Septimius Gavril

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Character Details

Character Name: Septimius "Sep" Gavril
Player Name: MR. RAGE
Show: Nevada Redux
Background: Manufactured
Career Path: A.T. Tactician
Rank: 2

Gender: Male
Height: 5' 0"
Weight: 115lbs

Age: 14
Blood Type: B+

Wounds: 16/16 (13+TB)
Fate Points: 2/2

Allowance: $200

Insanity: 1/100
Ego Barrier: 35/45 (20+5*WPB)

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3 Goals:

3 Beliefs:

Backstory Notes


Characteristic Total Base Roll Advances Time Misc
Weapon Skill (WS) 24 20 04 00/20 0/3 --
Ballistic Skill (BS) 33 20 13 00/20 0/3 --
Strength (St) 31 20 11 00/20 0/3 --
Toughness (To) 32 20 12 00/20 0/3 --
Agility (Ag) 35 20 15 05/20 0/3 --
Intelligence (In) 40 25 15 00/20 0/3 --
Perception (Pe) 21 15 06 00/20 0/3 +20 Sight
Willpower (WP) 51 23 18 10/20 0/3 --
Fellowship (Fe) 34 20 14 05/20 0/3 --
Synch Ratio (SR) 61 43 18 10/20 --- --


Skill Specialty Proficient Trained Mastery Talented Misc
Awareness -- X X -- X --
Charm -- X -- -- X --
Common Lore Religion X -- -- -- --
Deceive -- X -- -- -- --
Dodge -- X X -- -- --
Literacy -- X -- -- -- --
Logic -- X -- -- -- --
Scholastic Lore Angels X -- -- X --
Scrutiny -- X -- -- -- --
Speak Language English X -- -- -- --
Swim -- X -- -- -- --

Talents and Traits

Starting Talents

  • AT Power (Deflective Field, Neutralize, Restrict Shot)
  • BUP (1/1) Sprint.

Rank 1:

  • Awareness: Proficiency.
  • AT Maneuver (Mind's Eye): May use Synch Ratio in place of Perception.
  • Quick Spread:
  • Interference (Reality Reinforcement) By Neutralizing for (angel's TB), negate one of their nonintrinsic Traits.
  • Manipulation I (AT Ping, Inertia, Restrict Shot): AT Powers
  • Sound Constitution: +1 Wound.
  • BUP (1/1):
  • SUP (1/1):
  • WUP (3):

Rank 2:

  • Dodge: Proficiency
  • Scan Field: Ping detects target's ATP. Roll Awareness to determine Spread.
  • Magnify [Self Dilation]: Once/turn as a Free action, burn off (WPB) Ego to gain that many ATP. Provokes SD as normal.
  • Manipulation II (Dirach Cache, Float): 100XP
  • Manipulation I (Accelerated Field): AT Powers

Rank 3:

  • Dodge +10:
  • Awareness +10:
  • AT Maneuver (Flux): Spend a Rxn to modify a roll within 20dam by up to +/-(Rank).
  • Spark of Genius: Spend Fate to acquire a Manipulation N again.
  • Analyze Field: Detect Ping target's Spread field automatically, learn one power plus one per Degree of Success on the Awareness test.
  • Causality Control [Guided Funnel]: Enemies take -20 to Dodge Funneled attacks.
  • Interference (Lock): Neutralizing for 7 or more ATP, enemies must roll Willpower to teleport, and all Dirac powers cost 4ATP more.
  • Manipulation III (Krasnikov Tube, Teleforce Blast): AT Powers
  • Manipulation II (Spatial Funnel): AT Powers


Implanted Memories: Gain Skill Proficiency and Talented in two skills.
Distinguished Donor: Peer (OPUS) and +5 Depth (Resilient Metabolism)

Mental Conditioning: Must pass a Willpower -10 (-0 in combat) roll to defy orders.
Inhuman Biology: Medicae cannot be used and have an allergy to (X).


Athlete: May spend Fate to remove all Fatigue, may test [Characteristic] to have both Physical Training and +Characteristic in the same Time Management, 1d5+SB unarmed, and +2SB for lifting.
Charming (Females): +10 to all Fellowship tests against females.
Incredible Sense (Sight): +20 to all Perception tests involving sight.
Resilient Metabolism: Automatically pass against Toxic weapons, +10 versus poisons, +20 versus illnesses.
Unshippable: Immune to seduction and -20 to be Charmed.


Foe (???): Someone is trying to ruin Septimius, but he doesn't know who or why.
Lonely: Take a -10 when out of contact with others.
Second Fiddle (Base Commander): Always go after Base Commander in Initiative, -30 to use Fellowship against, and take a -10 for 1 hour after being scolded. Gain 1d10+5 Insanity and roll on Trauma +20 if Base Commander killed or made mortal enemy.


NERV ID: Grants Pilot-level access to NERV facilities.


Designation: Unit 02
Primary Color: Dull Green
Secondary Color: Bright Purple


Characteristic Total Pilot Eva Misc
Weapon Skill (WS) 32 24 -- --
Ballistic Skill (BS) 38 33 05 --
Strength (St) 30 -- 30 --
Toughness (To) 30 32 30 --
Agility (Ag) 35 35 -- --
Synch Ratio (SR) 61 61 -- --
Location To-Hit Wounds Armor
Head -- 5/5 (TB+2) 3
RArm -- 7/7 (TB+4) 3
LArm -- 7/7 (TB+4) 3
Body -- 11/11 (2TB+5) 6
RLeg -- 7/7 (TB+4) 3
LLeg -- 7/7 (TB+4) 3

Movement Speeds: (ABx2)/x2/x3/x4
Feedback Threshold: 3 (TB)
Battery Life: 3 rounds

Distinguishing Features

REDACTED (Small-Scale Model): -2 Armor on all areas, but -10 to be hit.

Rescue Charges: If an arm or leg becomes subject to an Ego-attack, immediately take 5 Explosive Critical damage to that limb to prevent the Ego.

Multieyes: +5 Ballistic Skill, but blinded for one round after Fatigue.

Angelic: Supernatural Berserk Type (+20 Synch Ratio, always-up Synch Disruption and Manipulation N+1 while Berserk).

Upgrades and Gear

Standard Plug: Does nothing special.
B-Type: Does nothing special.

Armor Enhancement I: +1 AP on all Areas.

Regenerative: Reduce Collateral from Lost Limb or Defeat by 1.

Sprint: +AB on Full Moves, x2 distance on Runs.


Weapon Upgrade Points: 2/3

Progressive Knife MkI (0): Melee, 1d5+3+3 R, Pen 4, BR+1, Progressive (Tearing), Proven (4), Compact

Pallet Rifle (0): Basic, 60dam, S/2/3, 1d10+2 I, Pen 0, BR+2, Clip 6/1Half, Carbine (-10 one-hand), Reliable (10% Jam)

  • Scoped (1): Gains Precise (Aim as a Reaction).
  • Mounted Holder (1): Holds the Prog Knife.


Tier I

A.T. Power: Deflective Field

  • Activation: Spread
  • Effect: Standard field. Deflection = ATS.

A.T. Power: Accelerated Territory

  • Activation: Spread
  • Effect: Deflection = ATS/2. Agility Bonus += Deflection/2. Uses up 2 rounds of Battery per round.

A.T. Power: Neutralize

  • Activation: Half
  • Maintain: Half or Free
  • Effect: Decreases enemy Deflection by 1 per 1ATP spent. If Maintained as a Half, ATP spent also count towards Breach.

A.T. Power: AT Ping

  • Activation: No action, 1ATP
  • Effect: Sense every AT Field within 100dam. Doubles for every 2 extra ATP spent. Extra 3 allows sensing of humans.

A.T. Power: Barrier

  • Activation: Reaction, 5ATP
  • Maintain: Reaction
  • Range: 5dam
  • Effect: Creates a 10dam(+10/3ATP) barrier with 5ATP(+1/1ATP) that has double current Field's Deflection. If used off-turn, give up next half-action.

A.T. Power: Inertia

  • Activation: Half, 2ATP
  • Range: 20dam+10dam/extra ATP
  • Effect: Lift and throw an object with an effective SB of 1 and TB of 0, increase both by 1 per 2ATP.

A.T. Power: Restrict Shot

  • Activation: Free, 3ATP
  • Range: 100dam
  • Effect: Reduce collateral from a shot by 1, plus 1/2additionalATP, so long as base Breach is less than ATP spent.

Tier II

A.T. Power: Dirac Cache

  • Activation: Half, 2ATP
  • Maintain: Free
  • Effect: Store an object in a Dirac space while maintained.

A.T. Power: Float

  • Activation: Half, 4ATP
  • Effect: Move up to (ATP spent)*2 dam through the air, don't provoke AoOs.

A.T. Power: Spatial Funnel

  • Activation: Free, 5ATP
  • Range: Personal
  • Effect: Funnels shots, doubling single fire Range or ensuring all shots hit the same location (lose +10/20BS and all can be Dodged with one DoS). Per extra 2ATP, damage and penetration increase by 1.

Tier III

A.T. Power: Krasnikov Tube

  • Activation: Half, 10ATP
  • Maintain: Half
  • Range: 10km, Sensory
  • Effect: Creates a wormhole with both ends in LoS, change places as a Half, can fit a hand through. May test Agility-20 to move one opening to intercept an attack to or from within 10dam. Per extra ATP, increase range by 10km. If range is 60km or more, any weapon acquires Orbital, treated as Long range.

A.T. Power: Teleforce Blast

  • Activation: Full, 5ATP
  • Effect: Fires a weapon using SR in place of BS with a Range of 30dam, deals 1d10+1 E Pen5 BR4. Per additional ATP, damage and pen +1, range +5dam.
Synch Ratio Effect
SR 0-20 You are unable to pilot an Evangelion. If you were synchronized with an Evangelion, it shuts down.
SR 21-35 You can maintain a Synch Ratio capable of moving an Evangelion, but just barely. You may only take a single Half Action each round and may never use Reaction Actions. Your Feedback Threshold increases by 1.
SR 36-80 Evangelion operates normally.
SR 81-100 If you spend a fate point to reroll a test you may use your SR in place of the original characteristic. Your Feedback Threshold decreases by 1.
SR 101-150 As above, and you take 1d10 points of Ego Barrier at the beginning of your every turn. Your Feedback Threshold is considered 0. On death or unconscious, Evangelion Berserks.
SR 151-200 As above, but you take 1d10+5 Ego Barrier instead. At the beginning of your every turn you gain a temporary Fate point that must be spent before the beginning of your next turn. Unspent Fate is lost. The pilot suffers Wounds equal to one half of the Evangelion's Critical Damage. All Synch Disruptions are positive, and automatically Disrupt every round while Ego 0.
SR 201+ As above, but you take 1d10+10 Ego Barrier instead. Also you gain Heavenly and Superior Action. The GM decides what happens now.


XP Received

Time Management: 5 months

Chargen: 400XP
Episode 1, "Elizabeth": 0XP
Episode 2, "The First": 100XP
Episode 3, "Move-in Day": 50XP
Episode 4, "Obstacle Course": 50XP
Episode 5, "Fear": 50XP
Episode 6, "Sirius": 250XP
Episode 7, "Hearts": 50XP
Episode 8, "Mirrors": 150XP
Episode 9, "Field Trip": 100XP
Episode 10, "Fornax": 300XP
Episode 11, "Downtime": 100XP
Episode 12, "Secrets": 400XP
Episode 13, "Christmas Cake": 300XP
Episode 14, "Loss": 500XP
Episode 15, "Preparations": 300XP
Episode 16, "Homeward": 200XP
Episode 17, "Introductions": 200XP
Episode 18, "Feelings": 100XP

XP Total: 3600XP

XP Spent

Time Management: 0 months

Characteristic Advances: 300XP

  • Willpower (10/20): 300XP

Rank 1: 1000XP

  • Awareness: 100XP
  • AT Maneuver (Mind's Eye): 100XP
  • Quick Spread: 100XP
  • Interference (Reality Reinforcement): 100XP
  • Manipulation I (AT Ping): 100XP
  • Manipulation I (Restrict Shot): 100XP
  • Manipulation I (Inertia): 100XP
  • Sound Constitution: 50XP
  • BUP (1/3): 50XP
  • SUP (1/3): 50XP
  • WUP (3/3): 150XP

Rank 2: 700XP

  • Dodge: 100XP
  • Scan Field: 100XP
  • Manipulation II (Dirach Cache): 100XP
  • Manipulation II (Float): 100XP
  • Magnify: 200XP
  • Manipulation I (Accelerated Field): 100XP

Rank 3: 1100XP

  • Dodge +10: 100XP
  • Awareness +10: 100XP
  • AT Maneuver (Flux): 100XP
  • Spark of Genius: 100XP
  • Manipulation III (Krasnikov Tube): 100XP
  • Manipulation III (Teleforce Blast): 100XP
  • Manipulation II (Spatial Funnel): 100XP
  • Analyze Field: 100XP
  • Causality Control [Guided Funnel]: 100XP
  • Interference (Lock): 100XP

XP Remaining: 0XP
XP Spent/To Next Rank: 3100/900XP