Seira & Ceira Blake

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Character Details

Character Name: Siera & Ceira Blake
Player Name: Darkling
Show: NGE
Background: Manufactured
Career Path: AT Technicians

Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110lbs

Age: 15 (DoB: DD/MM/YYYY)
Blood Type:
Associates and Family:

Wounds: Sierra: 15 / Ciera: 15
Fate Points: 2
Identity Damage: 0/100
Ego Damage: /
Allowance: 200 (100+100/rank)

Character Info




Characteristic Total Base Roll Advances Time Misc
Weapon Skill (WS) 31 20 11 -- -- --
Ballistic Skill (BS) 38 20 18 -- -- --
Strength (St) 31 20 11 -- -- 03
Toughness (To) 33 20 13 -- -- 03
Agility (Ag) 31 20 11 -- -- 03
Intelligence (In) 45 25 20 -- -- --
Perception (Pe) 25 15 10 -- -- --
Willpower (WP) 43 23 20 -- -- --
Fellowship (Fe) 27 20 7 -- -- --
Synch Ratio (SR) 63 43 20 -- -- --


Distinguished Donor: The character gains the Peer talent for a group of their choice. In addition the character gains an extra 5 Depth to spend on assets
Superior Specimen: The Manufactured’s Strength, Toughness, and Agility Characteristics all increase by 3.
Gullible: Barter, Blather, Charm, and Deceive Tests made against the character are at a +20 bonus
Inhuman Biology: Alcohol


Catlike: The character begins proficient in Silent Move and Shadowing.
Fearless: Legendary courage or simply a special form of insanity? Either way the character gains +10 to all tests to resist fear and are treated as if they had 20 more Insanity Points than they actually do for the purposes of Fear immunity.
Incredible Sense: (Sight) You gain a +20 bonus to all Perception based Tests (including Awareness), but only for what can be detected with that single sense.
Unshippable: Seduction attempts against the twins automatically fail and they are immune to the effects of the Charming asset.


Duty of Care (Each Other): If the pilots ever believes the other to be in danger (be it direct or indirect) they must pass a difficult (-10) Willpower test or rush to their aid. If they have confirmed that their ward is in immediate danger, they automatically fail the Willpower test, though in their frenzy to help their charge they gain a +20 to all tests directly related to aiding the ward. Should the person ever be harmed, the pilot takes 1 point of Insanity and a level of fatigue for an hour afterwards due to depression. If the ward ever dies or is taken away from the pilot permanently, the pilot immediately gains 2d10+10 Insanity Points. During the Time Management stage, all options take one extra month for the pilot to gain the listed effect.
Hoarder: They have a tendency to collect and store things “just in case.” In addition, sharing is against their nature and, unless someone uses Charm, Command, or Intimidate to coerce them, the character must test Willpower or refuse to let something leave their possession, no matter how much someone else might want or need it.
Meek: The twins are far from outgoing and takes a -10 penalty to all Fellowship based Skill Tests, even if another characteristic is being tested in place of Fellowship.
Shy: The twins are heavily introverted, and do not do well in social circles where they are not already comfortable. As such, they take a -20 penalty to Fellowship based tests when interacting with someone they have never met before, or with large crowds.


Skill Specialty Proficient Trained Mastery Talented Misc
Secret Tongue Twin Talk X -- -- -- --
Shadowing -- X -- -- -- --
Silent Move -- X -- -- -- --
Speak Language English X -- -- -- --
Speak Language Latin X -- -- -- --


  • A.T. Power (Deflective Field)
  • AT Power (Neutralize)
  • Manipulation 1
  • Structural Upgrade

Rank 1


Standard Plugsuit
Standard Entry Plug
ID Badge



Primary Color:
Secondary Color:
Eva Career:


Characteristic Total Pilot Advances Eva Features
Weapon Skill (WS) -- -- -- -- --
Ballistic Skill (BS) -- -- -- -- --
Strength (St) -- -- -- 30 --
Toughness (To) -- -- -- 30 --
Agility (Ag) -- -- -- -- --
Intelligence (In) -- -- -- -- --
Perception (Pe) -- -- -- -- --
Willpower (WP) -- -- -- -- --
Fellowship (Fe) -- -- -- -- --
Synch Ratio (SR) -- -- -- -- --


Location AP Wounds
Head 6 6
R. Arm 6 8
L. Arm 6 8
Body 9 12
R. Leg 6 8
L. Leg 6 8

Hit Locations: 1 head, 2 RArm, 3 LArm, 4-6 Body, 7-8 RLeg, 9-0 LLeg
Movement Speeds: (ABx2)/x2/x3/x6
Berserk Points: --
Feedback Threshold: 4

Distinguishing Features




Structural Upgrades

Biological Upgrades


Weapon Class Range RoF Damage Breach Pen Clip Reload Qualities Cost
Pallet Rifle Basic 50dam S/2/3 1d10+2 I +2 0 6 1/2 Carbine, Reliable FREE
Prog Knife Basic Melee -- 1d5+3 R +1 4 -- -- Prog, Proven(3), Compact FREE


Synch Ratio Effect
SR 0 You are unable to pilot an Evangelion. If you were synchronized with an Evangelion, it shuts down.
SR 1-30 You can maintain a Synch Ratio capable of moving an Evangelion, but just barely. You may only take a single Half Action each round and may never use Reaction Actions. Your Feedback Threshold increases by 2.
SR 31-70 Evangelion operates normally.
SR 71-100 If you spend a fate point to reroll a test you may use your SR in place of the original characteristic. Your Feedback Threshold decreases by 2.
SR 101-150 You take 10 points of Identity Damage at the beginning of your every turn. Your Feedback Threshold is considered 0. Once per round, when making a characteristic or skill test, the pilot may make an SR roll instead.
SR 151-200 As above, but you take 15 points of Identity Damage at the beginning of your every turn. At the beginning of your every turn you gain a temporary Fate point that must be spent before the beginning of your next turn. Unspent Fate is lost. The pilot suffers Critical Wounds equal to one half of the Evangelion's.
SR 201+ As above, but you take 20 points of Identity Damage at the beginning of your every turn. You Berserk. If your SR drops under 201, the benefits of Berserk are supressed until your SR once again exceeds 200 or it ends, whichever comes first.



TM Spent

XP Received

  • Chargen - 400XP

XP Spent

Characteristic Advances: 0XP

Rank 1: 0XP

XP Remaining: 400XP
XP Spent/Next Rank: 0XP/400XP


  • Accurate: +10 in addition to usual Aim
  • Half Aim: +10
  • Aim: +20
  • Close Range: +10
  • Point Blank Range (3dm): +30
  • Shooting Into Melee: -20

Close is Rng/2, Long is Rng*2, Extreme is Rng*3, and maximum distance is Rng*4.