Tsukimiya “Mary” Michiko

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Character Details

Character Name: Tsukimiya “Mary” Michiko
Player Name: Cherem/Lys/Ed
Show: Double Cross

Breed: Purebreed
Syndrome(s): Angel Halo
Work: Renegade Being C
Cover: Fortune Teller

Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Light
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Platinum / white

Age: Appears to be 26 (DoB: Pre-Western Japan)
Blood Type: B
Associates and Family: Tsukino Hanako, Watanabi Misaki

Max HP: 25
Base Encroachment Rate 38
Experience Gained-Spent: 149-129

Character Info


A renegade being, she is a projection of a woman who was once the shrine maiden of a temple dedicated to Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto, the god of the moon. Long ago, the shrine that she attended was burnt to the ground when she refused to house soldiers of the west, along with the village that tried to oppose the soldiers. Wiped from the annals of history, that would be the end of Tsukimiya Michiko.

She woke the next morning amidst the charred remains, her previous black hair stained white. Her home destroyed, Mikoto left the village’s ruins. She has reappeared and disappeared over centuries of “living”, traveling over Japan, visiting shrines of Tsukuyomi and wandering around the countryside, and been compared to herself as a legendary figure by yokels and historians alike.

At least, this is what Mary seems to remember. Like the shards of a broken mirror, what she recalls and what may have actually happened are very different, and as Renegade Beings only came onto the scene en masse some twenty years ago, her memories may be the conglomeration of several different legends and little-known individuals.

Previously hesitant of visiting cities and anything larger than a hamlet, her curiosity has gotten the better of her in recent years. Under the guise of a fortune teller, Mary explores the city whenever the moon is in the sky.

She spends a lot of time wandering streets and following stray cats / students, surprisingly flighty for her age and who she is supposed to be emulating. Mary has gained a reputation for handing out advice to those who asks, including a budding group of high school students and children. It is said that if you offer her mochi, she can predict your future (or at least dispense an O-Mikuji, depending on the quality of mochi/how she's feeling about the texture).

UGN/False Hearts

She thinks of other Overeds as false reflections like she is, aspects of animism and Shinto that don’t recognize themselves under their human guise. Mary doesn’t think very highly of the UGN, whom she sees as a the modern version of the men who burnt her home and killed her. She distrusts them at best, but begrudgingly helps them against Gyaum, whom she treats as Oni and various demons deserving of exorcism.

She is not a fan of the False Hearts either. While she certainly thinks that a return to “the old ways” of a Japan before the West is needed (her misguided idea regarding False Hearts’ goal), Mary does not agree with the use of Gyaums and the drastic measures taken by False Hearts.

Mary is, thus far, unfamiliar with the organization Xenos. Despite her connection to other Renegade Beings, she does not have any ties with the organization.


Mary’s close friends include Tsukino Hanako, a local college student, and Watanabi Misaki. While she is somewhat known as “the fortune-telling lady”, this doesn’t so much garner her friends as it does followers or skeptics.

Tsukino Hanako is a confidant, and the closest to a normal “friend” that Mary has. A normal human, she is aware of the existence of Overeds, due in no short part to Mary. A physics major, she is often trying to discover why Mary’s powers work, but she hasn’t had much success as an independent researcher. She is brash and loud to Mary’s gentle and quiet demeanor, but the two certainly see something in each other’s company. She is painfully normal, with short brown hair and brown eyes.

Watanabi Misaki is an enigma to Mary. While she seems to be an ordinary person, Mary knows better: Misaki is another renegade being. The two are friends, but Mary can’t help but be confused by the other “girl”. With her long memory, there are gaps, but Mary knows that she’s met Misaki before. Her face features quite often in Mary’s memories, but as for the context and reasons why, Mary is unsure. Despite this, Misaki doesn’t seem to hold Mary any ill will, and if anything humors the other girl. She is a blonde, tall, and curvy, with a smile like she knows more than she lets on. She often wears a white dress with a indigo belt across her waist. Misaki’s eyes are violet.

Another associate that Mary hangs about is Kashima Junko, another Overed. She takes a particular interest in the young girl, acting as a bothersome older sister at times. She dispenses advice and the like, but it's usually preaching moderation and patience. She sees a little of a younger Mary in Junko.


Mary is tall for a Japanese woman, with long platinum hair. Her skin is fair and unblemished, and her face is soft and kind. She prefers to be called “Mary” than her actual name, as it carries many memories.

Mary often dresses in clothing reminiscent of a miko, with a long red skirt and white button-up shirt under a warm brown sweatshirt. Her hair is left unbound, smooth and silky.

Character Sheet




Body ..1.. Sense ..8.. Mind ..3.. Social ..2..
Dodge 1 Ranged 1 RC 6 Negotiate 4
Ride 1 (2w) Perception 4 Will 4 Info (UGN) 1
-- -- -- -- -- -- Info (Rumor) 2
-- -- -- -- -- -- Procure 1
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Secondary Stats

Max HP: 25
Stock: 6/6
Savings: 24
Initiative: 19
Move: 24
Dash: 48


Relationship Name Emotion (Positive) O/H* Emotion (Negative) O/H* Titus Spent?
Ally Tsukino Hanako Trust O Alienation H -- --
Someone Mary Remembers Watanabi Misaki Friendship O Remorse H -- --
T-Lois Reincarnation -- -- -- -- -- --
PC/Friend Kashima Junko Nostalgia O Shame H -- --
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
  • Open / Hidden


  • Reinforced clothing - A traditional miko's outfit reinforced with otherworldly silver threads. She wears this when going exterminating. The sleeves are filled with seals and the like. There is a slightly less faded indent over the chest, where a guard probably once rested.
  • Casual Wear - A small variety of sweaters, skirts, and shirts. They usually mimic a miko's uniform, with red skirts that each to her ankles and white shirts. Mary has a red and white kimono with birds and bamboo in silver thread, and a lovingly made picture of a man holding a silver orb on the back.
  • Moonlight's Spear - A traditional Japanese bow made of fine, well-loved dark wood with a silver thread of incredibly strong hair. Mary has carried it for longer than she can remember, and when she passes in and out of time, she always seems find it again. This time, she found it in a pawn shop, and was gifted it by the owner after a particularly accurate fortune prediction. The arrows are long and feathered with white and black feathers, and the tips and black as night.
  • Memento - A small white stone shaped like a curved teardrop.
Armor Name Type Dodge Initiative Armor Procure/Stock Notes
Reinforced Clothing Armor -- -- 1 5/1 --
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
Weapon Name Type Skill Accuracy Attack Power Guard Range Stock Notes
Fists Melee <Melee> 0 -5 0 Close -- For use when unarmed
"Spear" Melee/Ranged M/R -2 5 1 Close/20M 6 Fluffing as a bow and arrow. Melee is just using an arrow as a weapon.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


# Power Level Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range Encroachment Notes Restrict
- Resurrect 1 Auto - - Self Close Refer Declare when Incap'd or when the Scene ends. Recover with (LV)D HP. Increase ER by HP recovered. Cannot be used when ER >100%. Can be used even when under pressure. -
- Warding 1 Auto - Auto Scene View 0 Can be used any time, non-overeds become Extras, all Overeds in the scene will sense the power. Effect will continue throughout the scene. -
1 Humanity's Neighbor 1 Constant - Auto Self Close Refer Impulse checks refer +(LV) die bonus. Cannot benefit from high ER. Base ER increases by 5 when power is taken RB
2 Origin: Human 1 Minor - Auto Self Close 2 For the scene, any User's checks that use powers gain +(LV) to final score RB
3 Concentrate 3 Major Syndrome - - - 2 Any check using this power recives -(LV) Critical value bonus (Min 7). -
4 Heat Haze Robe 1 Minor - Auto Self - 3 Acquires stealth until end of Main Process. Can be used (LV) times a scene. Can use even when Engaged -
5 Light of Destruction 2 Major <RC> Opposed Area (Select) View 2 May be used LV/scene, Atk. Power +2 ranged attack -
6 Light Bow 4 Major <RC> Opposed - View 1 Ranged Attack, AtkP. (LV+2) -
7 Avatar's Voice 2 React <Dodge> Opposed Self Close 2 +LV Bonus Dice to Dodge checks -
8 Hawk Wings 1 Minor - Auto Self Close 7 Acquires Flight and +1D to dodge checks for scene. May remove or restore flight with a minor action. -
9 God's Eye 1 Reaction <Perception> Opposed Self Close 2 May perform a dodge (using her Sense) -
10 Hand Of Light 1 Major <RC> - - - 2 Checks using can roll with SENSE -
11 Reflexes 2 Reaction Synd. - Self Close 2 -(LV) for crits on reactions Restrict
12 Power LV Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range ER Notes Restrict
13 Power LV Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range ER Notes Restrict
14 Power LV Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range ER Notes Restrict

Simple Powers

# Power Level Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range Encroachment Notes Restrict
1 Angel's Mantel 1 Major - Auto Self Close - Can change her appearance, but not her voice. To see past her disguise is an opposed Perception Check -
2 Superhuman Stare Down 1 Major <Will> Opp Area [Select] Close - Only on non-overeds, Target becomes an Extra NPC, can be used Lv/Scenario -
3 Power LV Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range ER Notes Restrict

Combined Powers

Light of Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto
Condition Powers Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range Encroachment Dice Critical AtkP Notes
Under 100% 3+5+10 Major <RC> Opp - View 6 8 7 4 Calls down shards of moonlight from the sky. Consider using #4 after to avoid retaliation.
Moonlight Bow
Condition Powers Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range Encroachment Dice Critical AtkP Notes
Under 100% 3+6+10 Major <RC> Opp - View 5 8 7+ +6 Fires a single blue/white bolt of light.
The Re-Awoken Moon Priestess
Condition Powers Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range Encroachment Dice Critical AtkP Notes
Under 100% 2 + 8 Minor -- Auto Self Close 9 -- -- -- Wings of light and feathers of moonlight emit from under her shawl. For the record, white.
Condition Powers Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range Encroachment Dice Critical AtkP Notes
Under 100% -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Over 100% " " " " " " " -- -- -- --
Over 130% " " " " " " " -- -- -- --
Condition Powers Timing Skill Difficulty Target Range Encroachment Dice Critical AtkP Notes
Under 100% -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Over 100% " " " " " " " -- -- -- --
Over 130% " " " " " " " -- -- -- --