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The Fae

Character Details
Player: Josh
Name: Tina Wagner
Gender: Female
Look: Brown hair, olive skin, hazel(changing) eyes
Origin: Changeling
Weaknesses unable to lie and cold iron.

Stats: Hot 1, Cold -1, Volatile 0, Dark 2
Sex Move: When you lie naked with another, you can ask them for a promise. If they refuse, take 2 Strings on them.
Darkest Self: Everything you say is a promise. Everything you hear is a promise. If a promise is broken, justice must be wrought in blood. To escape your Darkest Self, you must in some way re-balance the scales of justice.

Fae Moves

Faery Contract If someone breaks a promise or contract made to you, take a String on them. When spending a String to even out the score and get justice on a broken promise, add these options:

  • they fuck up something simple at a crucial moment;
  • add 2 to your roll on an act of vengeance;
  • they suffer 1 harm, whether the cause is obvious or not.

Faery Food When someone eats the Fae’s Food whether offered or not. The Fae rolls dark.

  • 10+ and they have to do something for the Fae or the Fae takes a string on them
  • 7-9 and they do something but take a string on the Fae or Fae offers them exp for it.
  • Failure means that nothing happens.

The Constant Bargain When someone asks you to do something important for them, and you do it, roll with hot.

  • On a 10 up, they lose a String on you, and you gain one on them.
  • On a 7-9, choose one or the other.
  • On a miss, you’ve shown that they can walk all over you, and they take a String on you.



  • (3)Tina helped Izumi in her time of need. She turns Izumi on.
  • (4)Tina may or may not have been overly charming during her talks with Ava. Tina turns Ava on.
  • (2)Billy is really not subtle. She turns Billy on.
  • (1)Elisa is turned on by Tina.


[ ] Take another Fae move.
[ ] Take another Fae move.
[ ] Take a move from another skin.
[ ] Take a move from another skin.
[ ] You belong to a Jury of Fae.
[ ] Add 1 to Hot (max 3).
[ ] Add 1 to Cold (max 3).
[ ] Add 1 to Volatile (max 3).
[ ] Add 1 to Dark (max 3).
Experience: 4/5