Theodore Winters

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Character Details

Character Name: Theodore Winters
Player Name: Darkling
Show: Traveler

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 77kg

Age: 34(DoB: --/--/----)
Blood Type: B+
Associates and Family:


Characteristic Roll Mod
Strength 06 --
Dexterity 12 +2
Endurance 07 --
Intelligence 12 +2
Education 05 -1
Social 07 --
Psionics 09 --

Service history

Terms Served: 4
Final Rank: 3
Retired: Yes

  • Retirement Benefits: 10k Credits, 2 Guns, TAS Member

Primary Skill: Psion
Secondary Skill: Gun Combat
Additional Skills:

Skill Level
Awareness 1
Deception 1
Gun Combat 1
Stealth 2
Streetwise 1

Preferred Gun: Whisperkill
Preferred Blade: Invisiknife
TAS Member: Yes

Cash Accounts

Cash Status:


Date of Test:

Talent Level
Awareness 1
Clairvoyance 1
Telepathy 2
Telekinesis 2
Teleportation 1



Improved Cloth (TL10):

  • Protection 5
  • Cost: 500 Cr.

Torso Protector (TL9):

  • Protection 8
  • Cost: 1000 Cr


Whisperkill Pistol (TL11): An amazingly powerful sidearm that is surprisingly small, light and extremely quiet. The Whisperkill is a small, twin-barrelled slug pistol with one shot per silenced barrel. Like all suppressed or silenced weapons, the Whisperkill imposes a –4 DM on attempts to locate it using sound. The weapon can either be fired as two single shots or a single powerful attack using both barrels. This second firing mode uses the damage and recoil values listed in the parenthesis.

  • Required Skill: Gun Combat (Pistols)
  • Damage: 3d6-3 (5d6-3)
  • Magazine: 2
  • Auto: No
  • Recoil: 0 (1)
  • Cost: 750 Cr.

Dagger, Stealth (TL 8): A stealth dagger (or ‘invisiknife’) is made from low-density plastic and is very hard to detect using standard weapons scanners (there is a –4 DM for it to be detected in this way). It otherwise functions as a standard dagger.

  • Skill: Melee (Small Blade)
  • Damage: 1d6+2
  • 175 Cr.
  • Special: Hard to detect

Body Pistol (TL 8): A small, non-metallic semi automatic pistol designed to evade detection by most weapon detectors. The weapon is fed from a detachable box magazine containing 6 rounds. Body pistol ammunition is typically of very small (5mm) calibre and is not inter changeable with the ammunition for any other type of weapon. It is made of the same non-metallic materials as the pistol and is designed to be difficult to detect. Body Pistols are not silent, though silenced versions are possible.


  • 30 planets submitted for extra points.
    • 10 planets = 1 attribute increase: Psionics
    • 5 planets = 1 skill increase: Telepathy
    • 5 planets = 1 skill increase: Telepathy
    • 5 planets = 1 skill increase: Telekinesis
    • 5 planets = 1 skill increase: Telekinesis