatural Senses with a range of SR dm.


  • Activation: Reaction, when a valid target expends a reaction.
  • Maintain: No
  • Effect: Target within SR dm does not take their reaction. Target gains a +30 bonus to hit you until the end of its next turn.
  • Enhancement: At SR 60 a target with Unnatural Senses or AT Ping loses the trait until the end of its next turn. At SR 70 a target with Unnatural Senses or AT Ping may not make called shots until the beginning of its next turn. At SR 90 the target loses the reaction. At SR 101 a target with Unnatural Senses or AT Ping suffers a penalty to Observation Tests equal to your Synch Ratio - 100 until it takes reaction to clear its senses. If this penalty would bring the target's Perception + Observation TN to 0 the creature is completely blind.

Piercing Emanation

  • Activation: None
  • Maintain: Free
  • Effect: Your melee or ranged attack deals E damage and gains the AT Breach + 1 Trait.
    • Funnel - Grants Accurate, AT Breach +1 to a ranged weapon
    • Momentum - Grants Flexible, AT Breach +1 to a melee weapon
  • Enhancement: At SR 50 all attack modes gain Tearing. At SR 80 AT Breach improves by 1. At SR 150 all attack modes ignore all armor.


XP Received

Chargen: 400xp
Non-Combat Days:

  • 1500exp


  • Ishim of the First House of Despair - 500xp
  • Cherubim of the Stygian Immolation - 400xp
  • Seraphim of the First Choir - 1200xp
  • Chayot - 500xp
  • Malakh - 250xp
  • Malahk - 750xp

TM Points

Spent/Received: 10/19

XP Spent

Rank 1: 1300XP

  • Resistance (Fear): 50xp
  • Guardian: 100xp
  • Double Team: 100xp
  • Leap Up: 50xp
  • +5 Weapon Skill: 200xp
  • +5 Willpower: 300xp
  • +5 Sync Ratio: 300xp
  • Spotter: 100xp
  • AT Power: Bunker 50xp
  • Sound Constitution 50xp

Rank 2: 1750xp

  • ATP Ping: 50xp
  • ATP Flare: 50xp
  • Combat Master: 100xp
  • Sprint: 100xp
  • Walked Into It: 100xp
  • Unshakeable: 50xp
  • Sound Constitution: 50xp
  • +5 Weapon Skill: 400xp
  • ATP Piercing Emanation: 100xp
  • +5 Weapon Skill: 600xp
  • Skill Training: Athletics 100xp
  • Skill Training: Awareness 100xp
  • Skill Training: Survival 100xp
  • Skill Proficiency: Drive 50xp
  • Skill Proficiency: Sleight of Hand 50xp
  • Knowledge: Demolitions 50xp
  • Knowledge: Medicine 50xp
  • Weapon Training: Great 150xp

Rank 3:

  • Dodge 100xp
  • Duty: 100xp
  • Superior Reaction: 200xp
  • Sure Strike: 100xp
  • +5 Agility: 300xp

XP Remaining/To Next Rank: 1150XP/1000XP