Stella Lacroix

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Character Details

Character Name: Stella Rose Lacroix
Player Name: Meido
Campaign: NERV Hawaii
Background: Visionary
Gender: Female
Height: 162cm
Birthdate: 02/14/1999
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue

Background: A girl born into a cult called the Night Sky Foundation. While initially philanthropic and harmless, after Second Impact the cult experienced a surge of popularity. Over time they became militant, with some members going so far as to kidnap children. Eventually the cult was raided and Stella was rescued. After a while she ended up in the custody of relatives and underwent therapy before the transfer to Hawaii. Time has yet to tell whether or not she'll fully recover from the cult's indoctrination and strange practices.


Defining Aspect: Eccentric
General Aspects: Gloomy

Personal Scores

Physique Intelligence Empathy SR
27 35 29 66

Stress: 0/30
Ego: 0/30
Luck: 3/3
Doom: 0

Assets & Drawbacks

Dependent: The pilot’s sense of self-worth is overly influenced by the opinions of others. Choose one person to become emotionally dependent on. They seek that person’s approval whenever possible, and if that person ever openly scorns the pilot, they gain 1d6 Stress and must choose a new person to become emotionally dependent on by the start of the next session.

Medicated: Choose any one Personal Score. The pilot has a chronic condition that threatens that Personal Score. In any week in which they do not take medication for their condition, they reduce that Personal Score by 1d10 until they do receive their medication and get some rest. However, even then, their chosen Personal Score is not restored to full as they permanently lose 1 point in the Personal Score per week they went without medication.

Depressive: The character is prone to dark moods. At the beginning of each session, they must roll a Resolve test. If this test is failed, the character begins the session with one level of fatigue that persists for a number of hours equal to 1d6+the number of degrees of failure. No ability may remove this level of fatigue until that time is up.

Creative: You show a natural talent for putting together new and unique pieces. Some useful, others not. You treat the Arts skill group as if it was based on Intelligence rather than Empathy. In addition, gain a +5 Miscellaneous bonus to both Symbolism and one Creative Activity (Musical Composition) specialization of your choice.

Made For Each Other: Your assignment to your Evangelion wasn’t random. Either you were selected to pilot this Evangelion because it was believed it suited your style, or the Evangelion was built to incorporate some element to better suit you. In either case, you have a greater level of control over your Evangelion’s Distinguishing Features. Choose one Distinguishing Feature category of your Eva Type that you would normally roll for, and select a single result of that table. Your Evangelion has this feature as if you had rolled it. For the remaining Distinguishing Features, you roll and apply your results as normal.

Synch Flux: By some quirk of fate or biology, the character has some degree of control over how their Synch Ratio’s fluctuations. Whenever the character's Synch Ratio would change for any reason other than this trait, afterward their SR increases by 3.


Skill Proficiencies:Symbolism, Creative Activity (Musical Composition), Innuendo, Notice, Resolve

Symbolism: 45
Creative Activity(Musical Composition): 50
Creative Activity(Drawing): 40
Innuendo: 40

Notice: 40
Read Person: 35
Search: 35

Balance: 27
Tumble: 27
Sneak: 27
Palm: 27

Common Knowledge: 35
Topic: 35
Recall: 35
Research: 35

Inference: 35
Convince 35

Lift: 27
Climb: 27
Brawl: 27

Charm: 29
Persuade: 29
Convince: 29

Jump: 27
Throw: 27
Sprint: 27

Deceive: 35
Distract: 35
Persona: 35
Stash: 35

Bravery: 35
Composure: 35
Resolve: 45



Type: Test
Starting Upgrades: Wing Loadout (Storage), Requisition, Stepping Stone: Counterweight (+10 Reflexes so long as unit isn't using a weapon with the Defensive quality)
Distinguishing Features: Long Stride (+1 Sector moved on a run action), Science Experiment (Gains 3 ATP per turn, -1 Toughness & Armor), Vertical Eyes
Colors: Yellow, Turquoise

Eva Martial Eva Firearms Strength Toughness Armor Reflexes
65 63 3 4 3 50


Spread Patterns: Basic Field
AT Powers: Neutralize, Hold, Inertia, Barrier


Starting XP: 50
Starting E: 4
Session XP/E: 80/8
Combat XP/E: 50/1
Branch E: 1

Total XP spent/earned: 180/180
Total E: spent/earned: 13/14

Boost Reflexes (20xp): +5 to Guard tests.
Intermediary Manipulation: Hold (20xp)
Skill Proficiency(Resolve)(1E)
Skill Training(Resolve)(1E)
Skill Training(Resolve)(1E)
Skill Training(Notice) (1E)
Skill Proficiency(Creative Activity: Drawing)(1E)
Skill Training(Creative Activity: Musical Composition)(1E)
AT Power: Barrier(20xp)
Combat Advance: Eva Firearms +3(10xp)

Group Advancement(Arts)(1E)
Minor Advancement: SR (3E)
Minor Advancement: Int (3E)

AT Adept
Buy In: +3 SR, +1 E(30xp)
Advance SR +5(30xp)
Basic Manipulation: Inertia(20xp)

Faster(10xp): +5 bonus to Guard tests, counts as Boost Reflexes talent.
Redundant Organs(20xp): Once per battle reduce a hit effect against you by 1.